The wife is pregnant with four fetuses, and the husband is ten pounds of fatty, and the three changes to the novice pregnant mothers need to understand

Hello everyone, this is C mother ~~~

I just brushed a husband to send a video "Crying". Since his wife is pregnant with his fourth child, he has tried his best to cook for a pregnant wife every day.The belly is big.

The husband said that the reason why he was fatty was because his wife’s pregnancy reaction was too large. Although he was hungry every day, he wanted to vomit when he was eaten.Eat sheep scorpion.

So he ordered his wife to take a takeaway sheep scorpion, but the wife smelled the sheep scorpion and wanted to vomit.The husband’s shameful spirit of waste of food, these foods have entered their belly, which is the first meal of three meals a day.

Material Source: Bai Baiye couple

It is conceived that it is expected that my husband is fat for ten pounds.Looking at my husband’s unreasonable vomiting, I laughed unkindly, and it was light for ten pounds of fattening.

At the beginning, when Mom C was pregnant for the first time, the pregnancy vomiting was really very powerful.Ten pounds.

I have a girlfriend, and people are pregnant like not. I still eat spicy food every day. If I have not been pregnant, I will not believe that people are pregnant. The key is that they eat and drink like this.Long meat.

Material Source: Bai Baiye couple

People are more popular!You should know that the mother C is pregnant for a full month before it can be relieved, but the appetite in the later period is not good, and everything is chewed with chewing wax. In this way, it has more than forty pounds of meat when childbirth.

Those who often listen to the older generation said that there is no girl who is pregnant with a girl, because her daughter is a little cotton jacket of her mother. She knows that her mother is very hard to get pregnant. Is this really the same?

Mom C has had two babies. Let ’s talk about pregnancy and vomiting in my own experience. Why does anyone have pregnant vomiting? Some people have no pregnancy vomiting. Is it really a baby or a girl without pregnancy?

(1) First pregnancy: pregnancy vomiting+girl

When I got married at the age of 28, I was not prepared to give birth. As a result, I found that I was pregnant a month after the marriage, because my holiday was always on time. I haven’t come for a week after this week.: Can’t you get pregnant?

Then I went to the pharmacy to buy the cheapest pregnancy test paper. Although the two bars are displayed in the first trial, there is a shallow color. I dare not be sure that I am pregnant, so I went to buy a pregnancy test stick test.It is confirmed that he is really pregnant.

To be honest, when I learned that I was pregnant, I didn’t jump up as excited as others. It can be said that there is no emotional ups and downs. Do you think that the baby is born in the belly for ten months?

I did n’t have any pregnancy reactions in the first two months of pregnancy. I should eat and drink. It was not until the third month of the pregnancy reaction. I first felt that a small life was growing in my uterus.

At that time, the smart phone had not yet come out, and no one around me told me what should be paid attention to after pregnancy, so after discovering what I eat and vomiting (at that time I didn’t know it was pregnant), I thought that the fetus had a problem and hurried to the hospital.

After some examinations, the doctor told me with a smile, saying that the fetus had been 50 days, and developed well.Related matters.

I did not expect that there were so many precautions for pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I was really a little white. Fortunately, I was young and physical, and Dabao was born under my ignorance.It is a white padded jacket.

(2) Second pregnancy: pregnancy vomiting+boy

When I was pregnant with the second child, I did a lot of pregnancy preparing for pregnancy. In addition, I was pregnant, so I was particularly careful and nervous at all times. I was afraid that one accident would affect the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen.

When I was in the third month, I also had pregnancy vomiting, and I was more severe than the tire. I vomited twice, but fortunately, I had the experience of the first child, so I did not make my hands messy, and spent it steadily steadily.Throughout pregnancy.

Erbao was born in everyone’s expectations. I thought it was a girl, but the result was a black and thin boy. The moment I saw the baby, to be honest, it was really ugly, like a monkey.

My girlfriend also had two babies, and I did n’t get pregnant twice, but both sisters were born with daughters, and I had a pregnancy vomiting in both pregnancy, but I had one child and a daughter.

Therefore, my personal experience is verified that no pregnancy is not sensible, nor is the daughter who is pregnant. In fact, whether the pregnancy vomiting is related to the physical fitness of the pregnant woman.Essence

(1) Pregnancy reaction varies from person to person

Pregnancy vomiting is commonly known as pregnancy vomiting, which refers to anorexia, nausea and vomiting after pregnancy, and even eat and vomit, recur.The precise cause is unknown so far, and most of the views are related to the hazard mechanism and the balanced disorders of the mental state and the social factors.

Most of the pregnancy occurs at 6 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, manifested as related symptoms such as vomiting, disgusting greasy, nausea, and accompanied by emotional changes, drowsiness, dizziness and other related early pregnancy reactions.In severe cases, it can be manifested as persistent vomiting, not eating, electrolyte disorders, etc.

The reaction of pregnancy vomiting is different from person to person. Some pregnant women will not have any pregnancy during pregnancy. Some pregnant women start pregnancy after 6 weeks of pregnancy, which can last until production.Different individual conditions are different.

Pregnancy is a common early pregnancy response for pregnant women. Generally, the home pregnancy home is treated by itself. Do not contact the smell of smell that is easy to induce vomiting. The symptoms are more than 12 weeks of pregnancy.However, if it is severe pregnancy, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

(2) Pregnancy vomiting can change eating habits

Pregnancy vomiting is a particularly torture person. Bao mothers who have been pregnant can experience that feeling. For example, the food you wanted to eat, you may feel disgusting after you look at it.I hate.

Mom C is particularly spicy before pregnancy. As a result, the two babies are pregnant because they can not eat spicy food after pregnancy. Only fruits and milk have not vomited after eating.Fruit and milk support.

Of course, for the healthy growth of the fetus, pregnant mothers still need to pay more attention to their diet. In addition to the food that pregnant women cannot eat, pregnant mothers must choose food according to their preferences, and do not like anything to eat directly.

First of all, vote for it.In the early days of pregnancy, family members need to prepare some acidic foods for pregnant women, such as words.If the pregnant mother is disgusting, you can quickly eat a plum to achieve the effect of stopping vomiting.

In addition, because the fetus does not need too much nutrition in the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can choose their favorite food and drink more water in terms of taste, so that it can alleviate the pregnancy.

Second, eat less meals.Pregnant women should choose to eat less meals, and eat every 2-3 hours.

Many pregnant mothers have a heavy response in the early morning. In order to be able to reduce pregnancy in time, pregnant women can eat more dry foods, such as biscuits and bread slices.

In addition, if the reaction of pregnant women’s pregnancy is really serious, it is necessary to eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent acidity.

(3) Pregnancy will cause emotional changes

In addition to no effective healing method and changing dietary habits, pregnancy will also lead to symptoms such as low emotional, irritable, dizziness and drowsiness of pregnant mothers. This bad emotional change may increase the severity of pregnancy and bring adverse consequences.

Therefore, psychological relaxation is more important than anything. Newbie pregnant mothers can read books about pregnancy or online to learn about some corresponding scientific breeding knowledge, maintain good work and rest habits, and communicate with the treasures around them.Essence

All in all, pregnancy vomiting is normal, as long as it is within normal range, there is no need to worry about adverse effects on the fetus.If the mood of pregnant women fluctuates, the family should give more understanding and care, because they do not want to have these bad emotions.

In October, it is a very difficult process. In addition to tolerating various pregnancy changes in the body, pregnant mothers must also bear psychological pressure. Therefore, we must use some scientific methods to help them spend every stage stable.

If you are pregnant like a mother, you should not panic when you are pregnant. Please do not panic. The examination should be checked. With the doctor’s rhythm, you should be a pregnant mother who is "wide -body and fat"!

I am a mother, and I have two beasts in my family. I have educated myself first. I am becoming a 80 -point mother. I work hard on my own way. Friends who like me can follow me and let us discuss the 80s after the 80s.thing!

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