The wife gave birth to her daughter seven months of pregnancy. When the divorce, the daughter who had been raised for ten years was not born

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"Why do the door of the bedroom stick a QR code?" The reporter asked puzzledly.

"If you don’t scan the code and give money, she will not let me enter the room. Each time she scan the code, she needs to pay 200 yuan." Yin Tao said helplessly.

Yin Tao said that he has always lived in the next room. If he wants to enter his wife’s room, he must scan the code to pay before entering.

It is said that the husband and wife quarrel "the bedside to fight the end of the bed". In life, every couple will inevitably encounter some bumps, as long as they coax, or the whole small romance can basically solve it.

However, Yin Tao of Hefei, Anhui, encountered something very sad.

Not only did he need to scan the code every time he entered his wife’s room, but he also made him angry that his daughter who had fulfilled his ten years was not his own life.

In the face of such a big lie, Yin Tao looked regretful, and the grudges between Yin Tao and his wife had been sprouting since the two met.

In 2011, under the introduction of his aunt, the 22 -year -old Yin Tao met Meng Xiaomei, who was two years older than herself.

When the two knew, Yin Tao felt that Xiaomei was dressed in dressing, and both spoken. Moreover, in the chat, Xiaomei often talked to him about some legal knowledge.

Make him with little culture, and he listened to the fog.

After half a year, they entered the palace of marriage in February 2012.After getting married, the couple went to work in Shanghai together.

In less than ten days, Xiaomei told Yin Tao that she was pregnant.At that time, after the Yin family knew that Xiaomei was pregnant, she was particularly happy, and quickly let Xiaomei return to her hometown to raise her heart.

After more than seven months, the child was born.Yin Tao expressed doubts about the seven -month -old child, but his wife and family have always insisted that the child is premature.

Because it was premature, Yin Tao was not assured, so he took the child into the baby’s insulation box.

After the nurse saw it, he checked the child and told Yin Tao that everything was normal.

After listening to the nurse’s words, although Yin Tao was a little doubting that the child might not be his own, he just doubted that he had not been checked.

After his wife took the confinement, Yin Tao went to work outside, while his wife lived with her child in her hometown.

Yin Tao will give his wife a living fee on time every month. Occasionally, when he is on vacation, he will come back to see his wife and daughter.

Since giving birth to a child, the relationship between the couple has not been very good.Every time Yin Tao came back on vacation, his wife Xiaomei didn’t want him to stay in his hometown for too long, and always pushed him out.

Moreover, every time he returned, his wife did not let Yin Tao enter the room, which also caused the relationship between the couple to become worse and worse.

In early 2020, due to the epidemic, Yin Tao could not go out to work for the time being, so he stayed at home.During this time when Yin Tao was at home, the relationship between the couple worsen and worsen.

His wife Xiaomei not only did not wash Yin Tao every day, but also had three meals a day, and Xiaomei was too lazy to make.

Not only that, because Yin Tao did not go out to work, he promised to give the living expenses on time every month. Without giving his wife, his wife began to make a big noise.

And said to Yin Tao in a threatened tone: "If you can’t give the living expenses on time, I will give you medicine, so that you can not ask for death."

The threat of his wife also put a certain pressure on Yin Tao’s spirit.For this reason, Yin Tao completely moved out of the room of the two and lived next door.

Subsequently, his wife Xiaomei posted a QR code on the door of the room, and set up the amount and went in 200 yuan.

For the sake of children, Yin Tao’s unreasonable demands for his wife can be satisfied as much as possible.

Until Yin Tao’s father was seriously ill, his wife Xiaomei asked her father -in -law not to live with them. At this time, Yin Tao could not bear it and completely broke out.

Yin Tao’s father had a disability in his legs, and his mother suffered from mental illness. Before, the two elderly people had always lived in nursing homes.

In early 2020, because of the epidemic, the two elderly people could no longer return to the nursing home after the two elderly people returned home.So, after discussing with her brothers and sisters, Yin Tao decided to take turns to take care of it for a month.

When it was Yin Tao’s turn to take care of, his wife Xiaomei never agreed to let Yin Tao’s father live in.

Although Yin Tao eventually forcibly let his father live in his house, the couple quarreled day and night, making Yin Tao’s father’s condition getting heavier.

Less than a week after Yin Tao’s house, he left the world due to illness.At first, Yin Tao did not want to hold his wife’s responsibility, but who had thought that his wife had made trouble at his father’s funeral.

The death of the old man became the fuse between the couple, and it also completely led to the breakdown of the couple’s relationship.Yin Tao, who was unbearable, decided to divorce his wife.

Before preparing for the divorce, Yin Tao decided to bring his daughter to do a parent -child identification, and completely figured out the puppets that have been hidden in his heart.

However, the results of the appraisal, as Yin Tao expected, her daughter has no blood relationship with him.

On June 25, 2021, the Feidong County People’s Court accepted the divorce case of Yin Tao and Meng Xiaomei.

The final judgment result:

1. The marriage relationship between the two parties was lifted.

2. Non -married daughter, her daughter is raised by the woman, and the support fee is also borne by the woman.

3. The house where the two live belonging to the man.

4. Because the woman owns some of the property rights of this house, the man must pay 158,000 yuan to the woman within ten days after the judgment takes effect.

5. The woman compensates the men’s support for 80,000 yuan.

Yin Tao did not recognize the result of the residential property rights and no mental loss compensation, and appealed.

Yin Tao told reporters that after the two were married, they had always lived in the house he bought before marriage.At that time, Yin Tao accounted for 70%of the property rights of the house, and Yin Tao’s father accounted for 30%.

At the end of December 2013, Yin Tao’s father was hospitalized for cerebral infarction.

Xiaomei’s parents were afraid of the death of Yin Tao’s father. Other siblings would come to compete with him to compete for property rights, asking him to quickly transfer his father’s 30%property rights to his wife.

After listening to his wife’s parents, Yin Tao strongly opposed it, but Xiao Mei’s parents did not give up because of this, but warned him in a threatened tone that he would divorce if he didn’t give it.

Yin Tao considers that the child is still young and does not want to divorce because of this matter, so he agreed.After that, Yin Tao and his wife Xiaomei took the transfer procedures with their parents.

At that time, the wife purchased the 30%property rights at the price of 120,000, and in fact, the wife did not pay the money.

After the house was transferred, Yin Tao asked his wife: "When will the purchase of the house be given to my father?"

But his wife said, "What kind of house purchase money is a family anyway. Your dad is sick, and you give him no use."

Until the two divorced, the wife had not paid the money.

According to the court’s judgment, Meng Xiaomei needed to pay Yin Tao for 80,000 yuan to raise fees, and Yin Tao needs to pay Meng Xiaomei’s property rights cost of 158,000 yuan.In other words, Yin Tao needs to pay for the 30%property rights to pay Xiaomei 78,000 yuan.

So after Yin Tao appealed, is it possible to directly get back the 30%property rights?

For the division of real estate, we must first look at the true meaning of buying a house at the time.If Yin Tao and Meng Xiaomei and Meng Xiaomei jointly purchased 30%of the property rights share from Yin Tao’s parents, then the 30%share they purchased belong to the husband and wife.

If it involves the division of property, 30%of the purchase of purchases should be divided as the common property of the husband and wife.

Then a proportion of property rights from the final income may account for 85%of the property rights share.This contains 70%of Yin Tao’s personal part before marriage, as well as 30%of his purchase after marriage, and 15%he should get.

Yin Tao’s ex -wife Xiaomei needs to be provided to only be able to occupy the 30%of the property rights.

Can Yin Tao get mental losses as expected?

According to the "Civil Code", during the marriage relationship, an extramarital affairs have occurred with others, and those who have mental damage to the plaintiff shall bear the corresponding damage compensation liability according to law.

In the case of the fact that the woman is pregnant, then the man should first inform the man that if there is any concealment, he should also bear certain damage compensation.

If it is said that according to a actual situation at that time, the woman did not know that she was pregnant, so we believe that from the perspective of legal provisions, if there is no fault, it will not cause such a legal compensation legal lawas a result of.

Therefore, determining the specific pregnancy time of the woman, and whether derailment in marriage is an important prerequisite for compensation for damage compensation.

The civil judgment issued by the Feidong County People’s Court showed that the fact that the court was tried and the facts of the case were found. The woman had sex with the man and other opposite sex before marriage, and she was pregnant before marriage.There is no evidence to prove that the woman knows that the child knows that the child is pregnant with others and deliberately concealed it. She cannot determine that the woman violates the loyalty obligations between husband and wife.Regulations that do not meet the damage compensation during divorce.

According to Meng Xiaomei’s pregnancy time, Meng Xiaomei is indeed not pregnant in marriage, so he does not violate the loyalty obligations between husband and wife, and does not need to bear the mental loss fee, but he needs to compensate Yin Tao’s support for the maintenance costs.

At present, Yin Tao has submitted an appeal and appealed to the Hefei Intermediate People’s Court.

If Yin Tao can do the identification as soon as possible, it will not be deceived for ten years.Meng Xiaomei’s behavior is indeed a bit contrary to morality. As for whether she knows she is pregnant before she gets married, she is the most clear.However, doing things must still take integrity as the rules, so as to be worthy of being dedicated.

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