The whole process of women’s upper ring is distressed after watching it!Both men and women should take a good look and cherish the people in front of you!

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Many women choose to go to the ring in order not to have children, but specifically how this ring is on and what kind of role, women basically do not understand.

It is even more impossible to know what impact will Shanghuan have on the life of husband and wife. If you have seen the whole process of the Shangduan, you will definitely feel very distressed by his wife.

In fact, the upper ring is mainly a method taken by women for contraception. The ring can generally have fifteen years in women, and it is safer than contraceptives.

Because of this, many women choose to go to the ring as soon as possible.The so -called ring is actually an in -palace. After putting it in the uterus, the fertilized eggs can not enter the uterus normally.

In this way, the possibility of pregnancy can be cut off from the root.

Although the Sheung Wan sounds simple, the process is not the case. After all, it is still an operation. Be sure to pay attention to the disinfection work in the early stage, otherwise it is easy to fail the surgery or infection in the later stage.

Therefore, before the operation, not only should we disinfect medical equipment, but the local body of women must also be disinfected.Women must perform bowel movements before surgery, and only doctors can disinfect women’s vagina.

Disinfection work before surgery is a very important step.If disinfection is not handled well, the possibility of bacteria will enter women’s body, which is likely to directly cause vaginal inflammation.

This is a very terrible disease for women.

After the disinfection work is well treated, the doctor will also use the vaginal peepper to open the cervix. This is mainly to facilitate the comprehensive disinfection of the cervix after convenience. At the same time, this is also the most painful stage of women.

It’s just that over time, medical methods are constantly developing, and the pain of women’s feelings at this stage will become smaller and smaller.

But it cannot be ignored. If anyone wants to go to the ring, you must consider it carefully. Do not wait until the operation is over, find that there is a certain problem, and then feel that it is really late at that time.

Finally, the most critical step is to place the birthplace, that is, it is placed inside the women’s uterus.The birthplace will gradually reach the bottom through the inner cavity of the uterine cavity, and it must also be noted that the birthplace must be kept horizontally with the direction of the uterine cavity.

Only in this way can we prevent falling rags as much as possible.And the process is not too troublesome when it is taken out in the future.

The process of the Sheung Wan can be divided into these three steps. There are many matters that need to be noted. For example, the time of surgery is best to be within three days to a week after the menstruation is completely ended.

At this time, the endometrium of women’s uterine is relatively thin, which can largely avoid vaginal bleeding.Therefore, this time is still very suitable.

Women’s body has always been fragile. Women need to go to the hospital for corresponding inspections. Only in this way can better understanding their physical changes and preventing any accidents from the birth ring.

In fact, there are also some women who are not suitable for the upper ring, including patients with vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other gynecological diseases.

If the mother wants to go to the ring, it takes at least three months later. This is still aimed at the mother who has a good delivery. As we all know, the maternal who produces the delivery is faster.

If it is a caesarean mother -in -law, at least half a year before you can go to the ring.

Otherwise, Baoma’s body has not recovered well, and blindly on the ring will only make Baoma’s body weaker. In this way, it will really lose.

Even if you are on the ring, you don’t need to worry about affecting the sexual life between husband and wife.The break -in period between the birth ring and the female body takes about half a month, and after half a month, sexual life can be performed.

At the beginning, you need to pay attention to the principles of moderation, otherwise it is easy to cause the breeding ring to fall off, so women can still get pregnant.

In a short period of time, women will have some discomfort.For example, vaginal bleeding, increased menstrual flow, etc.All this is normal, and you don’t need to worry too much. In the usual life, you only need to pay more attention to your personal hygiene.

The birthplace is generally only fifteen years of life, and it must be remembered to take it out at the end of the time.

When the birth ring expires, the women are basically menopause, and the uterus begins to shrink, and there is no need to exist at all.

In addition, if the uterus keeps shrinking, it is possible to squeeze the birth ring inside the uterus, which is more prone to female diseases.

To a certain extent, the possibility of pregnancy can reduce the possibility of pregnancy, but before surgery, we must pay special attention to confirm whether they can go to the ring with the doctor again and again.

And when the birthday time expires, be sure to take out the birth ring for about six months in advance.The longer the time is dragging, the more difficult it is taken out, and the greater the pain that women need to bear.

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