The weight increased by 18 pounds throughout pregnancy, is it normal?What is the diet?

The whole process did not deliberately control the weight but did not eat the sea.It is not as exquisite as the net red as a tentacle.

——— Morning in the morning is mainly protein crude fiber. Drinking pure milk, soy milk, and black sesame paste. Soymilk is mainly when the amniotic fluid is insufficient than the amniotic fluid 20 weeks before pregnancy.This sesame paste is the grinding position and then the machine is crushed. It is similar to the powder conditioned by the grain mill home in the supermarket. I usually go to the old street to buy the scene grind.However, it is difficult to swallow without sugar. When I was tuned, I added dried fruits such as sugar and raisins.Severe ischemia in the later stages of pregnancy. In the morning, eat red dates, red beans, red peanut peanuts and rice.

Eggs must have one egg every morning, and during pregnancy, I have eaten the eggs I haven’t eaten before.In addition to eggs, there are steamed sweet potatoes, corn sticks, and pumpkins. These things that need to be cooked are all the time to make an appointment the night before. You can basically eat your mouth when you wake up in the morning, which is simple and easy!——In at noon, in fact, you are busy in early pregnancy, and there are more takeaway.At noon, the staples are miscellaneous grain rice and white rice ginseng. It is not that I eat miscellaneous grain rice when I am pregnant. I have always eaten miscellaneous grain rice, because I used to lose weight to let my husband accompany me to eat it., Shrimp, beef, chicken, diite, pork ribs, pork liver changing the basics of cycle on Monday.Vegetables are planted by my mother -in -law, and my mother -in -law is a special person who can grow vegetables. This is really talented!Ask what you want to eat, so the vegetables have always been picked the freshest.Because my husband cooks is more delicious than me and is very nutritious, he is basically his head, and ensure that he can match the nutrition with nutrition every day.——The lunch is that the nutritional value is relatively high, and the dinner is simple. Eat something, drink some porridge, eat some dishes, and sometimes you want to eat it.Inessessly repeatedly.

▶ ️ ▶ ️ ▶ ️ Generally, eat some fruits after eating breakfast in the morning for more than an hour, basically the fruits of the season, such as summer grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, and other melons that cannot be named. These are basically basic.It’s all kinds of mother -in -law, so I eat very much.Autumn citrus, kiwi, apples, pears, grapefruit in winter, virgin fruit, cherry.Have you found that these fruits are relatively low in sugar. People who originally liked to eat jackfruit. They ate it once during pregnancy and then felt sweet.Later, I learned that the fruits should eat as little sugar as much as possible. Sugar control is also an important factor in controlling weight.

▶ ️ ▶ ️ ▶ ️ After lunch in the afternoon, sleep and sleep for a while, and drink a little water to eat small walnuts and dried fruits.Walnuts are afraid that the double top diameter will not be able to give birth to more than 100.In addition, if you eat some snacks, some of them are not so unpleasant to eat snacks specially bought from the Internet for pregnant women.

▶ ️ ▶ ️ ▶ ️ Go to bed at night and sometimes drink a glass of milk, because the fetus has a large demand for calcium in the later pregnancy.

Different stages of nutrients need different amounts of nutrients.For example, early fetuses are relatively small. You do n’t need to eat a lot of things. Basically, you can eat it.In the middle period, there is a period of rapid development of the fetus. There are more things that need to be supplemented. All kinds of delicious and delicious arrangements!The mid -term diet was continued in the second trimester, and even after 37 weeks, I ate everything in order to give birth to anything.

I don’t eat much on the supplement, supplemented Slian folic acid in the early days

Blood supplementation in the mid -term, because iron protein is not very high, sometimes, and sometimes low. Here is divided into food supplement and medicine supplement. I drank lactic acid sarcot oral solution and multi -dimensional iron oral solution.Porridge.

In the late stage, I ate calcium tablets. At first, it was a special fund for calcium Erqi pregnant women, but I had to eat three pieces of my throat at a time; I changed to Langdi behind the qi.EssenceThere is no additional Alevi -compound vitamin and DHA, because the diet is balanced and the exercise is moderate.

有️⭕️ Slenderness is not good. Finally, it is painless in the delivery room. Because the dose of my weight is small, I have always doubted whether I have given me painlessness, because the pain has not disappeared at all, and the whole process depends on me to be strong.Willpower support!IntersectionIntersectionThe advantage of light weight is that there is no edema during pregnancy, no constipation, no stretch marks, and no figure anxiety after birth.

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