The uterine scar diverticulum, the uterine cavity effusion has a background, the chance of pregnancy is relatively low?

In fact, any one of the two will affect normal pregnancy, and the uterine scar diverticulum often has irregular menstruation. The residual blood accumulation is particularly easy to cause uterine effusion. It is even more difficult to combine pregnancy.But this situation is not unable to treat.

First look at the scar diverticulum in the palace.

one.The formation of uterine scar diverticulum

In recent years, the increasing incidence of cesarean section and uterine fibroids has increased, which has also increased uterine fibroid nuclear divisions, and it is easy to form uterine scar diverticulum after surgery.The poor healing at the incision forms a local defect that causes the lower mucosal layer of the uterine to be depressed into the uterine muscle layer, and even a cystic expansion to the outside of the uterus to form a diverticulum.

two.The impact of diverticulum on pregnancy

If the endometrium is compared to the land, the scar diverticulum of the uterus is a pit that looks inconspicuous. When the menstrual menstruation is tide, some menstruation will gather in the pit and roll out from time to time.Slowly flowing out of the effusion will change the vaginal environment, and vaginitis will rise.And these will affect pregnancy.

The residual menstrual blood will affect the sperm penetrating the cervical mucus, the defective area of the fertilized egg fails the development of the bed, and even causes scar pregnancy.

three.Surgical treatment

For those who have fertility, surgery is required to eliminate the diverticulum.

1. A small or narrow diverticulum, you can choose to remove the scar tissue around the diverticulum under the uterine laparoscopy, and the endometrium -like glands in the diverticulum.

2. For a wide and deep diverticulum, you can choose to remove the diverticulum and surrounding scar tissue in the laparoscopic to restore the original anatomical structure of the lower section of the uterine.Try to minimize the factors that affect the healing of scar uterine incision.

For uterine effusion

one.What is the uterine cavity effusion

The uterine effusion is a bad uterine environment that affects the embryo bed. It needs to be discovered in time and active treatment.The uterine effusion can be divided into three types: blood, effusion, or pus, like uterine scar diverticulum, can also cause uterine effusion.

two.The impact of uterine effusion on pregnancy

1. Prommon

The uterine effusion can be downgraded to the fallopian tubes to cause the fluctuations of the fallopian tube, causing the adhesion of the fallopian tube and affecting the formation of the fertilized eggs.At the same time, it is also easy to cause tubalitis and endometritis.

2. Palace

There are scar diverticulum, and the menstrual blood flows poorly. There is a scar recreation room temporarily. Often, menstrual bleeding or discharge often occurs after clean menstruation, which affects embryo planting and development.

3. The lesions of reproductive organs

If the uterine effusion may also have the possibility of reproductive organs. At this time, further examination is needed to determine where the cause of the uterine cavity caused by the impact on pregnancy.

The reflux of the uterine cavity effusion will affect other organs, it is more likely to cause infection problems, and it will seriously affect fertility.Therefore, whether it is uterine scar diverticulum or uterine cavity effusion, you need to pay attention to it. He is seriously facing treatment and striving for early pregnancy.

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