The uterine cavity adhesion is difficult to get pregnant. These four major hazards tell you the reason?

The uterine cavity adhesion is a more common type of gynecological diseases. It has a great impact on women. The most important thing is that it is not easy to get pregnant.Many people do not know how the uterine cavity occurs. In fact, most of them are caused by uterine cavity surgery. Therefore, women must go to regular hospitals for treatment when suffering from uterine cavity diseases.So, why is it difficult to get pregnant? The four major hazards tell you why.

1. Menstruation abnormalities

If the cervix is completely adhesive, amenorrhea may occur.The cervical part of the adhesion or the endometrial destruction shows that the menstrual period is less, but the menstrual cycle is normal.If it is caused by cervicitis or other inflammation, it can cause amenorrhea. Some patients will experience abnormal menstruation, extension of menstruation, and menstrual blood.

2. Infertility risk

The most harmful harm to women in the uterine cavity is that it may cause infertility or abortion. When the uterine cavity adhesion occurs, the endometrium will be seriously affected.If the patient needs to be pregnant, the fertilized egg may be difficult to bed, resulting in infertility.

3. Donaltic disease

After adhesion of the uterine cavity, the female fallopian tube will be blocked and adhesive, causing the fallopian tubes to always be congested, causing the fallopian tubes to narrow and even block the fallopian tube.Therefore, sperm and eggs cannot be combined, which eventually leads to infertility.

4. Affecting women’s normal pregnancy

For some patients with pregnancy, the uterine cavity adhesion and endometrial damage will affect the normal bed of the embryo.Moreover, the fetus cannot maintain normal and effective growth and development in the abnormal uterine cavity, and it is easy to induce bad phenomenon such as abortion or premature birth.

First, try to reduce operations such as artificial abortion, medium -term induction of labor, and take contraceptive measures carefully.If you have to do it, you should choose a regular medical institution.If unfortunately, there are significant menstrual flow after miscarriage, a significant menstrual flow, no menstrual tide, and periodic abdominal pain, it is recommended to see the doctor as soon as possible to achieve early and early treatment.

Secondly, the various diseases that will cause infection in the palace must be visited in time, such as infection in infection in the uterine tuberculosis, postmenopausal endometrial endometritis, subsequent infection of uterine cavity operations, puerperium infections, preventing intrauterine breeders from the uterine sacrals,Later infection.

The above is a related introduction to the uterine cavity adhesion. If you are also troubled by the adhesion of the uterine cavity, you must seek medical treatment in time. The doctor will treat and treat it according to the specific situation.Relaxing the mentality, this is also very helpful for the treatment effect.

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