The urine price of a pregnant woman is almost 10,000 yuan!There are still people rushing to buy

What!A pregnant woman’s urine generated by the entire pregnancy cycle from early pregnancy can be sold to 86 to 8,000 yuan.The current market price is 5 to 10 yuan for pregnant women.

If you read it wrong, as long as it is a pregnant woman’s urine, it can become a treasure!

When many people see this, they find that it is not a pregnant woman’s urine value but knowledge and value. Many people do not know this. Many pregnant women go to the toilet during pregnancy.Can offset most of the cost of inspection.

1. Collecting pregnant women’s urine contains HCG, which can provide pharmaceutical plant with pharmaceutical raw materials

Pregnant women’s urine contains a higher human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). When it comes to HCG, Baoma who has done a birth check should know that it is a human sugar protein secreted by the nourishing layer of the placenta, which can stimulate the human body to stimulate the human bodyThe formation of progesterone is critical to fetal development.Pharmaceutical companies can refine HCG from the urine of pregnant women, which are mainly used to develop pregnancy test strips, beauty nourishment, sex hormones, etc.Therefore, sometimes the HCG mentioned in the beauty and health products formula is derived from the urine of pregnant women, and there is no need to make a fuss. Use it with confidence. The absolute green has no additive.

2. Collecting pregnant women’s urine contains progesterone to provide pharmaceutical factory with pharmaceutical raw materials

The recycling of pregnant women in the pharmaceutical factory can also be used to refine progestable and synthesize related drugs. The main components commonly used by pregnant women are derived from the urine of pregnant women.The effect of progesterone has maintained pregnancy, so that the fertilized eggs live in the uterus with peace of mind. They are not excreted and can also be used to promote the maturity of breast tissue.

People who encounter urine in pregnant women do not need to worry too much. Generally, there are legal compliance materials provided by pharmaceutical plants.

Therefore, there is a wife who is pregnant at home. The newly married little daughter -in -law is ready to have a second child. The mother of the third child can pay attention. You can ask the company that purchases urine in the local area and change the urine and change money.6000 to 8,000 yuan of production inspection fees.

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