The urinary tract infection rate during pregnancy reaches 80%, and early prevention is the key

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At 28 weeks of pregnancy, Yunyun found that her recent urination was much higher. At first she didn’t pay much attention, because she heard her friends say that the frequency of urine during pregnancy was normal, so she did not take care of it.But within a few days, Yun Yun felt a little pain when he urinated, and this was the case for several days.

I felt a little wrong, and accompanied by her husband to the hospital.After examination, the doctor told Yunyun that frequent urination and dysuria were actually caused by her urinary tract infection.The couple were really shocked to hear this result, but fortunately treated in time, it did not have any impact on the baby.

So why are urinary tract infections prone to occur during pregnancy?

Because during pregnancy, the hormone level of pregnant mothers increases, which relaxes the muscles of the ureter, and the increasing uterus may compress the ureter. Therefore, it is difficult for urine to quickly and smoothly from the ureter as usual as usual and smoothly.flow past.Especially during the third trimester, the increase in the fetus will be severely compressed to the bladder of the pregnant mother, making it difficult for pregnant mothers to exhaust the urine during urination.The time for storage and reproduction in pregnant mothers, causing urinary tract infections.

Three symptoms of urinary tract infection during pregnancy

Frequent urination: At a certain stage of pregnancy, the number of urination is increased, but the urine output decreases each time.

Urine: I was very urgent every time I wanted to urinate, and I couldn’t hold it.

Pain pain: Every time I urinate, a tingling sensation or burning sensation occurs.

How to prevent urinary tract infection during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to sleeping position

In the middle and late pregnancy, the increased uterus was oppressed to the bilateral ureter of the pregnant mother, causing the urine to stay infected.When pregnant mothers sleep, they can choose the left side position, which can alleviate the compression of the uterus on the ureter, which not only helps the urine unobstructed, prevents the urinary tract infection, but also helps to increase the blood supply of the fetus.

2. Scientific diet

Pregnant mothers should eat more light diuretic and vitamin -rich foods, and drink plenty of water, because drinking plenty of water can maintain sufficient drinking water, thereby increasing urine flow, rinse urethralBacterial reproduction.

3. Make -up sexual life

It is not suitable for sexual life in the early pregnancy and the first month of due date.At other stages of pregnancy, the number of sexual life must also be reduced, because sexual life will squeeze the bacteria that lurk the original on the urethra or the outer periphery of the urethra into the bladder, and the cystitis, especially the pregnant mothers with the history of urinary tract infection, areIt is best to avoid sex during pregnancy.

4. Maintain a good physical condition and hygiene

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should maintain a pleasant mood, and do not let yourself be overworked and depressed; underwear should be changed frequently, it is best to choose cotton underwear, and should be cleaned once a day to maintain local dryness.If you go out and encounter a public toilet, you should pay special attention to hygiene.

During the 10 -month pregnancy, pregnant mothers are very hard, need to face physical discomfort, and psychological pressure, so at this time, family members, especially husbands, care aboutWith care, pregnant mothers will have a sense of security, maintain a good state, and welcome the advent of new life.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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