The truth is here!Can pregnant women in early pregnancy play mobile phones?What is the impact on the fetus?

It seems that the topic of pregnant mothers can play mobile phones seems to be controversial.In particular, we often hear people from the older generation say that women cannot play mobile phones after pregnancy, because the reason can be described as a variety of.It is nothing more than a pregnant woman playing with the fetus. It is easy to cause fetal malformations or abortion.However, if pregnant women do not play mobile phones, they feel too boring.So, what should I do?Pregnant mothers are often attentive.

In fact, pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy can play mobile phones, and they can be played throughout pregnancy.The radiation brought by the mobile phone does not cause abortion or deformity of the fetus.Scientific research has proved that so far, there is no example of deformed by pregnant mothers to play mobile phones.Because the influence of radiation contained in mobile phones can be ignored.

According to the survey: The electrical appliances we usually come into contact are dozens of times or even hundreds of times more radiation brought by mobile phones: such as: refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. Pregnant mothers should not rely on too close and do not touch too much.

Although pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy can play mobile phones, because the fetus is not very stable in the early pregnancy, it is better for pregnant mothers to play less mobile phones. Try to take rest.If pregnant mothers permitted by physical condition, you can do some housework, or proper exercise is a good choice.

1. Pregnant mothers should not have time to play with their mobile phones, otherwise they can not be too long, otherwise their eyes are easy to dry and tears.

2. Pay attention to the posture when playing with mobile phones. Standing or sitting for a long time can easily lead to low back pain in pregnant mothers.Pregnant women can’t play their mobile phones on their stomachs, otherwise they will oppress the fetus.

3. Pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy are easy to urinate frequently and like to get up at night, so try not to play mobile phones at night, otherwise it is easy to sleep.

In short, for the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus, please be nutritious and pay attention to rest, and play less mobile phones!I wish everyone a good pregnancy!

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