The thickness of the endometrium can affect pregnancy. Why are you so thin?

For women who want to get pregnant, the health of the endometrium must not be ignored.After the eggs and sperm knots are integrated with fertilized eggs, they need to be imposed to grow and develop. If the endometrium is too thick or too thin, it will seriously affect conception!

The thickness of the endometrium is not constant, and the thickness of different menstrual periods will be different.However, it will not exceed 10mm before ovulation.The survey shows that if the thickness of the endometrium is 8 ~ 10mm, it is more suitable for pregnancy.If it is higher than 10mm, the endometrium is too thick.Under the ultrasound test, the thickness of the endometrium is less than 7mm, which means that the endometrium is thin.Too thick or too thin can lead to infertility. If you meet these two situations, you want children, it is best to treat it in time!

Women with too thin uterine endometrium will not only reduce menstruation, but also cause pregnancy difficulties.The main task of the endometrium is to prepare for the embryonic bed. When it is in normal thickness, it will not affect pregnancy. If it is too thin, the sperm and eggs cannot bed after the combination of fertilized eggs!You said that the basic process of this pregnancy can not be completed, and what about pregnancy!Even if I go to bed successfully, it is likely to cause abortion due to the thin endometrium!In short, endometrium is very important for women’s fertility!


Abortion is the main reason for the thinning endometrium. Whether it is abortion or drug abortion, it will hurt the endometrium.Especially abortion!In the process of being abortion, the most direct manifestation of the endometrium of the uterine will be severely damaged, and the endometrium is thinner, and this damage is likely to be unable to restore later conditioning!If the endometrium of the abortion will become thinner. If you do a few more times, you can imagine how much harm will the endometrium be suffered!So the chance of infertility of people who often have miscarriage will be higher!

Hormone problem

For adult women, there is another reason for the thinning endometrium is the lack of hormone levels in the body, especially affected by estrogen!If the estrogen in the body is too low, it cannot effectively stimulate the growth of the endometrium, and eventually leads to the "thin" of the endometrium!

Congenital "thin"

Although there is no such thing as "the endometrium of the congenital uterine" in medicine, we will still find that some people are very healthy among the patients and have never experienced abortion. However, the detected endometrium is thinIt is less than 7mm.So this kind of thin situation itself is still called the congenital endometrium "thin"!

medical treatement

If it is due to abnormal hormone levels in the body and endocrine causes, the endometrium becomes thinner, it can be treated with drugs. However, if you take too much western medicine, it will lead to other harm.Go to buy medicine yourself to eat.Under the guidance of a doctor, the medicine should be used to make the thickness of the endometrium as soon as possible!

Surgical treatment

In general, there is no need to take surgical treatment. Unless the hysteroscopy is performed, it is found that the endometrium is caused by the uterine cavity adhesion, so surgery is needed!

The main cause of endometrium is abortion surgery, so in order to prevent surgery from hurting the endometrium, safety contraceptive measures should be taken before the same room to avoid abortion surgery!

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