The test strip measured the deepening powder printing brown secretions, but it indicates that my fetus was stopped

【Pre -pregnancy】

At the end of 2.18, I went to the hospital for examination to determine that I was pregnant. At that time, I was very happy. In fact, I had been preparing for pregnancy. I have been testing with test strips. 3.18 was tested with a test strip. It was very shallow.I went to the hospital for examination.It is determined that you are pregnant, because the company is too far away from home. It takes almost five hours a day to exchange. The people of the Beijing Metro, especially at the peak, immediately rest.

I went to the B -ultrasound in more than seven weeks. I had fetal heart sprouts, but I was very small and I didn’t care, because it was the first tire, and I really had no experience.In 3.22, check blood value, more than 16 progesterone, HCG136, the doctor asked for two days to check, doubled, I will go on the 28th, more than 20 progesterone, HCG2,000, my sister later looked at my test resultsIt is not good to say that this is not very good. I didn’t care. I always felt that I was in good health, so I never checked the blood value.The doctor didn’t say anything to me, so I was always relieved.

【Have fetal heart buds】

On April 8th, the mother and child health manual was done. I basically had no response during my pregnancy. One night I dreamed, messy, my stomach was sore a few times, and I woke up later.I have also heard others say that there are brown secretions too nervous. It may be the last aunt, because the uterus increased after pregnancy, and was squeezed out if they were pregnant.Because I listened to others a lot, I didn’t care.I went to the hospital and told the doctor. She said that she observed and observed, and did not let me check the blood. Yes, the B -ultrasound was done in those days, because with the fetal heart buds, so I was relieved.

【Before the fetus stop】

After a few days, the brown secretions are still there, and there are more, so I went to the hospital again. The doctor asked me to do a B -ultrasound.It ’s very anxious to wait for the results. The results came out in the afternoon. It was only more than 5 progesterone and HCG100,000. At that time, the heart was cold. What’s wrong?Go to the doctor quickly. She said you are going to do a B -ultrasound. I still ask the archives stupidly. The doctor said, you are not good, go to the B -ultrasound first.

【Tire stop】

After drinking two bottles of mineral water, I finally came to me. I lay down. When I saw it, I asked, do I have the fetal heart?The doctor said, did you have a fetal heart before?I said yes, the doctor said that you have been in the past few weeks. I said nine weeks. She said you came, she took me to another B -ultrasound room, and asked me to lie down. She said that the fetus stopped.It’s been nine weeks, and you should see your arms and legs. You should have everything. You stop.At that time, my head was empty, I wanted to cry but was a bit weak, but the tears still flowed down.I cried with the doctor that it was okay last time. I did n’t check it for more than ten days. Why did it happen? The doctor who checked also said, yes, it ’s normal that there is no total check, or the fetal is not good.It seemed to comfort me, but I couldn’t listen to anything, and came out to cry.

My parents accompanied me, and my mother saw me like this, and blushed to ask me what happened. I said that the fetus stopped, and they couldn’t accept it, but they were still comforting me.He cried and called his husband, and he was stupid at the time.My mother told me to have surgery immediately and not dragged.But I don’t want to lose it like this. I don’t even want to do anything, I want to sit on the chair in the hospital.My husband and I got married in November 13th. After marriage, I didn’t want to have children so early. Later, it was the year of the sheep. The mother -in -law did not want to be a sheep. After another year.

In June 15 years, when I looked at it, I started eating folic acid. My husband also ate together. My husband also told me that my sister also told me. In July, I went to the hospital to check vaginitis and prescribed the medicine.After that, I had been preparing for pregnancy. I went out to play with my husband in November, thinking that I could go, but my aunt was still here.My husband has a night shift and I also go to work, so it is not so easy to prepare for pregnancy.


In this way, I was also tired at work. After returning home at 8 o’clock in the evening, after nine o’clock, I fell asleep, and I was tired.Unexpectedly, after half a year of pregnancy, I was pregnant, I really wanted this little monkey, but this was still the case.Lou Lou is 29th at the end of 28 this year. Her husband is more than two years older than me, and the parents of both sides are not small, and they are more anxious.Fortunately, the parents of both sides also care about me.The flow of people doing in April 27th, I have been an operation this time from childhood, this time, or this operation. I later told my husband that my conservative person would actually have a flow of people.After living in the hospital for a few days, I was discharged from the hospital and went to my mother’s house. From March to June, my mother served me for several months. I was very moved because my mother -in -law was going to serve her husband’s uncle, so I went back to my mother’s house.

【After the fetus stop】

I told the company in early May that the company also understood it and let me rest.Because I took a sick leave this year from the end of March, the company said that after 22 days, there was no sick leave, and the insurance had to go to it myself. Therefore, there were some insurances from April.On my own, nearly two thousand a month, and then my family advised me to resign. I was tired. I went to work at 9 am. I left at less than seven.Click to get off work at eight o’clock. That’s it. In this way, I persisted for five years. In fact, I also complained that I was lazy. I did n’t want to change my job.I resigned like this, and these months seemed too long.Especially the night before going to the hospital, I didn’t know how I survived it.After going to the hospital, I saw this situation a lot, and slowly let go.

Now that you can write these, it can be regarded as you can pass through. You still have to live. Children still have to be trapped in the past.


The sisters who want to stop with the fetus also say that don’t listen to other people’s experience. Those who say more or less use it, but they still have to worry about their own situations and their own affairs.What can be kept is yours, don’t keep too much.We still have to work hard.Someone said such a sentence: What do you do, do it, and do not do well.Indeed, life is natural, and it will return to the pregnancy.

I used to fight myself, for work, to earn money, I abandoned a lot.Now at home, we can cook for my husband, and our feelings are better.In the future, I will go to work and find a closer.Now the days have returned to peace, and then I have to take some traditional Chinese medicine to condition it, recover well, and prepare for the next healthy baby!

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