The taste of pregnancy is changeable?Most of the hormones in the body are making monsters

After pregnancy, the taste of many mothers will change. There are even strange cases that a woman has changed the taste after pregnancy, and she likes to eat paper and sponge.In fact, not every mother’s taste became so strange after pregnancy, but the change of taste after pregnancy is beyond doubt.

There are many pregnant mothers who help their mothers. There are many different tastes before and after pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers do not eat pork before pregnancy, but they are unhappy after pregnancy.When you see shrimp, he is disgusting; some pregnant mothers like to eat spicy and ravioli before pregnancy, but they like to eat light after pregnancy.The change in taste after pregnancy is sometimes surprised by the pregnant mother, but why does it cause such changes?

The reason for the change of taste

Many pregnant mothers like to eat acid after pregnancy. After pregnancy, the hormone of the pregnant mother’s body will change. The placenta will secrete many gonad hormones and inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, leading to less peristalsis in the stomach, which will cause pregnancy.In order to balance the body’s changes, pregnant mothers need to stimulate the secretion of gastric acid by eating acidic foods to increase appetite.

Other pregnant mothers who like to eat "spicy" and "salty" are also due to the influence of hormones and stimulate appetite through diet.But as the news said, mothers who like to eat paper and sponge are relatively rare. If it really appears, it is likely to be caused by other diseases. You need to consult a doctor in time.

Most of the changes in taste during pregnancy are only temporary, and it will return to normal after delivery.However, if the taste changes are too obvious and affect your health, you should attract enough attention for pregnant mothers.

How should pregnant mothers deal with taste changes?

For different taste preferences, pregnant mothers also have different points when choosing food.

Sour food

Acid foods can effectively stimulate the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines, promote the absorption of trace elements of the human body, and effectively alleviate pregnancy, but some acidic foods should be eaten less, such as sauerkraut, hawthorn, preserved fruit, etc.

The content of nitrite in the sauerkraut is more than ordinary vegetables. At the same time, its nutrients will also be destroyed in large quantities during the production process. Too much consumption will cause damage to the body of pregnant mothers and babies.At the same time, there are also substances that promote uterine contraction. Too much consumption can lead to premature or miscarriage. Due to its special processing technology, it will make preserved preserved preservatives and pigments. It should be eaten as little as possible.

If pregnant mothers like to eat acidic foods, they can use orange, pomegranate and other acid -flavored fruits or edible yogurt to instead, which not only meets the needs of the taste, but also supplement the nutrition required.

Salty food

Salted food mainly comes from the salt used in daily life, but regular consumption of salt can cause thirst, and cause edema after drinking a lot of water. At the same time, excessive salt and water will increase the burden on the kidneys, reduce blood circulation, cause the baby’s brain to hypoxide, affect the impactBaby grows and develops.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers eat salt, choose low sodium salt or use other condiments to enrich the taste of food. Eat less pickled foods. It is best to put it in the meals when adding salt to the meals, so that the salt is left on the surface.Increase saltiness.

Spicy food

Spicy taste can also stimulate appetite, but too much spicy taste can lead to increased blood pressure in pregnant mothers and cause constipation.

When pregnant mothers eat spicy food, they can be paired with foods rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables, coarse grains, to avoid constipation; or with acidic food neutralized and spicy.

Finally, help my mother to remind you that the taste changes during pregnancy should be met in an appropriate amount, but the premise of diet health should be paid to the balanced nutritional matching in the diet; pay attention to whether the demand for special tastes is normal or the disease, and maintain a healthy physiological and psychological state.EssenceNot all pregnant mothers will change the taste during pregnancy. The focus of the taste of different pregnant mothers is not the same. I wonder if you like to eat sour, or is it spicy?

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