The symptoms of nipples may be these 4 reasons.

The nipple is an important organ of the human body and is especially important for women.Many women’s nipples in their lives suddenly become very large, and the occurrence of this situation has a lot to do with menstruation, pregnancy and termination of pregnancy.Not only that, if female friends have lesions such as ovarian diseases, cervical lesions, and breast diseases in their lives, symptoms of nipples will also occur in time. At this time, timely treatment should be performed.

1. Pregnancy

When women are pregnant, the breasts will gradually become larger. At the same time, under the influence of progesterone and oxytocin, the nipples of female friends will gradually become larger, which is also a physiological change caused by lactating lactation in the later stage.

Second, abortion

Female friends will have a certain situation of nipples after abortion. Because the hormone level of the body will rise significantly after pregnancy, the level of hormone levels will be greatly reduced after the end of pregnancy.During the sharp rise of hormones, endocrine shows a state of disorders, so at this time, women of childbearing age are very prone to symptoms of nipples and breast enlargement.

Third, menstruation

Before menstruation starts, the level of hormone in women will increase. Under the premise of rising related hormones, the nipple part will become larger, and the tissue of the breasts will also cause edema.Therefore, women are prone to increase in nipples and breasts during menstruation.This increase in nipples during menstruation is a common physiological phenomenon, so don’t worry too much.

Fourth, gynecological disease

If women have ovarian diseases, uterine lesions, or breast diseases, the nipples will gradually become larger after the disease.This is because the lesions of the uterus and ovaries directly affect the hormone level in women’s body. Once the hormone balance is broken, it is easy to cause a series of symptoms such as increased nipples and breast pain.In addition to ovarian and uterine lesions, the occurrence of breast disease also affects the nipple size.It is recommended that you go to the hospital for examination in time to deal with the condition under the professional guidance of the doctor.

All women need to know the cause of the increase in nipples, and treat and care for related symptoms in a timely manner according to their actual situation.It is hoped that women can pay more attention to their breasts. If the incidence of nipples is related to the factors of the disease, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible so that the best treatment method can be used to avoid breast disease in the fastest time.

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