The swelling of the feet in the late pregnancy is like a trotter.

Mom will find that our feet are becoming more and more enlargement when we get in the later pregnancy. Don’t worry, most pregnant women are like this.Edema only occurs on the feet, and calves, thighs, hands, face and other parts will also appear.

When is edema?

Edema is generally caused by body fluids in the body tissue. Generally occur in May, and edema may occur early in the third month.

Reasons for edema during pregnancy:

1. Increase in the pregnancy month, the uterus expands rapidly.The squeeze of the cavity veins caused the blood of the feet and legs to fail to return smoothly, resulting in a large amount of body fluid entering the tissue of the legs and ankles from the venous blood vessels, causing edema.

2. Change of hormones, such as progesterone, estrogen, chorionic gonadotropin and prolactin levels, lead to changes in vascular permeability and cause edema.

3. Drug treatment of depression or blood pressure can cause swelling or edema.

Edema during pregnancy can be done

1. Don’t stand for a long time

Do not keep standing and sitting for a long time in the second trimester.Change a posture for a while, which can reduce edema.Do not take apricotly rest.

2. Use the left side to sleep and rest

Because the left side rest can reduce the venous pressure, it is more likely to return the blood background.You can also raise your legs when you sleep to speed up blood circulation.

3. Wear sneakers or loose socks

Choose comfortable and loose shoes and socks to relax the muscles and reduce edema.Originally, the blood flow of legs was difficult. Don’t wear tight shoes and socks, worsening the snow.

4. Pay attention to diet

Pay attention to reducing the intake of sugar, salt, and fat, and supplement vitamin C and vitamin E.Be sure to reduce the amount of salt,

5. Add enough water

Drink 7 to 10 glasses of water a day, about 2 liters of water.Pinded water helps eliminate the discharge of toxins and salt in the body, but can reduce edema.

6. Don’t wear stockings anymore

Long socks limit the flow of blood and body fluids in the body, and can only increase edema, and will not reduce the slightest.The more edema, the more you can’t tighten the swelling part.

7. Appropriate exercise

Proper exercise can speed up the blood circulation of footsteps and legs.Walking is a good choice.

8. Soak your feet and massage hot water

Soak your feet in hot water for 15 minutes, and then use mild essential oil to massage the soles of your feet and legs, which can speed up blood circulation and relieve the discomfort caused by swelling.

9. Quit smoking and drink less coffee

Quit smoking and drinking less coffee can help relieve pain and edema during pregnancy

10. Leg lift

When you sleep, you can raise your feet and sit on a small stool when you sit.This allows the lower body vein to speed up the return and alleviate edema.

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