The stomach of the pregnant mother is stiff as soon as she walks?For your baby, do these 5 things to do less

I believe that many expectant mothers will have tight and hard stomachs as soon as they walk.In fact, this is a typical pseudo -contraction phenomenon, which basically appears in the middle and late pregnancy. As long as the frequency and intensity of the uterine shrinkage are not particularly high, it will generally not induce premature birth. If this situation often occurs, it should still take more rest.Otherwise, the chance of premature birth will be increased to a certain extent.

Do these 5 things during pregnancy during pregnancy, so as not to affect the baby in the belly

When I was pregnant for more than 6 months, I would go out every afternoon during that time, but every time I walked for a long time, the whole belly would become hard.It has been tight, and there is no abdominal pain, and the stomach will not become loose until I sit down and rest for a while.

Not just me, many pregnant mothers will have this situation in the middle and late pregnancy.If you don’t need to be nervous if you have this situation, just find a place to rest for a while.

If a posture is maintained for a long time, such as sedentary, standing for a long time, and lying for a long time, it may also cause the small abdomen to rigid.In fact, it is not just a pregnant mother. Normal people will not be able to bear a posture for a long time, let alone pregnant mothers who are inconvenient during pregnancy!

Pregnant mothers will face edema in the second trimester. At this time, the following methods can be taken.

When sitting, raise your feet, soak your feet in warm water before going to bed, and get heights when you sleep.

When pregnant mothers eat some cold and irritating foods, they may cause gastrointestinal discomfort or abdominal pain, and even severe consequences such as diarrhea. This situation is also likely to induce pseudo -contractions.

The dietary principles during pregnancy are still low -calorie and high protein, less salt and less oil and less sugar.I usually eat some fruits, vegetables, and nuts stronger than anything.Although eating some fried, milk tea or something will not have an impact on the baby, but there is no nutrition for this thing, and it is better to eat some nutritious things as much as possible.

Pregnant mothers should touch the belly as little as possible, otherwise it will cause more serious contractions.And the method of touching is not right, it will also let the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck.

The normal way of touching is from top to bottom or from one side to the other. Do not have no rules and circles.Because the baby can feel the change of light, he will pursue the light source.

Emotions have a great impact on the uterus. When the mothers of pregnant mothers fluctuate too much, the fetus in the abdomen will also be affected. If the fetus moves sharply, the lower abdomen will be tightened.

Studies have found that if the pregnant mother is very happy when she is pregnant, the baby born will be beautiful and the IQ is high.On the contrary, it will not be beautiful, and IQ is not high.

And the baby also revenge in the stomach. Whoever makes the mother unhappy, the baby will not like him after birth.

Well, the blind spots during pregnancy are all clicked.There are not much nonsense, all of which are knowledge points, I hope to help you sisters.

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