The stomach of a pregnant woman had a stomach pain for 3 hours before going to the hospital. The examination found that there was no fetal heart

Jiangsu Net News, China, is very difficult for each woman to have children. It is necessary to endure the awkwardness of October in October and challenge the pain during production.

Ms. Liu, a 25 -year -old pregnant woman, I heard that women have a child with stomach pain for a long time before she can give birth. Therefore, she was 39 weeks pregnant. She went to the hospital for three hours after her stomach pain for three hours.

Director Peng Fengyun, the obstetric department of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that having a child seems simple, but it is dangerous. Placental peeling is a severe complication in the late pregnancy. It often occurs suddenly and progress is fast. If the diagnosis is not timely, it will endanger the life of the mother.

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Pregnant women have abdominal pain for 3 hours to go to the hospital and have been born to death

The color Doppler ultrasound inspection found that it was caused by the premature peel of the placenta

Not long ago, the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Director Peng Fengyun just came to work, and a acquaintance led a pregnant woman to find her.

This pregnant woman’s surname is Liu. She is 25 years old. This is her first child. She was 39 weeks pregnant. She had a stomachache since the early morning. She has been painful for more than 3 hours. She started dizziness, back pain, and vomiting half an hour ago.

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When Director Peng saw that her belly was larger than the usual pregnant woman’s belly, she touched her belly and stigmatized. "Broken, maybe the placenta peels early! Why not come early?While talking, I arranged for pregnant women to do color Doppler ultrasound.

Ms. Liu, a pregnant woman, said that listening to others is relatively slow to say that the first child is born, it usually hurts for a long time to give birth, so she wants to wait until the pain is tight.

By the B -ultrasound, after the examination, it was found that, as Director Peng expected, there was no fetal heart, and the fetus had a fetal dying.

"Why is this? Is the delivery examination a few days ago?" The family of pregnant women asked.

Ms. Liu cried, and her husband lowered his head and said blame: "We were in the same room last night. Is this the reason?"

Director Peng said that sexual life is prohibited in the early and third trimester of pregnancy. In the early stage, it can cause miscarriage.

What is the placenta early peeling?

Director Peng said that the placental peeling early refers to part or or all from the uterine wall before the fetal childbirth after 20 weeks of pregnancy or childbirth.

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Early divestitudes of placenta are severe complications in the third trimester. They often cause sudden illness and rapid progress. If the diagnosis is not timely, severe complications will occur, such as the internal blood vessels’ intravascular coagulation (DIC), renal failure and postpartum bleeding.Mother’s life.

Why does the fetus die in cesarean section?

Director Peng Fengyun said that once the placenta is stripped early, before the fetal delivery, the placental peeling may continue to increase, and it is difficult to control bleeding. Pregnant women have experienced dizziness and vomiting, indicating that anemia has occurred.The longer the duration, the more serious the condition, and the greater the chance of complications.Once the placenta is diagnosed early, the fetus survives!The cesarean section should be immediately.

If the fetal placenta is peeling early, the fetus has died, and the cervix is close to the entire time. It is estimated that delivery can be quickly ended in a short time. You can consider vaginal delivery.However, if it is early peeling of a heavy placenta, regardless of whether the fetus survives, the fetal and placenta should be taken out as soon as possible. Immediately give the uterine shrinkage and rub the uterus to control postpartum bleeding.

Otherwise, if the uterine placenta is found, or the uterus does not shrink, it cannot stop bleeding. It is likely that the uterus is not guaranteed and needs to be removed quickly.

What are the symptoms of placenta peeling early?

Peng Lord Hot said that in the obstetrics, the placenta peeling is not uncommon, there are small months, and there are large months. According to the statistical incidence rate of 0.46%to 2.1%, the mortality rate of the siege is 20%to 35%, 15 times the 15 times, 15 timesIn the early stage of the placenta without the placenta.

Early peeling of placenta, the most common typical symptoms are painful vaginal hemorrhage. However, the symptoms and signs of early peeling of the placenta are greater.

Light placenta stripping early, mostly vaginal hemorrhage and mild abdominal pain, so many people think that they are red; heavy placenta stripping early, internal bleeding and mixed bleeding, the placental peeling surface exceeds 1/3 of the placenta area of 1/3At the same time, there is a large posterior placenta hematoma, which is more common in severe pregnancy hypertension. The main symptoms are sudden persistent abdominal pain, backache, back pain, and pain.Vomiting, pale complexion, sweating, weak pulse, decreased blood pressure and other signs of shock signs.

The vagina does not bleed or a small amount of bleeding, and its anemia degree does not match out of the blood, which is often divergent from hidden placenta.The uterine cardiopathic is as hard as plate, in a high state, relaxing in the gap, tenderness in the uterus, and exceeding the size of the should be in the pregnancy month.In 1/2 or more, the fetus often dies due to severe hypoxia.Early placental stripping if it is not in time, it will endanger mothers’ lives.

How to prevent premature placenta peeling?

The cause of early placental peeling is not very clear. After research by scientists, the early splitting and hypertension of the placenta (including pregnancy hypertension syndrome, primary hypertension, renal hypertension), trauma, premature fetal membrane breakthrough, early breakthrough breakthrough, early breakthrough breakthrough, early breakdownThe age of pregnant women, smoking, and use of cocaine and other factors, the onset may be related to the following main risk factors.

To prevent the placental early peeling, pay attention to the following aspects:

1. It should be strengthened for prenatal examinations. In the second trimester, the number of birth checkups should be increased. It is found that abnormalities can be treated in time. Abnormal conditions such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding are quickly visited to the hospital;

2. Actively prevent and treat pregnancy hypertension; management should be strengthened for high -risk pregnancy such as merging hypertension, chronic nephritis;Hair hypertension, chronic nephritis combined with hypertension, and they are the primary cause of early peeling of the placenta;

3. Avoid supine positions in the third trimester of pregnancy, and sexual life is prohibited in the third trimester;

4. Avoid abdominal trauma, and the abdomen is directly impacted. It is often the cause of the early peeling of the placenta. For example, the crash of a car, the sudden brakes of the bus, the first place of the abdominal wall when the fall, and the beating, etc.

5. Excessive or twins or twins should be hospitalized early before the due date.Too much amniotic fluid suddenly flows out of the amniotic fluid when the embryo is ruptured, or the first fetus delivery during pregnancy is too fast, which can cause the pressure in the uterine cavity to fall sharply, and the placental divesty occurs early;

6. Smoking is prohibited, and abuse of cocaine is prohibited, because smoking and abuse of cocaine can cause the risk of early peeling of the placenta to increase.(Zhang Tong)

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