The six most important inspections during pregnancy, Baoma must not ignore

In October, the birth of the birth is long and long;The production inspection can escort the health of the baby’s baby, and can check whether the baby exists in this potential malformation in advance, so that a reasonable solution is made in time.Make a checkup!

First, the first check -up must also pay special attention.There are many projects: blood sugar, serum, syphilis, liver function, leucorrhea, electrocardiogram, bone testing, etc. are all important.In the future, these inspections and comparisons must be repeated, so the first data collection is also important.

2. Screening method: Most of the combination of serum science screening Tang’s syndrome.Take the peripheral blood of pregnant women, extract serum (without empty stomach), and detect the concentration of mothers’ serum fetal protein (AFP) and serum flush promotional gonadotropin (HCG), combined with the expected period, age, and blood of the pregnant woman’s expected period, age, and blood extraction weeks and blood.Calculate the "risk coefficient" in weight, so that 80%of the innate fool can be found.At the same time, this examination can also check the neural defects, 18 trisida syndrome, and high -risk pregnant women with 13 trisomy syndrome.If the serum examination is positive, you need to do amniotic fluid examination to a clear diagnosis.

3.B super inspection, intuitively monitor the baby’s development.Under normal circumstances, the best time to accept this examination is from 18 to 20 weeks during pregnancy. Most of the problems that may happen can be recognized during this period.It can see the fetus’s body, head, fetal heartbeat, placenta, wool and umbilical cord, etc., you can find whether the fetus survives, multiple fetuses, and even identify whether the fetus is deformity.

It is usually 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, a single child can be determined or multiple, and the fetal head circumference can be measured.The second time is 28-30 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, you can understand the development of the fetus. Whether there are body surface malformations, and you can further understand the location of the fetus and the amount of amniotic fluid.The third time is at 37-38 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the purpose is to determine the fetal position, fetal size, placenta maturity, or no umbilical cord around the neck, etc., to conduct a final assessment before giving birth.

4. The height of the palace bottom: the items that you need to do every time the check -up, by measuring the height of the bottom of the palace, you can understand the growth of the fetus in the uterus.It is multiple pregnancy.

5. Blood glucose monitoring to avoid the risk of hypertrophic glucose. Due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the maternal may occur or discover the chance of diabetes.High blood sugar during pregnancy can lead to excessive fetus.The huge monthly cesarean section must be given to childbirth.Diabetes may also cause death or deformity.If you find it early, diabetes can easily control diet or injection of insulin.At 24-28 weeks, you have to do a diabetes screening test.Doctors will let you drink sugar water containing 50 grams of glucose, and take blood to detect blood sugar in the blood 1 hour after drinking.


(1) Three days before the sugar sieve blood, a normal diet, no diet, so as not to affect the results of the examination.

(2) Start from drinking glucose water for 1 hour, then draw blood, and eat after extraction.

6. Blood examination: Determine the blood type of expectant mothers as a basis for bleeding during production.RH blood type pregnant women, if the mother is negative and the fetus is positive, the mother’s blood will produce antibodies, and immunoglobulin can be injected within 72 hours after delivery. A antibody against RH blood type can be caused when they are pregnant.Abortion or fetal edema.

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