The second marriage daughter who has accumulated married, deliberately concealed the real time of pregnancy, does marriage continue?

Li Ergou was worried recently. A few days ago, his wife gave him a son. This was a great thing, but he felt panicked.

Not to mention that the child was taken to the hospital for the hospital as soon as he was born, the hospital urged him to pay every day.The wife’s cesarean section had not been out of the hospital, and she rejected Li Ergou’s old lady, and made Li Ergou anxious her hair a lot.

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Late at night, Li Ergou dragged his tired body and returned home. He sat between the sofa and swallowed the clouds and vomiting the mist. He felt more and more wrong.Wife Fenfen has always emphasized that the child has exceeded the due date, and asked to go out quickly, but she had no response when she was hit.

When the child took it out of the operating room, he didn’t like what his wife said. It was white and fat, but the doctor said that the child was sucking amniotic fluid and needed a temporary insulation box.At the end of the doctor, how did the child born more than half a month in advance and stunned Li Ergou.He really couldn’t figure out why his wife kept urging his caesarean section, and he always emphasized that he had exceeded half a month of due date, but did the doctor say that it was fake?

Think about it. Since I know Fenfen, Li Ergou is getting less and less like herself, as if she has been led by her nose.What do this woman want to do?

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Li Ergou has been urged by his old lady since the age of thirty at the age of thirty.The money was spent a lot, but this marriage could not be determined.It was either someone else didn’t see him or he didn’t look at others, otherwise it would be time to talk about it.

Looking at Li Ergu, the old lady had to take out the killer, crying, two troubles, and forcing Li Ergu to get married within one year.Li Ergou was unable to disturb. Sure enough, after half a year, Li Ergou finally had news. He met a woman with a divorce with a child on social software. This woman is his current wife Fenfen.

Fenfen is about the same age as Li Ergou, dressed up very trendy, and the appearance is in line with Li Ergou’s aesthetics.According to Fenfen herself, she has been divorced for many years. The previous marriage was unsatisfactory. After the divorce, she found that she was pregnant and was reluctant to kill her children.Such a caring and beautiful woman, who suddenly captured Li Ergou’s heart.

Fenfen’s work place is in the field and often travels. She said that her salary is higher than Li Ergou.According to her, she hasn’t suffered much since she was a child. Although she divorced and brought her baby, she had a good quality of life.She gave birth to a clever mouth, and her husband and husband kept calling for a long time.

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After half a year, Li Ergou proposed to get married.Fenfen said that marriage is okay, and the gift of eighty -one points must not be small. I must buy a house in the city. I don’t like to live in the countryside.Li Ergou suddenly made a big head. During the period of time, Fenfen asked him intentionally or unintentionally. It was one or two hundred lipsticks, and a thousand pieces of skin care products. In addition to eating outside, her children and old lady wereFrom time to time, please please.Li Ergou had not seen much savings at the bottom.

When Fenfen saw him embarrassed, he said, don’t think that I have taken advantage of you.I have a house on my own shopping center. My mother’s house also has a house. When my parents are old, it is also us.Besides, you are marrying me, not to be enlightened, how can you not have your own house?

Li Ergou felt that they were right, so he asked all kinds of relatives and friends to borrow a circle, and the hundreds of thousands of parents gave, and finally bought a house.After buying the house, Fenfen also said that since I bought the house, I quickly renovated, and we got married after the renovation.Also, my parents said that our home appliances are all inclusive.As soon as Li Ergou heard this good thing, he couldn’t do his life.

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During this period, a small episode, Fenfen’s five -month pregnancy child, lost during her business trip.At that time, she called in a foreign country. Li Ergou received a call, and the whole person was bad.Although he was a man, he couldn’t help crying. How could a five -month -old child say that it would be dropped?

Fortunately, Fenfen was in good health. After two months, she announced her pregnancy.This time, Li Ergou did not dare to let her run around, so she asked her to rest at home and raise her fetus.Fenfen probably saw the emphasis on the child’s family about the child. He always had something to do with it.So what happened on weekdays, Li Ergou came from the meaning of Fenfen, for fear that she would not be upset.Li Ergou’s old lady couldn’t see her eyes, scolded Li Ergu several times, and was suppressed by Li Ergu.

Once Fenfen said in front of her mother -in -law that her mother’s relatives were sick. She was going to visit. My mother -in -law heard her meaning again, but she took out 300 yuan for her and said that you would buy something for your relatives.Since then, the relatives of Fenfen have always been sick. Today, my aunt will tomorrow. Even if her mother -in -law is uncomfortable, she can see the children in the stomach and dare not say anything.

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After all the houses were renovated, Li Ergou asked Fenfen, what about the home appliances you who said the mother -in -law?Fenfen didn’t care about him. After two days, she pulled the refrigerator and washing machine. She said that although they were all second -hand, they were all half -new. They didn’t use it much. Don’t say that I said.Seeing this, Li Ergou is not easy to say.

Li Ergou’s parents did things in the field for a long time. One day, the old mother came back and called Li Ergou and asked if he took away the cash he was put on the house.Li Ergou said that he didn’t know that he had cash at all.In a few days, the old lady said that I asked the next door. It was your daughter -in -law who came back and took it away.Li Ergou questioned, but when he asked Fenfen, Fenfen avoided it.

Fenfen did not understand Li Ergou very incomprehensible in addition to his parents who often asked Li Ergou to ask his parents.Li Ergou had a sudden emergency that day. The doctor said that he must be hospitalized. Pay the hospital fee first.Li Ergou was a bit tight recently. He couldn’t pay money, so he had to ask his brother to borrow two thousand.

During the hospitalization, he was uncomfortable, so he asked his brother to call his father and borrow money from his father to pay.After he knew that his father transferred the money to him, he fell asleep.Fenfen took his mobile phone and transferred the money transferred by the father -in -law to her mobile phone. I didn’t know what the reason was, and she even deleted the father -in -law and herself.

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After Li Ergou woke up, Fenfen told him that he borrowed money from his mother’s house to help him pay the hospital for hospitalization.He was a little angry in his heart why his father refused to reach out in this circumstances, so he called his father after discharge. My father said that I had transferred the money to you that day. Did you not receive it?Li Ergou was stunned. He looked at his mobile phone record and found that his father said it was true, but Fenfen sprinkled such a poor panic.

After the old lady of Li Erlou knew, she called and scolded him. Li Ergu really couldn’t figure out why Fenfen did such a thing.Not only that, he also found that many things that Fenfen said had no factual basis, such as her own house, and he had never seen it.

During the birthday of Fenfen’s hospitalization, various refusal to take care of her mother -in -law said that she only wanted her mother to wait outside the ward to wait, and she called her when she needed it.Li Ergou’s old lady wiped her tears, and she finally looked forward to the grandson. She sent it to the insulation box before seeing her. The attitude of her daughter -in -law made her chill.

Li Ergou smoked the cigarettes and recalled the past with Fenfen. He couldn’t understand what the woman’s idea was.She was good at her and her ex -husband’s child. Why did she exchange such results?

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