The second child is full of dragons and phoenixes, and when I vomit blood during pregnancy, I have finally paid back. I love you, baby

On July 14, 2016, the dragon and phoenix tires were born smoothly. The female treasure was 6.2 pounds, and the male treasure was 6.4 pounds. The health rating was the highest level and good.The heart that had been hanging for a long time finally let go.

I didn’t know that I was pregnant for 15 days. I took two packs of cold medicine because I had a cold. Later, I was afraid that it was not good for the baby. Fortunately, it was okay.At 30 days, I found pregnancy, a cold once, the overall drowsy, which lasted for more than ten days, and never dared to take medicine.

The whole person’s mental condition was not good. In addition, it was a second child. My husband saw me too hard and decided not to do this child.

As a result, the B -ultrasound was two pregnancy sacs, suspected to be twins.I checked in the city’s maternal and children with doubts and excitement and excitement, which is undoubtedly the twin diagnosis!At present, I decided to leave these two children. None of my husband and I have no twin genes in the family history of my husband. They are very happy.

The ninth week of pregnancy responded a lot, and the water did not enter every day, and he vomited a lot of blood every day. It lost ten pounds for 20 days and weighed only 88 pounds.Every day on the bed or sofa, the whole person’s mental condition is very poor, and walking is unstable.My husband was very distressed and felt that he couldn’t go to the hospital to prepare a miscarriage because these two children sacrificed me.

I went to the hospital to check that the two babies had grown a lot. They could not have a drug abortion.Because Dabao was a cesarean section, it was only a year and a half. I was afraid that the induction of labor was dangerous. I decided to stop vomiting to see the effect.

As a result, I was hospitalized for a week, and finally stopped the vomiting, and I could eat a small amount.And I drink collagen powder every day. This is also my pregnancy and postpartum nursing teacher A Liang. I have been with me from pregnancy. Now it seems that these two boxes of collagen powder have faded my pregnancy spots.Important role.

Due to too much vomiting blood, severe anemia.Eat iron and vitamin C to replenish blood every day, and make up for the basically normal level of three days before life.At six months, I started to supplement calcium and took three bottles of calcium tablets.The body is basically normal.

From five months, I have basically not stepped downstairs, and every day is half -bed.At 29 weeks, because of the contraction hospitalized, the magnesium sulfate quickly stopped the contraction. I was afraid that the child and the lungs of the child were not developing well.I was hospitalized again because of the contraction, and I was discharged for two days this time!Played a large bottle of magnesium sulfate and a small bottle of magnesium sulfate.

In 33 weeks, because of the contraction of the contraction, due to the previous two experiences, this time I lived until 35 weeks, and the doctor asked home to wait for the launch to be discharged.Going home is a long process. I ca n’t sleep every night, and it is painful to turn over. I have a few more bloodshots every day.

Finally waited until 37+5, because I was often hospitalized before, and I was familiar with doctors and nurses. They laughed when they saw me this time, "This time I came to give birth to children?" Finally, 9: 27, July 14, 9: 9:28 two babies were born smoothly. When the doctor told me that both babies were healthy, I left tears on the operating table.

I have paid more hard work during pregnancy. Now I am really lucky and happy.Thanks to the doctor and nurses for their care, and my pregnancy and postpartum nursing teacher A Liang. I am out of confinement now. The pregnancy spots on my face have long gone and the skin is not yellow.It is also a full hot mom.

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