The rustic and transparent leucorrhea is normal?Doctor: Look at it like this, most women have inflammation

The eight major systems, the reproductive system is particularly important for women!

Some girls think that as long as the reproductive organs do not hurt or itch, the reproductive system is very healthy, especially more women take "leucorrhea" as the only criterion for measuring women’s genital health.

Leucorrhea is a secretion of women’s private parts. It includes mucus secreted by reproductive organs, pendant epidermal cells, white blood cells, flora and various metabolites.

With the development of the media, more and more information shows people a wrong physiological knowledge.

Many information mentioned that healthy leucorrhea is white, with a certain degree of stickiness, no odor, transparent, and drawing.

Some health articles have regarded the leucorrhea excreted by the human body as "detoxification".

From a medical perspective, the leucorrhea itself has nothing to do with detoxification. It mainly plays the role of lubricating vaginal, balanced vaginal flora, and auxiliary conception, so it is of great significance to women.

Although the leucorrhea itself does not have a detoxification effect, it is indeed a vane of women’s health.

When gynecological disease finds itself, it will change the state of leucorrhea.

Therefore, in the diagnosis of reproductive tract diseases, what cannot be missing is to check the leucorrhea routine.

Even our women can feel that there is a problem with the reproductive organs, and the symptoms of tofu residue, dark yellow, and even itching will occur in leucorrhea.

However, on the other hand, it is inferred that leucorrhea is opaque and white, is it proved that the genitals are really wrong?

The answer is: not necessarily!

Normal leucorrhea is not just this. With the physical changes of women, the leucorrhea will also be different:

1. Ovulation period, leucorrhea changes

When women are about to enter the ovulation period, estrogen secretes a lot, thereby promoting the discharge of healthy eggs.

At this time, the secretion function of glandular gonads such as cervical cylindrical epithelium and vaginal mucosa will also become strong, so the amount of leucorrhea will also become more, showing a transparent egg white, and there is a brushed situation.

This symptom is the healthy symptom of women.

Of course, at this time, female friends often have a moist in the vulva, and there will be traces of secretions on the underwear.

Second, luteal period, leucorrhea is also different

As the ovulation period comes, the luteal period is, at this stage, the entire pelvic floor organs and tissues are congested.

In addition, progesterone secretion will also increase large in quantities. Pathotin will cause leucorrhea secretion while secreting, leucorrhea will also become sticky and mixed with a large amount of falling off cells.

Therefore, the leucorrhea at this stage shows milky white or slightly yellow.

Third, living habits lead to changes in leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is not only affected by female physiological changes, diet, living environment and other factors, but also changes the state of female leucorrhea.

If the water intake of women in recent times, leucorrhea secretion will be affected, resulting in slight yellow hair.

In addition, if you continue to eat spicy foods continuously, the leucorrhea state will change, but it will return to normal.

4. Different ages, leucorrhea is different

For example, women who are pregnant during pregnancy have temporarily stopped menstruation, but under the influence of estrogen, the secretions of cervix and vaginal walls will also increase, resulting in an increase in leucorrhea.

In addition, after menopause, due to the decline of ovarian function, estrogen secretion will also be reduced in large quantities, which will cause the reproductive organs to shrink and degenerate, and leucorrhea secretion will decrease and even disappear.

Although leucorrhea can be used as a reference for women’s health, it should not be the only reference value.

If pus and blood leucorrhea, bloody leucorrhea, tofu -like leucorrhea, etc., you must be alert to find yourself in gynecological diseases and need to be checked as soon as possible.

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