The reasons and solutions of the "ovulation test strip" can not be measured by pregnant mothers

When preparing for pregnancy, I want to be eugenic and preferred, so many mothers now like to prepare to meet the baby’s arrival after being fully prepared. After each menstruation passes, I will take a thick piece of ovulation test paper to detect the arrival of the eggs, welcome Mars to hit the earth and hit the earth.The moment of successful conception.

However, sometimes people are indeed not as good as the sky. Each test is always the captain. I never see it showing positive. Where does the every month of eggs go?


How to estimate the normal ovulation cycle in advance?

Adult women generally discharge a mature egg a month. This is the prerequisite for successful fertilization and developing a baby after sperm.

If it is a mother of menstruation rules, it can be obtained by roughly calculating the time of ovulation. Generally, it is the middle of the two menstruation. For example, your menstrual cycle is 28 days, so each ovulation should be the next menstruation next menstruation.About 14 days before the tide, you can mark it by yourself. Even if you want to know the time of ovulation, you only need to be tested on the week of ovulation. The day before and after each and after each day can be detected to get a strong positive. The day when the ovulation test paper is deeper.

Is it simple and effort?

If the mother is not a mother of menstrual rules, the ovulation cycle is relatively difficult to predict, especially the mother with a long cycle, the relative ovulation time will be pushed back with the extension of the cycle.


The situation and solution of Qiangyang cannot be tested

1. It is not in the ovulation period.

It is especially easy to occur in mothers with irregular menstruation, because it is difficult to change the rough ovulation time through a fixed cycle change. It is recommended that the mother test can be monitored for a complete menstrual cycle for the first time.What time is predictable to predict its own ovulation menstrual period.

2. Non -morning urine, the hormone concentration in urine is not enough

Testing is performed by urine, but what successfully shows the test strip is the content of the LH indicator in the human hormone. Generally, it will reach the highest concentration after sleep. That is, the first urine in the morning.Urine is more accurate as a sample.

3. Miss ovulation time

The sperm’s body survival time is generally 1-3 days, and the eggs generally do not survive for more than 24 hours. Therefore, even if the ovulation is tested every day, the eggs are likely to be formally excreted to reach the strongest yang, and they are likely to be in two tests.In the middle, it is not successfully detected, but according to the probability, it is generally possible to capture the chances of monitoring.

3. Abnormal human hormone indicators

Women have the level of hormone levels that fluctuate with their own physical changes. If the mother does not observe the strong yang after the explanation method continues to detect the menstrual cycle, it is likely that their own hormone levels are abnormal, such as women’s of women.The polycystic ovary syndrome can easily lead to abnormal hormone levels and cannot ovulate normally. If this situation is the case for several months, it is recommended that mothers ask the doctor to judge and treat the necessary treatment even if they seek medical treatment.

The current science and technology are already very developed. Even mothers with ovulation disorders do not have to be discouraged. It is difficult to test at home at home. You can ask doctors to use B -ultrasound for testing. Generally, B -ultrasound monitoring is generally started from the seventh day of menstruation.B-ultrasound monitoring, when the follicles grow to 18*18, use daily B-ultrasound monitoring. The LH peak value of the ovulation test strip at about 20*20 ovation in the follicles can help the eggs to help the eggs excrete.

Life is a very wonderful thing. Waiting for the flowers to bloom, and inadvertently insert the willows and willows, sometimes when you wait for the baby to arrive long, he will not come to believe that the fate has not arrived.The baby naturally came to you.

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