The reason why the secretion will increase after pregnancy

A few days ago, I saw a sister saying that her secretion was green. "After pregnancy, I found that there were more and more secretions in my lower body, and my underwear was often dirty. What should I do?" Take everyone to understand the secretion during pregnancy.Some of things.

During the entire pregnancy, due to the changes in the hormones in the body, the vaginal mucosa also had congestive edema, fixture increased, the vagina became soft, stretched, and the clear or light yellow vaginal secretions may be slightly more white than usual, but it was milky, but notFeel itching or pain.Mainly because the cervical glandular secretion is increased, women often feel that leucorrhea is increased after pregnancy, and vaginal epithelial cells glycogen accumulates. Under the action of vaginal bacteria, the lactic acid is decomposed, which increases vaginal acidity and is not conducive to bacterial growth.

1), healthy milky white, tasteless and non -irritating secretions

Milky white secretions are one of the healthy signals of the reproductive system. Specific mothers do not need to panic or clean.

2), yellow and white, cheese sticky

Considering white Candida infection, Candida is a type of mold and a common vaginal infection during pregnancy.The secretion is yellowish and white and similar to cheese, and itching and vaginal redness of the perineal area appear. Even if the chance of recurrence is still high after cure, especially the pregnancy period with poor resistance.If you are pregnant, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Take the medicine on time and apply the medicine according to the requirements of the doctor. You should also pay attention in daily life. Do not wear too tight pants. Choose a cotton -breathable underwear to keep the vulva breathable and dry.

3) Water -like bubbles

Consider trichomonas and gonorrhea.The secretions are water -like and bubbles, and the genitals are seriously itchy, and it is difficult to settle.When he receives treatment, he is required to receive treatment at the same time, so it is generally transmitted through sexual behavior.

4), gray green, odor

Considering bacterial infections is usually anaerobic bacterial infection.During the infection, the secretion is gray -green and has a fishy odor, which may not itch, but in severe cases, the pussy will appear red and swollen.It is worth noting that bacteria may enter the uterine cavity along the cervix, causing inflammation of the amniotic cavity, infection of the fetus, and infection that can easily induce uterine contraction and cause premature birth.In addition, bacterial infections may also be caused by bacteria near the anus.

5), gray -white viscous

Considering condyloma acuminatum virus, the secretion is gray -white and viscous and itchy symptoms of the vulva.Although condyloma acuminatum can cause unwell mothers, they will not retrograde into the uterine cavity and cause fetal infection.Doctors recommend that pregnant mothers who infected condyloma acuminatum viruses should not take natural production, so as not to vertically infected the virus during the baby.

6), brown blood shreds (brown secretions)

Coffee brown blood shreds in the early pregnancy are likely to be "bed bleeding". Generally speaking, this situation may occur from the 4-6 weeks of the last menstruation. It is normal.It will return to normal after the day.However, if the amount of blood wire continues to increase and the lower abdomen pain is combined, it may be a threatened abortion.Bloodshils and even brown bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy secretions represent prenatal bleeding. It may be caused by cervical dilatation, premature placenta or front placenta, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

7), yellow gray

Gonorrhea infection occurs with viscous secretions similar to snot -like nasal nasal nasal.Gonorrhea bacteria will retrograde into the uterine cavity, causing fetal infections, and the risk of teratogenic tires is quite high.

1) Pay attention to nutritional balance.

Pregnant women must maintain good eating habits, absorb sufficient nutrition, and increase their body resistance to avoid bacterial infections.

2) Only normal gender contact.

Pregnant women should determine the cleaning and hygiene of the toilet and personal supplies such as towels to reduce the chance of infection.

3) Adjustment of autoimmune system

The pussy has its own self -cleaning system, which is normal. Under the action of vaginal bacteria, the rich glycogen in vaginal epithelial cells can be decomposed into lactic acid to maintain a normal acidic environment of the vaginal vagina and adapt to the pathogens that are adapted to the weak alkali environment.EssenceIf excessive cleaning will destroy the protective film on the surface of the genitals and the self -cleaning system.

4) Clean

To prevent abnormal secretions in the vagina, the best way is to clean and keep the vagina breathable and clean.The use of obstetrics to promote the cleaning device to be cleaned. Daily morning and evening and two stools, rinse the perineal site.Can control the water temperature at 35-40 ° C.Do not use disinfection water to avoid destroying the original protective film of the body.Pregnant women can wear loose and cotton -prone to sweat -absorbing clothing, reducing opportunities in a humid and impermented environment.

Pay attention to the way to clean after each stool.The correct method is: wipe back from back, do not wipe forward.In this way, the "garbage" printed on toilet paper will not reach the vaginal and urethra.

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