The reason why the crayfish eats the more and more, the reason for eating and wanting to eat#小 小

The more addicted to the more addicted crayfish.

The teacher wants to say.

Why do so many people like to eat crayfish?What is the difference between crayfish is different?Will crayfish make you eat more and more?When you eat crayfish, you may not know that you may eat 100, and you must not eat lobster.Some people say that because the price has nothing to do with, what is scientific proof?Our normal sweet and sour and bitterness belongs to the seasoning, and the taste can be judged, but the freshness does not belong to the taste.

What is fresh?It is not fresh to judge a fish normally, isn’t a shrimp fresh?Experts use scientific data to determine whether it is fresh enough based on the concentration and value of the free amino acid.The main amino acid is mainly like shrimp, which exists in shrimp and shrimp shells.What does the concentration of normal free amino acids represent?The more fresh the shrimp, the more fresh, it will be more delicious.

To put it plainly, there may be 3 or 4 types of free amino acids. I forgot that the more common is glutamic acid. The glutamic acid is extracted from shiitake mushrooms. This MSG is plain.There are glutamic acids in things.And go to see normally, drinking and drinking, including soy sauce, and other ingredients in the ingredients. All those who are glutamic acid must be MSG.What other alanine contains alanine. There will be alanine in the beef steak. It is characterized by sweetness except for freshness. It will not suffer like monosodiuman.There are also these types, the best one in the acid is ionizing amino acids.

Lying amino acid: Many people love lobster on lobster, because they are free amino acids.Lying amino acids in all seafood is its highest free amino acid content and the highest concentration.Is that because of crayfish?Why is this crayfish?Do you understand many people?When I eat it, I feel that the crayfish are delicious, and some people say that this is not the meat.

The first is that the free amino acids in lobster are the highest, but the most important point is why the crayfish do you see that I do n’t like to eat that kind of Popular, Australian dragon or something. Unless it is very delicious, it may be eaten, but it may be eaten, but it may be eaten, but it may be eaten.It won’t be as crayfish.

Yes, what is the reason for the later?Because there is a special thing in the crayfish called arginine, there is no other lobster in its other lobsters. After you eat it, you will make you feel a hilarious upper feeling, that is, the more you eat, the more comfortable you are.

This is because the crayfish contains arginine, and the global shrimp contains free amino acids, but the arginine is the only scentine concentration in shrimpin that can make you the world’s global shrimp.It is not Polong, not Aolong, what crayfish is.

So this is why the crayfish we eat when we eat, especially when you eat, how do you eat, how do you eat, and how you eat it.

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