The question of a young single woman: Will men urinate and ejaculate at the same time when they are in the same room?

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When surfing online today, I found that a netizen asked such a question

"Isn’t the male urethra and ejaculation tract be part of it? Will you pee when ejaculated? I have no chance to study in person for 23 years. I have no chance to study it in person.

Click in and take a look, everyone talks about this problem.

Simple female netizens said, "Yes, in case of the same time, it is not dirty."

The person who came over and said, "Don’t worry, no, believe in sister."

The male compatriots said, "Of course not, how can it be possible."

There are everything in it, but no one tells the true truth of it

Then continue to look down, can you know the answer "When the same room is in the same room, will men urinate and ejaculate at the same time?"

Before answering this question, we must first understand the physiological process and organ function of men.

When men urinate, urine is excreted from the body through the urethra, and when men perform sexual activity and reach orgasm, they may experience ejaculation, that is, semen is excreted from the body through ejaculation tubes.

Urine and ejaculation are controlled by different organs and physiological mechanisms, and these two processes will not occur at the same time under normal circumstances.

Specifically, urine excretion is caused by bladder contraction, opening of the inner mouth of the urethra, and the launch of urine.

The ejaculation is caused by the process of sexual excitement, which is caused by a series of nerve and muscle coordination movements.

Because urine and semen are discharged from the body through a shared pipe, the urethra is discharged from the body, and sometimes some men feel urine when they are orgasm.

This is because in the process of ejaculation, the muscle activity required for semen excretion can cause minor compression of the bladder and then stimulate the urethra.

This situation is relatively common among young people, but it is rare among older men.

However, although there is urine, when sex is excited, the inner mouth of the urethral and urethral membranes will be closed at the same time, and a closed cavity will be formed between the two, and semen will be produced in it.

During the climax, the urethral membrane is opened and semen is eliminated, but the inner mouth of the urethra is closed, and the urine in the bladder will not be eliminated.

At the same time, during the orgasm, most men’s bodies will inhibit the bladder contraction through a mechanism called ejaculation to inhibit reflection.

This reflection will temporarily stop the contraction of the bladder, thereby preventing semen and urine from discharging at the same time.

Therefore, men’s urine and semen will not be discharged at the same time.

Overall, under normal circumstances, urine and ejaculation will not occur at the same time.

Although the urine feeling when ejaculation may be residual and the sperm after ejaculation can be carried out, these are not equivalent to the same.

Men’s urethra and reproductive organs are coordinated by complex nervous and muscle control systems to ensure the smooth progress of these two processes.

However, it should be pointed out that if men have any abnormal sensations or experiences during urine and ejaculation, such as pain, urethral foreign body sensation, and changes in urine color changes, they should consult the doctor in time to eliminate any potential health issues.

This question answers my friends clearly. Let ’s give you more popular science questions that some female compatriots may be interested in.

In vitro ejaculation means that in sexual behavior, the penis is pulled out of the vagina when the ejaculation orgasm is about to reach the ejaculation climax, so that semen will not enter the female reproductive tract.

Entry ejaculation is a common contraceptive method, but it is not exactly reliable.

Before that, we need to understand some basic physiological knowledge.

Pregnancy is formed by the successful bed and development of fertilized eggs.

Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs are formed in women’s reproductive tract, and then entering the uterus through the cervix, bed and developing into embryos.

The sperm in semen can survive and find eggs under the right conditions.

Therefore, in vitro ejaculation cannot completely exclude the possibility of pregnancy.

Although ejaculation can reduce the risk of pregnancy, there are still certain risks.

During the sexual intercourse, men choose to ejaculate in the body before the orgasm, but this does not guarantee that all sperm is excluded.

Men will secrete prostate fluid during sexual excitement and ejaculation, which may contain a small amount of sperm.

Even if ejaculation occurs outside the vagina, if the sperm in the prostate fluid is exposed to the female vulva or vaginal port, the sperm can still enter the women’s reproductive system, causing pregnancy.

Sperm may first enter the female reproductive tract during sexual intercourse and swim in the vagina where the egg is located.

Although ejaculation can reduce the number of sperm, even if only a few sperm enters the reproductive tract of women, it may be possible to conceive.

In addition, in some cases, in vitro ejaculation may fail.

For example, men may not be able to control their ejaculation in time, or the problem of semen leakage.These situations may cause sperm to enter women’s reproductive tract and increase the risk of pregnancy.

Therefore, although ejaculation is not so reliable.

For those couples who do not want to get pregnant, it is best to adopt more reliable contraceptive methods, such as using condoms, oral contraceptives, contraceptives and other methods to better protect themselves.

Of course, if an accidental pregnancy occurs and does not intend to have children, the couple can consider emergency contraception measures.

Emergency contraceptives are a drug used within 72 hours after sex, which can reduce the risk of pregnancy.

In short, although external ejaculation can reduce the risk of pregnancy, it cannot completely rule out the possibility of pregnancy.

For couples who need contraception, it is best to choose more reliable contraceptive methods and consult a doctor or contraceptive expert to obtain appropriate contraceptive suggestions.

Use contraceptive measures correctly can provide better contraceptive effects to protect yourself from unnecessary pregnancy risk.

The hymen is a part of the female reproductive organs, which is located at the entrance of the vagina.

It is a thin and elastic tissue that can be regarded as a layer of film, but it is actually not a single layer completely closed.

The hymen is usually composed of multiple films. These thin membranes form an incomplete ring, which can be separated or torn to allow vaginal opening.

These film can be irregular, and the size and shape will change, so the hymen of each woman may be different.

In the process of women’s physiological development, the hymen will gradually stretch and expand to adapt to menstruation, sexual intercourse and other sexual behaviors.

Therefore, hymen is not a completely closed barrier, and there will be a hymen hole.

The size, shape and elasticity of hymen are different from the differences between individuals. Some women’s hymen perforated may be relatively small, while some women’s hymen pores may be large.

The hymen hole is usually small enough to cover the vaginal entrance, but it is elastic enough to allow physiological secretions, menstruation and other objects to pass.

And the first sexual behavior may lead to slight tear or cracking of the hymen.

This may cause some bleeding, but it is usually mild and stops quickly.

Because the hymen has experienced stretching and tearing in the first sexual behavior, some women may feel uncomfortable or mild pain. At the same time, sexual stimulation and insertion in sexual behavior may cause the hymen to change its position and shape slightly.

This is normal physiological change and will not have a negative impact on women’s health.

The hymen is not a reliable indicator for women who have had sex.

Some women’s hymen may be very thin and poorly elastic, and may break even without sexual behavior.

In some cases, women’s hymen may not be complete or exist at all.

Therefore, women cannot be judged by women.

At the same time, some women have better hymen elasticity, thick thickness or less capillaries, abundant blood supply, and no bleeding after the hymen rupture.

Ejaculation is an important part of male sex, which brings a series of physiological and emotional experiences.

Is the majority of female compatriots who feel that men feel after love? Let me have a science popularization that men may experience the feeling after ejaculation.

Ejaculation usually brings a strong pleasure and satisfaction to men.

This is the outbreak of sexual pleasure caused by sexual stimulation and communication to the climax.

The excitement of the body and nervous system reaches the peak, bringing obvious pleasure and joy. This is an extremely pleasant experience, bringing a sense of satisfaction and relaxation.

When ejaculation, accompanied by muscle tension and contraction, with the completion of ejaculation, men may feel a sense of muscle relaxation.

This relaxation may affect the whole body, especially the muscles around the lower body, which brings a sense of comfort and calmness.

Ejaculation may also lead to a certain sense of fatigue.

This is the process of reaching a peak due to sexual activity and climax. Since then, the body needs rest and recovery.

Tiredness is the natural response of the body after consumption, and men may feel that they need to rest and relax."Feel the body being hollowed out."

For a period of time, sexual excitement will decrease, and the cooling period after ejaculation is the process of recovery.

During this period, men may not easily reach orgasm again, and they may be relatively numb to further sexual stimuli, which takes some time to recharge.

This is the so -called "sage time" of boys. The process of ejaculation can also release emotions and emotions.

When orgasm, men may experience emotional release and relaxation, which can bring a relaxed and pleasant emotional state.

Some people may also feel a strong emotional connection and intimacy at a climax, especially when enjoying sex with their partners.

In addition to these common feelings, there are some men who may experience an individualized experience.

Feelings after ejaculation may be affected by the situation of partners, sexual behaviors, personal emotions and psychological factors.

Some people may be satisfied and confident in the joy of ejaculation, and others may feel slightly regret or emotional fluctuations.

In addition, it is necessary to notice that some physiological changes may occur after ejaculation.

For example, erection will gradually fade, and the penis will gradually return to the non -erection state.

In addition, semen will be discharged, which is also part of ejaculation.

After ejaculation, men may experience strong pleasure and satisfaction, muscle relaxation and fatigue, decreased sexual excitement, emotional and emotional release, etc.

These experiences are individualized and may change due to different personal differences and situations.

Ejaculation is a natural response of sexual behavior. Its feelings and experiences are also diverse, rich in men’s sexual experience and intimacy.

Female compatriots are requested to rest assured that urine and ejaculation will not happen at the same time. Secondly, ejaculation in the body is also likely to get pregnant.

Therefore, female compatriots should learn to protect themselves, take reliable contraceptive measures, and resolutely ask her boyfriend to wear condoms.

The hymen is not a simple layer of membrane. It has small holes to eliminate vaginal secretions, that is, it may break without sexual life. Even if it is ruptured, it may not be bleeding. Therefore, please do not doubt yourself for the first time in the future.

In the end, the feeling of male ejaculation was complicated, satisfied and happy, and fatigue and letting go into the time of sage.

Well, curious babies, do today’s little knowledge satisfy your curiosity?

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