The prodigal son Annie became pregnant again!The husband and wife are arguing, the stone flower memories and Simba past: he helps me a lot

The Mongolian couple of the Wu Di team gave birth to a twin boy in Ping An in one year ~

But because it is premature, the baby’s physical condition is not very good, so the young couple did not worry about it …

Today, netizens posted a video video and saw some disputes in the Mengan couple when they were in a net celebrity ..

After listening, Annie was pregnant again, but Annie did not intend to ask for this child, and Amon persuaded Annie to not be able to kill.

Annie said: This is your business.

Ammon: What is my thing?Don’t you ask if you want to think?I have nothing to do if I have nothing?In case a girl!

Stone flowers and white fat couples have been brushed the rhythm of some fans in several other families since they joined the 818 team.

818 fans helpst the rhythm of the stable of stone flowers and white fat with the attitude of maintaining Simba, and cover up some bad comments in the form of a screen.

Late at night yesterday, when the stone flower live broadcast, he expressed his inner feelings to everyone, saying that everyone was going to go. I have been flat for so many years, and I have no good or bad. I feel very satisfied, but after getting married and having childrenIt is meaningful to make money luxury cars and luxury homes. The most important thing is to have a sense of value.

Stone flowers also recall the past between Simba ~

He said that he had made a "brown sugar ginger tea" in the early days, and Simba also made the same product at the time, and the two talked after meeting.

Later, Simba destroyed this product and said to the stone flower, "I won’t sell it because I will sell it if you sell it."

The stone flower said: I didn’t understand before I understood that he would do much higher than me. Mine is the ordinary version, and he is the high -end version.Although I do n’t have much popularity and ability, but Paste has a lot of help me. Not only this matter, he really treats me as a friend.Also, I went to his live room to brush a few crowns and pay attention to me. Our relationship is offline.

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