The pregnant mothers have experienced bleeding during pregnancy and relaxed. These categories are normal phenomena

After giving birth to Dabao, my husband and I have never wanted to give birth to the second child. It was not until Dabao three years old this year, and I decided to give birth to the second child.I do n’t know how many mothers who are reading this article, how many second -born mothers who are pregnant like me.

After I was pregnant with my second child, I found that pregnancy was really a magical process.Similarly, the same husband, the second pregnancy is so different from the first pregnancy!

After being a pregnant woman, who would not get up to the toilet in the middle of the night.The night before, I was confused to the toilet. I always felt a little strange. I stood up and saw that the whole person was petrified, and there was blood in the toilet!Suddenly I was sober with my head, and I thought about it, is there any signs of miscarriage? Is there a problem with the baby? Is our baby … no … hurriedly wake up the husband, the husband came to see it, he was very scared.Get on the hospital when you put on your clothes.

The hospital that has been inspected for half of my family takes half an hour. On the way, I think about the messy TV drama festival. It is not easy to have a baby after abortion.My wife doesn’t cry, and Erbao will not be fine. "

My husband comforted it like this, I couldn’t calm down, took out the mobile phone and opened the X degree, and entered "five months of pregnancy, bleeding". The jumping search result dazzled me.Normal performance during pregnancy, don’t care "and so on.

Only at this time, the thoughts of the mother’s hearts are the same. As long as the baby is healthy, the ancestors of the gods are not pseudo -scientific superstitions. The old mother believes it!

Although it is not the first time to get pregnant, except for the breakdown before the production of Huai Dabao, the phenomenon of bleeding has not occurred at all during pregnancy. It is impossible not to panic, but after arriving at the hospitalWhen he was angry, the doctor was quite calm, and his heart was even more hot!Feeling is not your pregnancy. Of course, you are not in a hurry.However, after the results of the subsequent diagnosis came out, I really showed that I was really anxious.

The doctor asked me a few questions first, when the bleeding was bleeding, there was not much amount, and there was no other secretions. Is there any pain in my stomach?Then after a series of I don’t know but it looks very professional, I told me that Erbao was healthy, there was no problem, and there were no signs of miscarriage.

So why did I bleed?Obviously when you were in Dabao?

The doctor told me that if I was bleeding within three months of pregnancy, he would be as nervous as me, because the first three months was the most unstable period, and it was easy to have miscarriage, and at this time, bleeding may also have ectopic pregnancy.This is a more dangerous situation.

But I am five months pregnant and belongs to the second trimester. If bleeding is not accompanied by abdominal pain and is not a lot of bleeding, it is not very serious. It is estimated that there is no rest or a hard work recently.Stay in bed and eat well to recover.

If bleeding in the third trimester, the situation will be more complicated, which may be normal, and it may also be a sign of premature birth.Any situation should be paid attention to in the third trimester. It is best to come to the hospital for examination in time. After all, the baby is about to be born and cannot be too big.

There are also some diseases that cause bleeding during pregnancy. Most pregnant mothers think it is the cause of pregnancy.For example, cervical erosion, hemorrhoids, or urogenital diseases.This requires further examination, and physical examination before pregnancy is also very important, eliminating your physical disease.

Therefore, there are problems to go to the hospital for examination in time. Self -online diagnosis is often not reliable. After all, the specific analysis of the specific situation is professional.

Erbao was shocked, and my husband and I went home happily.Yesterday, I shared this incident in my mother’s group. I did not expect that many young sisters have experienced. Not only are there the same second child mothers like me, but also some mother have encountered similar situations. Fortunately, most of them are a little shocking.

So see the younger sisters who have had bleeding during pregnancy?Did you go to the hospital like me and find it?Come and share it ~

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