The pregnancy test stick obviously two bars, why do the doctor say that I am not pregnant?

I was strange, my aunt was obviously late, and the test stick test at home was also two bars. When I went to the hospital to check the doctor, I told me that I was not pregnant.

How is this going?Where did it go wrong?

In fact, it is because the pregnancy test stick is not 100 % accurate!Even if only urinary pregnancy test is considered pregnant, it is impossible to learn from normal or abnormal pregnancy. This is why doctors sometimes recommend the blood HCG testing and ultrasonic testing.Now we clearly tell you: The pregnancy test stick can only be used as a initial screening check. It is likely to have false positive or false negatives.

Two bars of pregnancy test sticks 棒 pregnant

Everyone knows that the working principle of the pregnancy test stick is determined by determining whether the content of human choricular glandular gonadrops in the urine to determine whether it is pregnant. When the number of HCG in the urine is only detected when it reaches a certain level, if it is detected, and if it reaches a certain level, it will be detected.If the menstrual wind is delayed too early, it will cause results errors.

The pregnancy test stick expires, moisture, quality is not up to standard, etc., or whether the operator inserts the correct end into the middle urine, test whether the urine is secreted by a hormone level.View test results between these factors will affect the test results.

In addition, in addition to pregnancy, two bars will also be displayed in pregnancy nourishing cell diseases, germ cell tumors, or puberty.

Why does HCG have the result of Yiyang and Yin?

Under normal circumstances, the LH content in normal urine is very small, and special circumstances such as menopausal women, ovulation periods, and bilateral ovarian removal patients can affect the detection results of urine HCG due to the increased urine LH content.

In addition, cerebral pituitary tumors, thyroid function abnormalities, ovarian cysts, endometrial hyperplasia, uterine cancer, etc. also easily lead to false positive urine HCG, especially during abnormal pregnancy, the abnormality of the enzyme abnormality of the nourishing layer of macrophage secrete HCG is increased.The increase in degradation products has also increased to the urinary urine.

Therefore, although urine HCG has certain reference significance, it has many influencing factors. In many cases, it cannot objectively reflect the changes in the condition, monitor the activity of nourishing cells, and provide accurate basis for the diagnosis and treatment of clinical diagnosis and treatment.-HCG is prevailing and combined with other inspections.

Blood HCG -More accurate pregnancy test method

In addition to urine HCG, blood HCG is also a method of pregnancy test method that determines whether pregnancy is determined by the HCG content in the body.Studies believe that HCG testing in blood is indeed more accurate than HCG detection in urine.

In addition, the blood HCG test time is earlier than the urine HCG.Generally, 8-10 days after the same room, you can determine whether you are pregnant through a blood test. Women who want to know whether they are pregnant are more suitable for blood tests.In addition, the blood test can also indicate a part of the abnormal pregnancy, such as ectopic pregnancy.

It should be noted here: Auntie is postponed. Women can only be used as a basis for judgment when they use pregnancy test sticks to test pregnancy.After accidental pregnancy, whether you stay or flow, you need to go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination to be finalized.

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