The pregnancy Teddy suddenly dragged the master’s pants tube to do not let go to work. After six hours, she brought her a big surprise

Baby Lati, 60 days old, there is no symptoms of a little life. Because the body shape is too small and the belly is so big, I am worried that it is difficult to give birth ~

I stayed here for a long time, it fell well, just woke up, looked like a dog ~

I didn’t take a bath for a week, my hair was messy into a small and medium score ~

Before I was born, I fell asleep again. From time to time, I dreamed of pouting. This will eat dog food and water, and then go to bed. It seems that I still don’t plan to give birth tonight ~

It just got up again and ate some dog food, drank some water, planned on the diapers for a while, and went back to the nest to sleep. I was just going to work. It started dragging me.From time to time, I asked the doctor and said that the stomach started to hurt. It is estimated that it was almost giving birth, and I asked for another day. This will always be hugged ~

The prenatal symptoms that people say, squeeze shit, pour, vomit, shake, it has all, but it can eat and sleep, and go out for a walk.

I just ate the ham, ate some nutritious cream, and drank some water. This will be desperately planing the nest.

The second and older came out at the same time, so I was busy, there should be in my stomach, both of them were puppies ~

It started to shake again, it is estimated that it will be born again ~

The third child is so heavy, no wonder you can’t get out of it. I am a puppy dog who helped it out alive ~

Born at 4:04 at 4:04, it is another target ~

At that time, it was almost four hours, and the third child couldn’t come out., The body was stuck, Lati began to struggle, it may be painful, I comforted it and pulled it gently ~

In the end, there is no way. I’m afraid that the Sanbaoka will die for too long, and I will tear out the exposed tire clothes first, and then slowly pull it. The Sanbao finally comes out. After cutting the umbilical cord, quickly wipe the body with a hot towel. FirstWipe your nose mouth, clean your whole body, and then call it 26g heavier than Erbao. It is really a big fat boy ~

Mother’s love is really great. Lati has a young princess since childhood. She is afraid of pain and loves. Now she is sucked so red by the baby’s nipples. She just came to find me and hum, and then hurried back to breastfeed ~

The editor felt that this little Ma Ma was really very loving, and so is my big treasure. After the cesarean section is finished, breastfeeding dogs, milk dogs drag hard, if people can’t stand the pain.The puppy dog grows up healthy, I believe this loved pet owner will find you a owner who loves you ~

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