The pregnancy self -report of patients with adenomyosis, both distressed and pleased after reading

Some people say that girls with adenoisotomy are angels with wings in the last life.This is a disease that sounds painful. It is painful to say that it will be painful during menstruation. What is even more troublesome is also affecting pregnancy.Among the patients who come to the family, there are many friends who have been tortured by uterine adenomia and have many pregnancy.Ms. Su, who was a successful pregnancy at Jia En Deyun Hospital, was one of them.

Ms. Su, 30, has been married for more than 2 years. She has a pain and dying every time because she has uterine adenomia.After listening to others, the dysmenorrhea will be greatly eased after giving birth.So Ms. Su intends to ask for test tubes for pregnancy. She did a lot of homework on the Internet. Finally, she learned that Dr. Liu Jiaen, the founder of Jiaen Deyun Hospital and Hospital, and saw the introduction of Director Shen Wanying.EssenceAfter examination and diagnosis, Ms. Su suffered from endometriosis and merged uterine adenomia.

Ms. Su’s uterine adenomia is more serious, with large uterus, 9.03mm in diameter. Under the B -ultrasound, the shape of the uterine cavity is not good, and the endometrium shape is not clear.

The first transplantation was not successful. Director Shen arranged for Ms. Su for a corresponding inspection and based on the latest inspection results to formulate a super long solution to prepare for the inner membrane.The use of 3 Diffin, which lasted three months.Ms. Su’s uterus has narrowed a lot than before, with a diameter of 7.7mm, and the uterine cavity has been more regular.Prepare the endometrium with an artificial cycle, and the endometrium forms an ideal state suitable for transplantation.

This time the transplantation was very successful. After 11 days of transplantation, it was confirmed to be pregnant, and HCG doubled well.Now that Ms. Su has been pregnant for more than 8 weeks, B -ultrasound is normal to check everything.

What Director Shen is more worried is that although the patient’s uterus has shrunk than before, it is still larger than the average person. The position of pregnancy is lower and risk of abortion.Director Shen and medical assistance Xiao Yuan have always paid close attention to Ms. Su’s pregnancy status. After close monitoring and fetal treatment, the baby’s condition is very good now.Ms. Su’s excitement and happiness overflowed with words, and deliberately sent the banner to Director Shen and Yixi Xiao Yuan.

Ms. Su also wrote a letter of thanks. In addition to expressing her gratitude to Jiaen Deyun Hospital and doctors, she also wanted to share her successful experience for more sisters who are still on the test tube road.Good pregnancy.

Thank you

I have always wanted to be a test tube baby. Because I have severe uterine adenomy disease, the endometrium conditions are poor, and I dare not implement it.At the beginning of 2021, I learned from the Internet and Dr. Liu Jiaen from Jiaen Deyun Hospital and the hospital, and the introduction of the senior director Shen Wanying, which made me determined to get involved in IVF.So I started to enter the test tube cycle in March.The inspection report shows that my uterus is very large, and the endometrium is also very vague. It does not have the conditions for transplantation. HoweverLook at me carefully next to the machine.

Due to various reasons, the first transplantation was unsuccessful. On the one hand, the director encouraged me not to be discouraged. On the other hand, according to my uterus, I decisively formulated me for the preparation of the preparation in the preparation of the ultra -long solution.Filin, this time the effect is very good, the endometrium is well prepared and beautiful; Director Shen also deliberately gave the doctor responsible for the transplantation during transplantation to draw a picture of my uterine form. It is recommended to where the embryo should be placed.Try to tell again.I succeeded this time!Now the blood HCG value has risen very well. Ultrasonic has seen the baby’s strong heartbeat. I really thank the Jiaen Deyun Hospital, thank Dean Liu, thank Director Shen, and thank the cute Yuan Jingru of Yuan Jingru around her.She is cute, beautiful, patient, and thinks about the patients and worry about the patient everywhere. When she forgets to take medicine, she also called and instructed, really warm heart like a family!I deeply realized that it was too important to find a medical staff who could find a reliable hospital, encountering it everywhere for you, and treating you like a family.Everyone, I hope that more sisters who are still asking for the road like me can get lucky. I believe the doctor, cooperate well, and be able to fulfill their dreams as soon as possible.

Finally, I wish all friends who are still fighting on the road of test tube can be brave and firm, and fortunately pregnant.

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