The pregnancy line is growing in the third trimester. What will the pregnancy line become crooked?Four reasons tell you

Guide: Stretch marks are generally generated from the 2nd to fourth month of pregnancy. As the number of pregnancy weeks increases, stretch marks will deepen or grow.

The pregnancy line is growing in the third trimester. What will the stretch marks become crooked?We analyze and answer from the following points.

1. The cause of the formation of pregnancy lines

Second, the reason for the crooked pregnancy line

Third, how does Baoma face stretch marks

First, the cause of pregnancy line formation

The pregnancy line is formed due to pigmentation. The hormones of pregnant women during pregnancy will change greatly, and hormones affect the formation of pigmentation to produce accumulation.

According to statistics, 90 % of pregnant women will have a pregnancy line during pregnancy. According to my personal experience, I have never seen any pregnant pregnant women who do not have long pregnancy lines.The pregnancy line during pregnancy is indeed a common phenomenon.

In fact, we pay attention to observe that there is a line in our lower abdomen, but it is not obvious before pregnancy, and it becomes darker and thicker, thicker or longer after pregnancy.

Second, the reason for the crooked pregnancy line

1. The belly becomes larger in the third trimester

The fetal development of the fetus is fast, and the pregnant woman’s belly will be bigger than before. After I was pregnant to the third trimester, I felt that the baby would break my belly, the skin was supported, and the pregnancy line on the natural belly would change.crooked.

This phenomenon is like engraving on the decimal. The words engraved on the small tree will grow as the tree becomes thicker, and the original word will change.

2. Personal constitution

When I was pregnant before, in addition to the pregnancy line on my stomach, because of the overweight, the inside of the thighs was also one by one, a kind of meat felt the skin, but my colleague did not have this problem. During her pregnancy, she was during pregnancy.It is less than ten pounds longer than usual, and there is only one pregnancy line on my stomach, which makes me envy.

3, personal skin color

We usually say that it is white and ugly, but on the problem of the pregnancy line, the white skin is more disadvantaged. It is really because of the white, so the black ones are even more dark, and those who are dark skin will not be obvious.

4, hormone secretion

The pregnancy line is caused by changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy, and the crooked pregnancy line is naturally related to hormone secretion.

Third, how does Baoma face the pregnancy line

There are many people in the people that are related to the pregnancy line. Some people say that the pregnancy line is slender, and the girl is short. In fact, there is no scientific basis. For example, I am as an example.It is short and rough, and we also hope that the baby is a girl, but it is born to be a boy.

The pregnancy line will slowly fade after giving birth, and some skin may be completely faded. Most of them will leave a mark. As a mother, I think that the lighter pregnancy line that I leave is the mark of my love.It records the stress and beauty of my pregnancy, it is a testimony.

Personally, it is not necessary to care too much about pregnant women with pregnancy lines. The safety and health of fetuses during pregnancy is the most important thing.

Important tips: The long pregnancy line during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. The pregnancy line becomes curved and the secretion of hormone, the stomach of the pregnant woman becomes larger, and the personal physique and skin color have problems.More important.

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