The placenta peels early, and the life is hung!37 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women experience a 30 -minute shock, 30 minutes

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Recently, a realistic version of "Life and Death Rescue" was staged in the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second People’s Hospital of Henan Province. With the full cooperation of medical staff such as surgical anesthesiology, color Doppler ultrasound, blood transfusion, and neonatal department,Successful maternal women who successfully peeled early in the placenta successfully performed emergency cesarean section surgery, and the mother and child were safe.

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"Director, patients with 65 beds, now the ultrasonic examination is highly suspected of early peeling placenta, asking for emergency surgery!"

At 9:20 in the morning on June 8th, Dr. Zhang Mei who accompanied the patient to the ultrasound examination of the patient had a palpitation after seeing the results of the examination. While dialing the phone to the director of the ward, she and her colleagues took up the doctor Changyu.The patient rushed towards the operating room.

The patients with 65 beds are expectant mothers Xiao Liu. They have been pregnant for 37 weeks, because the amniotic fluid is less in hospitalized in the second ward of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Henan Province.

On the morning of that morning, Xiao Liu suddenly reported that "the vagina suddenly bleed suddenly". At this time, the fetal heart monitoring showed that the fetal heartbeat was only 60-70 times. Li Dongyu, the director of the ward, judged that the patient was likely to be early in the placenta.Subsequent ultrasound diagnosis also confirmed her accurate judgment.

Placental peeling early, each obstetrician and gynecologist knows what it means -this is a very serious complications of obstetrics and gynecology, which refers to the normal position of the placenta before the fetus or all of the ion wall.Early peeling of severe placenta will not only cause asphyxia in the fetal palace, but also may even cause the fetus in the palace of the fetus. It can also cause maternal bleeding, permeable blood vessels in the blood vessels, acute renal failure and other symptoms, endangering maternal lives.

From ultrasound to the operating room, Zhang Meihe Dr. Changyu only took 3 minutes. While running for life, the emergency green channel of pregnant women has also started., Make a joint rescue preparation.Yang Sen and Zhang Yali, who are waiting for the operating room, are prepared for emergency surgery at the fastest speed. The pregnant woman enters the surgery to anesthesia and competes for emergency cesarean section.

Under the operation of Li Dongyu, the director of the second ward of the obstetrics and gynecology department, and the doctor Xu Jianliang, less than a minute, he successfully took out the fetus and won time for the rescue.The child is accompanied by suffocation after birth.Li Dongyu immediately carried out first aid for the child and cleaned the respiratory tract.Finally, a loud cry made everyone on the stage put it down, and the operation was successful.

After surgery, the pregnant woman’s uterus was purple and blue flower spots, and the placental peeling area was 2/3, which was even more critical than expected.Fortunately, the judgment is accurate and the treatment is timely. The patient Xiao Liu also turned to safety, and his life signs were stable.Outside of the operating room, the relatives waiting anxiously finally relaxed after the mother and child were safe; in the operating room, the medical staff also excitedly embraced each other.

It took only 30 minutes to discover the symptoms of early peeling to the rescue.

In 30 minutes, it is only a short moment in a person’s life, but for the mother and son, these 30 minutes can be described as a life -and -death emergency race.After the surgery was completed, Li Dongyu said with emotion, "I believe that every doctor has experienced it, but the mood after the success of the treatment is also unspeakable. This is the sense of mission and accomplishment.The doctor will always stick to the front line if you are suffering again. "

According to reports, light placenta is mainly based on exterior bleeding. The main symptoms are vaginal bleeding, which may be accompanied by mild abdominal pain or abdominal pain.The degree of pain is different due to the size of the peeling surface and the amount of blood accumulation after the placenta. The more blood, the more severe the pain.

Pregnancy hypertrophy, twin pregnancy, premature fetal membrane break, trauma and other mechanical factors, uterine cavity infections, age, metabolic abnormalities in pregnant women, or uterine fibroids are high -risk factor for premature stripping placenta.Li Dongyu reminded, "The placental peeling is very dangerous. If the vaginal bleeding or sudden abdominal abdominal pain, backache, and low back pain should appear, they should pay special attention to the hospital as soon as possible. Once the placenta peels early, the pregnancy should be terminated as soon as possible."(Edit Ji Qianqian)

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