The pain in the 5 parts of the pregnant mother may be a signal of the fetal development standard. Don’t rush to go to the hospital

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As the saying goes: Women are a ten -month queen.Therefore, many times pregnant mothers and family members are unclear about the various reactions during pregnancy, so they have made a lot of oolong, making people laugh.Today, the pregnant sister will talk about these 5 parts of the pain during pregnancy, but don’t go to the hospital with the teacher. That is really a good thing-

1. Breast pain

During pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone in the body will greatly increase the secretion.Breasts develop secondary development under the action of hormones.At this time, the breast will feel pain.This reaction is a normal reaction during pregnancy and feels obvious in the early pregnancy.Therefore, if there is obvious pain and tenderness, do not worry about pregnant mothers, which shows that the mother hormone secretion is normal and the fetus will grow healthily.

Second, waist pain

Back pain, which means that the fetus is growing, so that the mother has a sense of weight.With the continuous increase during pregnancy, the fetus will become larger and larger. When the belly is stool, in order to maintain the balance of the body, the pregnant mother will unconsciously support the waist to support it. This action will cause the back muscles to be tight and cause muscle strain.So there was symptoms of back pain.

Third, stomach pain

The fertilized eggs can cause minor abdominal pain during the bed in bed.After the successful bed, it will also cause movement and contraction of the inner wall of the uterus, and pregnant women may have slight spasm and soreness.And as the fetus grows grows, the uterus will become larger, and this series of movements will cause the uterine ligament to pull, so pregnant mothers sometimes have pain.

Fourth, pelvic pain

At this stage, because the fetal demand space is large. In order to meet his natural growth, the mother will secrete a pelvis of relaxation to relax the pregnant mother. Therefore, the pregnant mother will feel pain when walking.

Fortunately, pregnant sisters remind: Calcium deficiency can also cause pelvic pain, but it can also cause symptoms such as loose teeth and calf cramps. Therefore, the pregnant mother can combine to analyze what the situation is to take countermeasures.

Five, pubic pain

This pain generally does not appear until the third trimester.At this time, because the fetus is large and the pubic oppression is forced to widen. At this time, the ligament that supports will also become relaxed due to stretching, so the pregnant mother will have a sour feeling at the root of the thighs when walking.But this is a good sign, because these are all preparations before childbirth.(JPP)

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