The overseas study circle was exposed to big melon, and the female students were abortion, saying that her husband and boyfriend were scumbags and were not responsible for

Unexpectedly, on the time of making a porridge in the entertainment and Taiwan entertainment chaos, there was an accident in the study circle.

The boys released a chat history and high -definition pictures. The real hammer wife caused amniotic fluid to rupture and children’s abortion due to derailment.

However, the heroine’s response made people cry and laugh, and her brain circuit was so terrible.

The cause of the incident must start with 2017.

Mr. L in 2017 was still a student in Mei stayed in the United States. He returned to China and made him a later wife Wu Jiayi.

Wu Jiayi’s appearance is not a big beauty in oriental aesthetics, but she is bumpy and fair.

This made Mr. L completely falling into Wu Jiayi’s gentle town. In short, he was in love at first sight.

After Mr. L’s violent attack on spiritual and material, Wu Jiayi quickly fell. One year later, the two officially held a certificate in China.

Soon after getting married, a real problem was in front of the two,

Wu Jiayi was just admitted to the University of California, so her husband decided to find a job in the United States to accompany his wife to school.

In order to allow his wife to devote himself to learning, Mr. L will pick up his wife to school every day, and then go home to cook.

Later, Wu Jiayi had a baby, and Mr. L carefully took care of it.

It was just that he did not expect that during his pregnancy, his wife tasted the derailment and became out of control.

On June 5, Mr. L was told by his wife to review with friends in the library, so he went home to cook alone.

It’s just one night, and the news was from late at night to the early morning, and no one responded.

Even if Mr. L called the police to deceive Wu Jiayi, he could not get any reply.

Sure enough, Wu Jiayi had an accident.

At three in the morning, Mr. L received a call from the hospital’s emergency room.

When he arrived, he saw the 6 -month -old child who had died, and his beloved wife was lying on the bed and fell asleep.

Mr. L was at first blame, but after the recovery, he became increasingly puzzled: Why should his wife stand up with friends with a big belly?Even rejecting to pick her up?

With this doubt, Mr. L used his wife’s fingerprint to unlock his wife’s mobile phone and want to find out.

However, the truth made Mr. L’s five thunder.

The answer appears in the chat record of WeChat friend Vince,

On the same day, Wu Jiayi took the initiative to ask men to learn together, and she also thoughtfully said that it could be a little later.I didn’t want to be rejected by a man, saying that I was going to fitness in the afternoon.

Perhaps Wu Jiayi couldn’t wait, so he sent a full nude photo to the man without warning.

Then this very seductive photo did not get the active response of the man,

One hour later, the two talked.

From these two chat screenshots, it can be clearly seen that in this derailed incident, Wu Jiayi was an active party, but the man seemed a little passive.

Finally, at 8:43 pm, men arrived at the hotel, and the abortion of the amniotic fluid ruptured occurred.

This also explains why Mr. L even moved out of the police, and Wu Jiayi did not respond.

In order to figure out when his wife was green, Mr. L began to talk about the content of the chat, and the final date stayed in November 2018.

On this day, his wife took the initiative to talk to the man, and used a swimsuit to "lead the snake out of the hole."

After getting a strong response from the man, Wu Jiayi asked a question that went straight to the depths of the soul: Do you want to see it?

However, this time she added a request: calling a wife.

According to the chat history, Wu Jiayi succeeded,

The man also asked straightly: if he can green his husband.

Wu Jiayi’s response was simple and neat.This word looks like thousands of sharp swords, pushing it into Mr. L’s heart.

A week later, the two began to communicate in depth,

After learning that he was recorded by a man, Wu Jiayi was not angry, but he was very shy.

The relationship between the two has been remained until Wu Jiayi is pregnant,

From the chat history, it can be seen that girls often try their best to create a chance to dating the two.

It was just that she would never think that her derailment and deeds would soon be caught by her husband.

After watching the chat history of his wife and derailment, Mr. L collapsed. He hated his wife because of a moment of joy.

After his wife was soberly discharged, Mr. L chose to divorce.

But no one expected that after the incident was exposed, the heroine Wu Jiayi chose to stand up and confront the husband online.

In her opinion, she was really pregnant, but she was not derailed in the marriage. She divorced her ex -husband because of her inconsistent personality and Ma Baonan.

However, Wu Jiayi soon changed his tone. She would provide more details for everyone to prove her "innocence".

She claimed that she was not a classmate with her derailed boyfriend, but met at a professional job fair.

There are indeed several relationships between the two, but this is physical derailment, not spiritual derailment.

The reason why she was derailed was because her husband was defective in some ways.

And she did not have an appointment after she was pregnant. Even if the derailment object was annoying, she still made a naked photo of her, but she still explicitly refused, claiming that she would be a good mother.

However, the content of the chat history exposed by Mr. L is just the opposite. Even the attitude of the derailed boyfriend between the Wenli is not like the same person.

And even more stunned to eat melon people’s chin, it is still behind.

After Wu Jiayi was informed of the divorce, she had to go back to her derailed boyfriend, but the other party disappeared. Wu Jiayi scolded the man as a scumbag.

Because before that, she had been destroyed by her boyfriend,

Because her boyfriend has abnormal habits, her body is destroyed, causing her to suffer from the uterine prolapse and rectal prolapse of the 80 -year -old elderly person.

In order to cure these two diseases, Wu Jiayi returned to China to seek the treatment of Chinese medicine. The prescription list clearly stated her symptoms: uterine prolapse.

So in Wu Jiayi’s cognition, her derailed boyfriend is a scumbag, and her husband is even more scum.

Until the end, she didn’t realize her mistake, and she stated that she had the responsibility of her ex -husband, and even said to the ex -husband: your men are as irresponsible.

Is Mr. L really wrong?

Maybe, but this is not a reason for Wu Jiayi to derail upright, let alone become an excuse for children’s death.

Her results are reminding us that in the marriage, loyalty to each other is both responsible to each other and responsible for himself. As a wife, keep your heart and keep your marriage, and to do things that transcend the moral bottom line.It even affects two families.

I don’t know when Wu Jiayi in the United States can realize the true meaning of marriage.

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