The old man’s pregnancy nurses kneel on the ground and continue to rescue for nearly 14 minutes

China News Service Jiaxing, October 14 (Reporter Hu Xiaoli Correspondent Chen Zhihong) Recently, a video on the Internet attracted the attention of many netizens.A woman in a black jacket in the video, kneeling on her knees, is doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the elderly lying on the ground. The whole process lasted for nearly 14 minutes. She was a nurse in the First People’s Hospital of Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province., Named Chen Lingli, when saving people, she is pregnant.

Pictured: Salvation nurse Chen Lingli.Interviewee confession

As soon as the news came out, netizens not only praised the pregnant nurse’s righteousness, but also kindly called her "the most beautiful white angel in front of the zebra crossing."

It is reported that at around 7.40 am on October 11, a traffic accident occurred in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, a white -haired old man fell to the ground, his head exuded with blood, and the situation was critical.

At this time, Chen Lingli finished her son to go to school and just passed by.Seeing this scene, she did not hesitate to step forward to ask about the situation.It turned out that the old man was accidentally poured by the driver of the car. When he fell down, he immediately fell into a deep coma.

"It hurts seriously, and the back of the brain and ears is bleeding, and the pulse can not touch it." Chen Lingli recalled.Experience tells her that the old man is likely to be unable to save.But the next second, the instinct of first aid made Chen Lingli consciously performing. She knelt on the ground and began to make standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the elderly.

Pictured: Save the scene.Monitor screenshot

In the early morning of autumn, the streets are a little cold.Only the vertical force of the arms can be used to make the upper strength, and Chen Lingli has been kneeling on the ground for rescue.Time passed by every minute, Chen Lingli kept pressing the old man’s chest until the ambulance arrived, and the whole process lasted for ten minutes.

The more and more pedestrians on the road, many witnesses in the crowd were moved by this scene.

"At that time, I was passing by and saw her here for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and there was an urgent matter away. About ten minutes later I returned there, she was still rescued, and she really admired her." Ms. Li, a passerby.

A nearby cleaning staff was also impressed by Chen Lingli’s saving people. "I saw her kneeling on the ground to rescue, and I didn’t stop for a moment.

Yu Binggen, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the First People’s Hospital of Jiashan County, emphasized that emergency treatment is not as simple as imagined. To complete a first aid requires strong psychological quality and excellent professional skills, whether the action of emergency rescue is standard, whether time is timely, and the result of the final rescue results.It plays a vital role.

"For first aid in front of the hospital, you must seize the gold for 8 minutes." Yu Binggen said, "If all first -aid patients get effective emergency treatment within a few minutes before the rescue of the hospital, it will greatly increase the chance of survival.In minutes, the brain injury caused by it is almost irreversible. "

Unfortunately, after the rescue, the old man who suffered a car accident still failed to save it.

Shi Xiaonan, the police of the Capital Squadron of Jiashan County Traffic Police Brigade, said that he often encounters some injured people who are not cured because of missing the best rescue timing in the police. "" We really want to be in a critical moment, and there can be more professional skills like Ms. Chen.The citizens come forward. "(End)

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