The old man can see at a glance that the fetal treasure is male or female?Don’t take it seriously, 50%chance, you can also

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Why can the old man always say that Bao Ma Huai is a man or a woman. What is the basis for?

After pregnancy, many Baoma wants to know that the fetus is male or female, not necessarily to want a male baby.In fact, there are many benefits that you know that you are pregnant in advance or a girl.

If you can confirm whether your baby or a girl is a boy or a girl during pregnancy, you can think of the name of the baby in advance. You must know that the name of the baby and the baby baby is different.When taking the name, many parents will have a headache.I don’t know the baby’s gender, then you need to think about two names, so that you have a headache.

In addition, I believe that during pregnancy, I will prepare clothes and toys for the baby during pregnancy. During pregnancy, Baoma will buy all kinds of things for the baby. This is also a great fun of Baoma.However, the preferences of male and female babies are different. I do n’t know the gender. Many times when choosing to buy things, it is more troublesome.You can only choose some toys that both male and female treasures can play.The same is true of clothes and shoes.

There are many benefits such as such. In fact, in this reason, it is not just to provide convenience for families who want to have a boy.

In our lives, some experienced elderly people, after watching the pregnancy of pregnant women, can be said with certainty that Bao Ma is pregnant with a boy or a girl. Sometimes it is quite accurate. Why is this?What are the basis?

If the pregnant mother’s belly is sharp and the belly is upper, then the old man may think that the pregnant mother is pregnant with a boy.If the pregnant mother’s belly is round and her belly is in her arms, she will say that the pregnant mother is pregnant with a girl.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for such a statement.The shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is actually related to the size of the fetus, whether it is multiple.And before the fetus enters the basin, the baby is pregnant, the belly is relatively sharp, and after entering the basin, the belly may be relatively round.

The gender of the fetus has been determined from the beginning, and it will not change the gender according to the changes of the pregnant mother’s belly.

Some elderly people may judge according to the taste of pregnant mothers. If the pregnant mother likes to eat sour food, it is possible that Bao Ma is pregnant with a boy.If Baoma likes spicy food, she may think that Bao Ma is pregnant with girls.

There is no scientific basis for this statement.If a pregnant mother likes to eat sour and spicy food, will the fetal baby become a male or female?First of all, what we have to do is that everyone’s taste is different. Some people like sour, some like spicy food, and some like to eat sweet.After pregnancy, due to changes in the body hormones of pregnant mothers, some changes in the taste of pregnant mothers may also cause the taste of pregnant mothers.This has nothing to do with fetal treasure.

Generally speaking, after pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body, they will like to eat some sour foods. This also has a relief effect on pregnancy. This is normal.It does not explain the sex of the fetus.

After pregnant mothers are pregnant, many pregnant mothers will have pregnancy lines, and this line will not be a straight line. If the pregnancy line of the pregnant mother is left, the elderly may think that the boy is pregnant; if the pregnancy line is right,The old man will talk about girls.

However, this statement is also unreliable, because not all pregnant mothers will have pregnancy lines when they are pregnant, and some pregnant mothers’ pregnancy lines are curved, and they will not obviously left to right.Other pregnant mothers actively exercise and pay attention to the abdominal maintenance massage to avoid the appearance of the pregnancy line.

We need to know that this experience of the old people is actually not much scientific.And guessing that there are 50%of the probability of giving birth to boys and women, not right, or wrong. It is not bad during pregnancy, and it is easy to guess.The old people are guessing, everyone will feel surprised, and we will also remember.And the situation where the elderly did not guess, it is estimated that everyone will not care too much, and often ignores it.

In fact, whether it is a boy or a girl, isn’t it all his own flesh?Now people, more people are willing to have girls?Why should we care about the gender of the fetus so?What do you say?

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