The method of relieving 14 discomfort symptoms during pregnancy

Pregnant moms will have some slight discomfort during the various stages of pregnancy during pregnancy. Some discomforts are actually normal reactions during pregnancy, while others are not.For different people, the response of the discomfort can be large or small. If you have any doubts, please pay attention to the opinions of the obstetrician and gynecologists. The following is some of the methods I organize. I hope to help pregnant moms alleviate these discomforts.Symptoms.

1. Ribs pain during pregnancy

Reason: Because the uterus has pushed the ribs.

Solution: Stretch your arms on your head to relieve rib pain.

2. Stomach pain and indigestion during pregnancy

Reason: The gradual abdomen adds a lot of pressure to the stomach and intestines, and hormones make the muscles of the isolation esophagus and gastric muscles relaxing, which makes it easier for gastric acid to roll up and make the chest burning.It is often more obvious at night or when lying down.

Solution: Eat less daily, eat less hot sour, too cold, and fried food; do not lie down within half an hour after eating (try to sit straight during meals, so that gastric acid will not go up); lying on the side while sleeping.If you often have stomach pain at night, please consult a doctor if you can use antacids.

3. Pregnant mommy’s wrist hurts

Reason: This is caused by hormones secreted during pregnancy, especially fascia, tendon, ligament and connective tissue caused by relaxation, and the softening, relaxation, or edema, while accumulating compression nerves.The symptoms can be stimulated when the hand has edema or excessive extension or the wrist flexion. I feel that there are paroxysmal pain, numbness, acupuncture or burning when they feel unilateral or bilateral hands.

Solution: If this happens, you must play less computer. If you do n’t work, you can buy a wrist support on the computer keyboard (reduce the compression of the wrist nerves).When I feel painful on my fingers, gently massage my fingers for 5 minutes.Polarplane syndrome is mostly at night, so it is best to put a pillow on your hands and wrists when you sleep.

4. Pregnant mommy waist and back pain

Reason: Lumbar and back pain will occur at any stage of pregnancy, which is particularly prominent in the last few weeks of pregnancy.At this time, as the fetus grew up, the muscle tension of the back of the back changed the balance of the body.

Solution: Pay attention to bending your knees when picking up things. Pregnant moms cannot mention heavy objects.When you sit, you can use the cushion to put it in the concave of the back.When standing, pay attention to the posture and stand upright, try to wear low -heeled shoes.If possible, heat or cold therapy can be performed in the painful area.Massage can also relieve pain appropriately.

5. Pregnant mommy headache

Reason: Unexpected hormones, mental stress, and increased sense of labor can cause headaches.

Solution: Under the guidance of a doctor, taking some safe analgesic drugs can quickly relieve pain.Applying hot towels on the head can also effectively relieve headaches.Drink plenty of water during the day and keep 8 hours of sleep every night.

6. Sciatica or pelvic pain during pregnancy

Reason: Due to ligament relaxation and pulling.

Solution: In this case, you should lie down and rest, or take a hot bath to try some soft exercise.

7, varicose veins during pregnancy

Reason: The hormones secreted during pregnancy cause muscle relaxation, while the blood increased in the body adds additional pressure to the blood vessels, expands the blood vessels, abnormal valves in the vein causes backflowing disorders, vascular dilation and twisted, and even higher skin and veins.Qu Zhang, if you don’t pay attention to standing more, can cause edema lower limbs.

Solution: varicose veins have a lot to do with inheritance.However, it can prevent varicose veins by reducing the standing time (that is, do not stand for a long time).When you sit down, it is best not to stir Erylang’s legs. When you have a chance, you can raise your feet and put it on a chair or table to reduce the pressure on blood vessels.Special stockings during pregnancy also have certain help to prevent varicose veins.

PS: Do not massage the venous blood vessels, which causes damage to the venous blood vessels.

8. Pregnant mommy at night’s leg cramps

Reason: Pregnant moms are prone to muscle cramps in calves and feet at night, which is likely to be caused by reduced blood circulation or calcium deficiency.

Solution: Bend your feet to relax the muscles -try to stretch the heels forward, while bend your toes towards your feet.Massage your muscles with your fingers, or walking out of bed can also eliminate cramp symptoms.Doing more physical exercise during the day can increase blood circulation. In addition, you should also pay attention to ensuring drinking water (dehydration will also exacerbate leg cramps).

PS: If the cramp phenomenon occurs frequently, you should go to the hospital to check the specific reasons before determining the countermeasure.

9. Ankle edema in the late pregnancy

Reason: In the second half of pregnancy, the weight increased by the fetus will increase the pressure on the legs and ankles, causing retention in the body.

Solution: At this time, we should avoid standing or sitting for a long time.Tie support bandages and wearing comfortable shoes. When lying flat, raise the bottom of your feet slightly to reduce swelling.Increase foot activity, do a step in place or slowly high -leg movement.

PS: If your hands and faces are swollen, go to the hospital immediately for medical treatment to rule out the possibility of signs of eclampsia.In addition, excessive salt in the dishes may cause sodium in the body and edema, so it is advisable to eat a list.

10. Pregnant mommy skin itching

Reason: The abdominal skin is enlarged, and the elastic fiber of the skin is pulled open, forming stretch marks, and the stretch marks will have itching.This phenomenon is especially common in the middle and late pregnancy.

Solution: Apply a little natural, hydrating skin care product on the dry skin, and supplement the skin some water to solve the problem of itching on the root.Do not use soap to clean the skin. The so -called "non -alkali is not soap". The alkaline ingredients in soap will neutralize the acidity ingredients of the skin and generate salt and water. The water here is the water precipitated from the skin.Even more itchy.You should choose light -colored clothes made of natural fiber, do not wear chemical fiber -fitting clothes.

PS: Sometimes liver disease can also cause itching. Therefore, if the skin is particularly itchy or the skin is yellow, you should go to the hospital for relevant examinations to eliminate the possibility of diseases such as "intrapatic stasis during pregnancy".Generally, itching caused by bile stasis starts with palms or feet, not at the abdomen.

11. Sihotia during pregnancy

Reason: The sudden change of the posture of pregnant moms causes blood pressure or decreased blood sugar.In the third trimester, faint may also appear lying down on the back.

Solution: Try not to stand for a long time.If you suddenly feel syncope, sit down and put your head between your knees, it will improve after a while.After taking a hot water basin bath, get up slowly.Avoid unable to eat for a long time in advanced pregnancy, which will cause blood sugar to reduce.After sitting or lying down, you should get up slowly, let go of the tight clothes, and put a cool wet towel at the forehead.

12. Nose bleeding and swelling during pregnancy

Reason: During pregnancy, the blood supply to the nose during pregnancy will occur, so nose bleeding, nasal congestion or swelling will occur.

Solution: You can use a cotton swab in the nostrils to apply Vaselin; inhale thermal vapor can help relieve nasal congestion, and 1 ~ 2 drops of eucalyptus oil or mint oil can be added to the water.If bilateral nostrils are bleeding, you can use your thumb and index finger to pinch the nose on both sides, compress the bleeding area in the front of the nasal section for about 5 minutes, and apply cold towels or ice packs on the forehead nose.

PS: If you often bleed more often, you should find a doctor to see it.

13. Pregnant mommy hand numb

Reasons: Overclacy compression nerves are caused

Solution: If numbness and pain are severe, you can raise your arms, raise your head, or put the numb hand on the side of the bed or shake forcefully.

14. Stress urinary incontinence in advanced pregnancy

Reason: At this time, a normal physiological phenomenon in the late pregnancy, the activities of increasing abdominal pressure such as laughter, cough, or sneezing will leak out of urine. This is caused by weak muscles at the bottom of the pelvis.

Solution: You can use sanitary napkins or sanitary pads, and do pelvic bone relaxation exercises -kneeling on the limbs and climbing movements, straightened back, shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen, and arched with the back.Relax.But if there is a risk of premature birth, the doctor should be solicited beforehand.

PS: Before pregnancy, you can strengthen the exercise of the bottom of the pelvis.This can not only reduce the occurrence of stress incontinence during pregnancy, but also reduce pain during childbirth and shorten the birth process. At the same time, it can also prevent a series of diseases caused by vaginal relaxation after childbirth, which can help restore the good elasticity and contraction of vaginal vagina.

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