The maternal test "dinosaur blood" is more rare than "panda blood". The doctor made a decision

Have you heard of "Mumbai Blood"?

This is a kind of

The rare blood type than "panda blood"

Commonly known as "Dinosaur Blood"

Not long ago

Ms. Su, who lives in Anxi, Quanzhou

At the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University (referred to as the second hospital of Fuyi)

Cesarean section

After testing and appraisal

It is in "Dinosaur Blood"

Mumbai AB blood type

Fortunately, Ms. Su’s cesarean section surgery is smooth and does not need to be transfusion.


Pre -delivery discovery is "dinosaur blood"

"38 weeks of pregnancy, 6th, the month is full, and it will be produced immediately. Blood type abnormalities are found in local hospitals." Li Luhong, chief physician and associate professor of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second Hospital of Fuyi, said that Ms. Su found that the blood type was found in the local hospital as positive.Type O -type, anti -fixed -type AB, suspected Mumbai blood type, and there is risk of too much blood loss during childbirth.

According to the Blood State Blood Studio and Salmon Specifications of the Blood Station of the Central Hospital of Fuyi and Quanzhou Center, Ms. Su’s blood type is determined that Ms. Su’s blood type is Mumbai AB blood type."Because of extremely rare, no Mencius blood type that matches Ms. Su’s blood type at the blood storage of the hospital blood storage and the center of Quanzhou City." Li Luhong said that Ms. Su was about to give birth.Plan, that is, collect your own blood, and return to your body after treatment.

Under Li Luhong’s overall arrangement, Wu Jingjing, deputy chief physician and associate professor of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second Hospital of Fuyi, led the team to work together to complete the cesarean section surgery."The operation is smooth, less bleeding during the operation, no blood transfusion, no hemolysis and pathological jaundice after birth, and the mother and child are discharged safely." Wu Jingjing said.


Sister is also "dinosaur blood"

"At that time, it was quite a headache." Ms. Su was a native of Anxi. She was 34 years old and gave birth to the next pair of twins in 2015. "Because one child is a cesarean section, the scar uterus, this child has to be cut." She said, she said,She has been inspection in a local hospital. She is preparing to produce in a local hospital. For the first time, she heard that the blood type of "dinosaur blood" was transferred to the hospital and was very nervous.

Mumbai blood type is a rare type of red blood cell blood type, which belongs to the HH blood type system. This blood type is very "cunning". It will first manifest itself as the O -type feature during testing.Ms. Su has participated in blood donation twice. She had always thought that she was O -type blood. The second blood donation had a staff call, telling her that she might be a rare blood type and let her do further testing."It was the first time I heard that I didn’t listen carefully when I answered the phone. I asked again and again. As a result, the other staff answered the phone. I didn’t know the situation and left it."

After Ms. Su was detected as "dinosaur blood", her mother, sister and sister also went to check."My mother and sister are B -type blood, and my sister and my mother, the same mother, are also Mumbai blood type, but there is no further test and analysis.

Ms. Su said that after smooth production, she also checked her children. At present, it is a Blood Blood."Now the child is still young, and when you grow up, you will bring it to the test to determine the blood type, and you will also take a twin daughter to check it."

Blood station

"Dinosaur Blood" Elderly needs blood transfusion

Three caring people come to donate blood

"A few years ago, an old man with a" dinosaur blood "blood type requires blood transfusion. We did urgent mobilization. At that time, three lovers of the same blood type came to donate blood, and one of them came from Xiamen."A staff member of the Blood Station introduced.

The reporter learned that at present, the blood of Quanzhou City has found 15 cases of "dinosaur blood" in daily blood donation, all of which have established corresponding blood type files, but "dinosaur blood" is further subdivided into many types.Extremely rare."The blood donated blood has a certain shelf life, and a person’s donation of blood can not be less than 6 months. Therefore, the rare blood type generally recruit donations when there is an emergency." The staff said.

The RH -negative blood type, which is also a rare blood type with Menci, is also called "panda blood" because the proportion of the Han population is only three thousandths.In order to allow the RH -negative blood type personnel in Quanzhou to get the blood rescue of the same blood type in time during injuries, in 2002, the Blood Station of Quanzhou Central Blood Station led the "love blood bank" of the mutual aid organization of RH negative blood type volunteers, and it was carried out.Assist each other.In 2013, the volunteer team kept pace with the times and established the "Chinese Red Cross Volunteer Quanzhou RH negative blood type volunteer service team". There are currently more than 900 service teams.

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Mumbai blood type

Mumbai blood type was first discovered in Mumbai, India in 1952, and Mumbai was discovered in 1961.Both the Mumbai type and the Mumbai type are rare red blood cell blood type, which is a very important HH blood type system. The difference from the ABO blood type system is the lack of H antigen.

Mumbai types have limited cases in the world, commonly known as "dinosaur blood".According to reports, the ratio of Mumbai type to Mumbai is 1: 15.Mumbai or Mumbai people have family genetic characteristics. If patients need blood transfusion treatment, the probability of conducting home surveys to find the same blood type is relatively large.

When such groups need to transfusion, it is best to perform blood transfusion or infusion of the blood deficiency of the same type H antigen.When urgent blood transfusion is needed under the condition of no same type or without self -transfusion conditions, the same type of blood without response or response to the patient’s serum without response or response should be reduced first, minimizing the risk of hemolysis.During the infusion process, we need to closely observe whether to have adverse blood transfusion reactions to fully ensure that the patient is safe and effective for blood transfusion treatment.

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Source: Southeast Morning Post

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