The maternal abdominal pain was painful after 3 months after delivery, and the foreign body was also dropped. The doctor was angry at ignorance

Fangfang is 38 years old and has been married for ten years. He has always wanted a child. He has never had a chance. If you are busy with work, he has been delayed until last year, she and her husband saw a doctor, because no children want to be a child.I am afraid it is difficult, and the greater the danger of having a child, the greater the child.

Finally, I was pregnant with my first child last year. Although it belongs to the elderly mother, fortunately Fangfang has a good physique, and after pregnancy, he pays attention to proper exercise. There is no complications during pregnancy.A little girl.

The family is extremely happy, especially the in -laws, and the child has no hope of hope. The child has come to dream. Originally, he planned to raise one.

Because it is not easy to get pregnant, it is so many years after so many years. After three months, it is almost recovered. When I love my husband, there is no contraceptive measures.

But when they didn’t expect them, the result was hit again. I bought a pregnancy test stick to check and found that I was pregnant again.

My mother -in -law said happily: "This must have brought good luck on this girl. It is not necessary. Now it is good. I just gave birth to Niuniu. There is another one.stand up!"

Although I only experienced the pain of production, Fangfang felt pretty good when I thought of one more.I thought about going to the hospital for a month after a month.

However, I didn’t wait for a month. Fangfang suddenly felt unbearable in the night of the night, and always felt that there would be foreign objects from the toilet. I went to the hospital overnight.

It turned out to be "uterine"!

What is uterine prolapse?

The uterine prolapse refers to the uterine detachment

The original position fell along the vagina.The uterine drooping is indiscriminate. The outer mouth of the cervix is lower than the sciatic spine. It does not reach the hymen. The cervical uterine body is still in the vagina. This degree of uterine prolapse does not need to be treated.

If it is severe uterine prolapse, the cervix and the palace body have been separated from the vagina, and even out of the vaginal mouth, it is very dangerous. It is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment.

Under what circumstances is prone to uterine prolapse?

Excluding the reasons for congenital dysplasia, malnutrition and aging, this phenomenon is mainly when the uterus is damaged or the abdominal pressure increases after childbirth.

There is a stage of postpartum physical recovery, especially the uterus needs to rest for a long time. It is not suitable for "work" quickly. Generally, the first child is born, and the second child wants to be a second child.In the future, the longer the time interval, the better it is to the mother’s body and the more beneficial to the fetus.

It is very dangerous to have a second child like Fangfang for three months. It is necessary to prevent this phenomenon. Whether it is a child or to himself, it should be responsible.

What should be paid attention to if the uterus is mild?

In fact, a few months after the maternal goes out, many people have a prolapse, and the uterus is mildly prolapse. It is normal to be nervous. You can restore it by themselves without being nervous.

1. Avoid overweight labor and rest more

After giving birth, you must pay attention to rest. After all, you have to "change" such a big body. It is not a joke to have children. Although it is not as long as you must lie on the period of "confinement" that I have followed before, it is still more rest.

2. Avoid standing for a long time, or squatting, screen gas, etc. that can increase abdominal pressure

Increasing abdominal pressure may cause uterine prolapse. In order to avoid this, try to reduce the movement of increased abdominal pressure.

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