The married man deceived female colleagues in love and pregnancy, still borrowed tens of thousands of yuan, and was sentenced to 9 months in prison

Recently, the Shenzhen Procuratorate issued a case. A married man deceived female colleagues in love and became pregnant. He also borrowed tens of thousands of yuan for various reasons to actually use daily expenses and transfer to his wife to pay for rent.In the end, the man was sentenced to nine months in prison for fraud.

The case is as follows:

To meet male colleagues on a business trip, the other party borrowed money many times after falling in love

Fifi is an employee of a business company Shenzhen Branch.One weekend in September 2021, Feifei went to Guizhou for a business trip. I did not expect that she met A Qiang, a colleague of the Guangzhou Branch thousands of miles away.

After work, A Qiang invited Feifei to hang out together.At that time, the blue sky, the unique architecture of the nation, the simple locals, the delicious sour soup fish and bamboo rice rice all left a wonderful impression on Feifei.In the chat, A Qiang also told Feifei in the trend that he was single, and he was 30 years old. He had no girlfriend.

The two added WeChat to each other, and Feifei ended this pleasant business trip.After returning, Fifi, who was usually silent, found a sense of words in WeChat.Moreover, A Qiang’s basically returned attitude also made her feel that she had received unprecedented attention.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen were not far apart. After a month, A Qiang came to Shenzhen to visit Feifei.

"Let me take you to Happy Valley!" Feifei was very happy and decided to fulfill the friendship of the landlord.Along the way, A Qiang asked her to warm her, making her warm.Space shuttle, jungle water station, laser chariots … two people played well, and A Qiang naturally took Feifei’s hand.

Soon after, the two began to communicate.Fifi opened his heart to A Qiang and told his troubles, "I don’t want to work at the Shenzhen Branch, and want to change to investment banks."

In this regard, A Qiang said, "I am studying in Japan, I just met the company’s executives, and I will help you introduce it. What a thing of my girlfriend is my business, how can it be ignored!"

"Fifi, now the trustee has to spend money on finding a job.. You are more urgent. If you are convenient, transfer the money to me first. "

Feifei felt very reasonable. Although she was a male and female friend, the economy still had to be separated. She turned to Aqiang to 1,5200 yuan in the past three times.

After two days, A Qiang sent a WeChat again: "Fifi, help me, my sister’s child is sick, and he is anxious to perform surgery, because the epidemic is that my sister and brother -in -law can not return abroad now, and the remittance procedures are very troublesome., Can you ask you to borrow some money first? "Feifei hesitated, replying to say," I only have 1320 yuan change, all transfer to you. "

"You are so good!" A Qiang sent a few expression of hugs in a row.

I found that I was married to get married, but I did not expect that the other party was married

In November 2021, the change of job was not yet settled, and Feifei found that he was pregnant!

Looking at the two bars on the test strip, Feifei called A Qiang emotionally: "What do you say now! I must not accept unmarried children! Isn’t you talking about marriage and marriage? You now have your familyContact, go to my house! "

"Don’t worry, don’t worry, I immediately contacted my dad and asked him to return to China." A Qiang’s attitude was very correct, "I listen to you."

"What do I do? What can I do? Do I want to do this child?" Fifi cried grievily.

After a few days, Aqiang told Feifei: "My dad has returned from Portugal. Now he is in Shanghai and has to go to the hotel to be isolated first, but it is very inconvenient to go to the hotel.I will return you when he exchanges the renminbi. "

Feifei had no money at hand, but thinking that this might be the future father -in -law, she had to leave a good impression. As soon as she gritted her teeth, she sold her apple computer 3,000 yuan to Aqiang on the 58th city.

The paper bag couldn’t hold the fire, and the "father -in -law" flying back to "Portugal" did not appear in the end, and A Qiang also avoided Fifi.At the end of November, the aura aborted Fifi covered his stomach and came to the police station to report the case with tears.

After a telephone notice of the police, A Qiang took the initiative to go to the police station to invest.It turned out that when he knew Feifei, A Qiang had just received a marriage certificate for half a year, and her daughter was more than one year old.Because the wife did not have a job income after giving birth to a child, Philip’s money transferred to A Qiang, most of them transferred to his wife to rent a house, and some were used for daily expenses with Feifei.

The police asked A Qiang: "Why did you lie to Feifei and say that they are unmarried? Didn’t think that one day would expose the stuffing?"

A Qiang said frightened: "Because I was an assistant in the company, and the job requirements were single, I said I was single, I thought I would break up with her for a while …"

After Aqiang arrived in the case, the People’s Procuratorate of Longhua District filed a public prosecution against A Qiang for suspected fraud.Because A Qiang had the first circumstances and pleaded guilty, in February 2023, the court made a first -instance judgment to sentence A Qiang to nine months in prison for fraud and fined 5,000 yuan.Essence

(The names of the people in the text are pseudonym)

[Southern+Reporter] Yang Yizi

[Author] Yang Yizi

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+Client

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