The man thinks that he is handsome and holds his child to abandon his five -month -old wife and say that he is disgusting when he sees his wife

The man was mad, and thought he was handsome, so he insisted on abandoning his wife who was five months pregnant. He even claimed that he felt sick when he saw his wife, and even relocated to rent a house. When he heard thisBut he got a cynical attitude.

It is understood that this little couple has only been married for nine months, but in recent days, Xiao Wang always feels that his wife is getting more and more unpleasant, whether it looks or face value, and always feels worthy of himself.

Xiao Wang said that he did not want his wife to delay his second half of his life, and saw that his husband was so vilified, and his wife on the side could no longer be able to bear it. Wow, when he asked what his wife looked at her husband, the wife was still stillFirm your love.

The wife thinks that she has never changed her appearance from beginning to end. If she did not look at himself from the beginning, why would they marry himself or even make himself pregnant. Isn’t such a person a scumbag?How can marriage be a play.

Later, everyone could no longer see it anymore, waiting for Xiao Wang to blame Xiao Wang. We tried to persuade him, and we did not have a face with our face."Both people have no feelings, and they can’t live." The little king seemed to have eaten a scales and iron heart.

Xunzi said that when she was about to get married, Xiao Wang actually had a woman she liked, but the heroine abandoned Xiao Wang, and then met today’s wife. Although she didn’t look good at the time, she was empty in her heart, so she was angry and ended up.For marriage, it took more than 200,000 banquets. It was all undertaken by his brother. The whole family loved this brother, and then developed the current character.

We asked the little king if there was a better -looking woman outside. Xiao Wang said yes, he frankly admitted that he had another new love. It was really sad for Xiao Wang’s daughter -in -law.In my opinion, I also think that my family does not understand how difficult they are. How can I make such ugly wives delay their lifetime.

Now that Xiao Wang’s wife is only pregnant for five months, the laws and regulations do not support the divorce of pregnant women. Xiao Wang’s wife said that he is a rural people who are only loyal to one person for a lifetime. Even if the husband abandons herself, he will insist on giving birth to a child.Bring it yourself.

After listening to this, I can’t help but make people worry. With persuasion, Xiao Wang said that the divorce was temporarily not discussed, but the divorce must be divorced.What do you think?

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