The man is 200,000, and the deceived girlfriend borrows the child to have a child. As a result, the man disappointed and left the orphans and widows and ran away.


Women must be self -esteem. If you want others to treat you seriously and love you, then you must not be a casual person.

In order to get rid of the hard work of working and live a rich man as soon as possible, the girl has lost her self -esteem and self -esteem, and has all thrown into the turbulent Pearl River.

In order to 200,000 yuan, the girl was encouraged by her boyfriend who thought the so -called true love, and she borrowed a child for her belly. As a result, the bamboo basket was empty.

The girls who have evaporated in my boyfriend, and the girls with all kinds of thoughts walked towards the Pearl River step by step.

What happened between girls and her boyfriend?Why did the girl’s boyfriend lose contact?What happened to the girl later?Let’s walk into the tragic story of the owner Li Xiao.

1. Be a primary three for vanity and self -esteem and self -love.

Liu Xiao Hubei Guangshui people have been a beauty embryo since childhood.

In adolescence, Liu Xiao failed to resist the temptation of early love. His academic performance plummeted. He was beaten by his father in front of his classmates.

Liu Xiaoyan swept the ground, stubbornly, and angered her studies and ran away from home. In March 1994, she came to work in Guangzhou to make a living.

However, after more than a year after coming to Guangzhou, Li Xiao, who was still involved in the world, was completely confused by high -rise buildings. The revenue of working in the factory could not meet her increasingly expanding vanity.

She dreamed of all the time, how to live a rich man, and after being introduced by a friend, she resolutely resigned. The factory only had 600 yuan in income every month.Miss.

On the first day of work, Li Xiao received a tip of 300 yuan. The income of working at the factory half a month at the factory was excited that she was not closed overnight.I want to calculate according to this income, it can make more than 100,000 a year!The more I want to be more excited.

But where did she know the sinister rivers and lakes, there were traps everywhere, and she was walking towards the abyss step by step.

One day, Li Xiaogang came to work and came to a rich man. He bought the clock of Li Xiao and went out to eat supper. The man was called Yu Dongping. He was about 40 years old.

From then on, Yu Dongping came every day. Every time he bought Li Xiao’s clock, he did not dance or sing. He watched Li Xiao singing with a smile. Li Xiao was moved by the man’s infatuation.

Li Xiao started to work a little bit tired at the nightclub. Although he made a lot of money, he was tired of drinking every day and staying up late.So a greedy idea emerged in Li Xiao’s mind …

On this day, Yu Dongping once again proposed to go to the street for supper. Li Xiao asked: "If you really can afford the money, raise me?"

Yu Dongping looked down at Li Xiao and said, "Yes, there are two conditions you must agree, and you must not ask for everything about me. Second, without my consent, can you do it?"

Li Xiao thought: "As long as there is a lot of money, everything is possible", so he didn’t hesitate to agree!

That night, Li Xiao followed Yu Dongping into a high -end apartment suite. The decoration was luxurious and the equipment had everything.

Yu Dongping said, "From today, you will live here." After speaking, Li Xiao hugged Li Xiao. Li Xiao did not break away and let him move on himself.

The day of being a second grandma is particularly rich.Gradually, Li Xiao felt lonely, and the time was getting more and more difficult to pass. After the breakfast in the morning, Li Xiao began to feel that there was nothing to do. The whole person faced the TV and his eyes hurt.

One night at the end of 1996, Yu Dongping accompanied Li Xiao to the hotel to drink tea, and came to the hotel. Yu Dongping was going to open a room. Li Xiao insisted on the hall. Yu Dongping looked up and looked around.

After sitting down for a while, Li Xiao found that Yu Dongping was suddenly uncomfortable and panicked.Suddenly, his face was green, and he stood up on the bathroom.

After a while, a waiter came over and handed Li Xiao’s three hundred -dollar bills and said, "The gentleman just met an acquaintance just now and asked you to take a ride home.

At this moment, Li Xiao suddenly realized that the relationship between herself and Yu Dongping was destined to be sneaky and dare not make public.

That night, Li Xiao’s heart was mixed in his heart. This life made himself not embarrassing. The loneliness and emptiness of his heart came again.

Li Xiao’s brain was blank, and returned to the residence muddyly. When he saw the bar downstairs closed down, he went in and found a corner and sat down.Own.

I don’t know how long, when Li Xiao woke up, he found himself lying on a strange bed.

At this time, Li Xiao heard the sound of flowing water in the bathroom.At this time, a handsome guy appeared at the door.

The young man smiled and said, "I have seen you, knowing that you live here, and see you drunk in the bar, so I will help me here."

Li Xiao looked at the stranger in front of him, and couldn’t help but say, "Thank you, trouble you."

"What, the neighbors on the left," the young man hesitated for a while and said, "If you wake up, go home, I will go to work tomorrow, I want to rest."

Li Xiao looked at the watch at 2:00 at midnight, and smiled embarrassedly and stood up hard.

When Li Xiao opened the door, the young man said, "My name is Zhang Minghua, and something called.

Li Xiao opened his mouth, and finally returned to his room without talking.

2. Encounter boyfriend thinks that he meets true love

Zhang Minghua and Li Xiao are fellows.Since Li Xiao figured out his fragility with Yu Dongping, he gradually began to alienate him, but for the monthly money, Li Xiao had to accompany Yu Dongping with his smile.

In bed, Li Xiao even had a disgust with Yu Dongping, and finally became numb.

I often go to the bar to drink and chat with Zhang Minghua. Li Xiao and Zhang Minghua are together. I feel very pleasant and have endless words.

Zhang Minghua is a salesman of a unit stationed office. The residence is a dormitory rented by the unit. Like itself, it also feels like it is "other people’s cities".

Gradually, Li Xiao found that he liked Zhang Minghua.

One night, drinking some wine, the two were very excited, dancing in the room, dancing, Li Xiao could not help but embarked on Zhang Minghua’s shoulder.

In an instant, the two were sticking together like glue … Li Xiao and Zhang Minghua have lived a honeymoon -like life since then.

On this day, Zhang Minghua’s colleague returned from other places. He lived in Li Xiao’s room at night. Li Xiao was afraid that Yu Dongping suddenly arrived at night and called and asked him if he came at night?

Yu Dongping said that he was still on the way to Shenzhen and it would take some days to come back.Putting down the phone, Li Xiao’s mood was extremely hearty.

Li Xiao went to Zhang Minghua, and Zhang Minghua heard that Yu Dongping went to Shenzhen and wore a pajamas.

He said, "We won’t go everywhere tonight, just a honeymoon in this room." Li Xiao’s face suddenly became red. Li Xiao asked: "Do you really dare to marry me?" Zhang Minghua nodded.

Then kissed on Li Xiao’s forehead, ears, cheeks, and lips: at the TV on the TV, singing You Yang, the two moved on the bed, forgot the time, forgot the sound, forgot everything

The door was pushed away, and the two were naked, and the sudden sound was frightened when the brake was frightened.

Yu Dongping had felt that she had two hearts from Li Xiao’s attitude towards him, and then deliberately set up a trap.

Li Xiao saw Yu Dongping carrying a kitchen knife in his hand, and rushed up regardless of him, hugging Yu Dongping with the kitchen knife’s hand, Yu Dongping did not hit him, and slammed Li Xiao’s two slaps, "Stink bitch, you flash, I want to kill this treacherous. "

Li Xiao, who slapped two slaps, gathered the courage, and stepped forward again, crying and said, "You cut it, cut us all, it doesn’t mean to live anyway.What is Dongping? Do n’t you find a woman everywhere in his hand?

To raise me here, what do you give me back to me?I am a person. Although I am cheap, what is the difference between the birds in the cage?

You dare not drink tea for me. In your eyes, I am just a tool for your dislocation. Why do you care about me?"

Yu Dongping raised his knife’s hand slowly.After calming for a long time, Yu Dongping suddenly drank: "You disappear from me instantly!"

Li Xiao was swept out by Yu Dongping, and he spent money to rent a house, and moved in with Zhang Minghua. The two lived warm and sweet.

On this day, Zhang Minghua asked Li Xiao to go to the restaurant for dinner. When he paid, Zhang Minghua paid for a long time and did not take out a few dollars. As a result, the hotel’s security was caught, and he was out of the foreign phase.

In order to live, Li Xiao returned to work at the nightclub. He came back from get off work every night, opened the door, and saw Zhang Minghua sitting on the ground almost dementingly. He burned his arm with a cigarette butt, and had burned several holes.

Li Xiao hurriedly snatched the cigarette butt in his hand. Zhang Minghua cried and said, "Don’t stop me. Seeing that he loves his beloved woman to accompany someone, but I can’t do it. I am not as happy as a man."

Li Xiao moved Zhang Minghua’s head, holding people’s arms, crying and saying, "I voluntarily, this is not about your business. For our good days in the future, I am willing. I recognize it. Don’t hurt me for me.yourself"

For three days, Zhang Minghua was gloomy, and Li Xiao looked at his heart uncomfortable.On the fourth day, when he ate, Zhang Minghua’s eyes flickered, and he opened his mouth several times. It seemed that there was something to say, Li Xiao couldn’t help asking him.

Zhang Minghua said vomiting that there was a boss named Chen, three generations of single biography, and his wife gave birth to two daughters. Because of the restrictions on the family planning policy, Boss Chen was willing to produce 200,000 abdomen to have a child in order to steal a son.

After Zhang Minghua finished speaking, he lowered his head and said softly, "This money earning a way is more cost -effective than going to the nightclub, what do you say?"

Li Xiao thought that it was indeed a huge sum of 200,000 in the 1990s.

In order to stay with Minghua in the future and live a good life, the silly girl Li Xiao gritted her to make her determination, and said to Zhang Minghua: "Tomorrow, you will make an appointment with Boss Chen."

3. Borrowing a child for love scammers

On August 26, 1997, Boss Chen was in his early 50s, and he was not good at talking. In a private room in the hotel, he handed a long -planned agreement to Li Xiao.

Boss Chen said, "If there is no opinion, sign it!

Li Xiao thought about Zhang Minghua and looked up and asked, "Don’t you interfere with my private life?"

Boss Chen said, "No, as long as you can give me a healthy son, you can complete the task."

Boss Chen did not fall in love with women. He covered Li Xiao, in order to continue the incense. After every time he finished, he went home and never showed up during the day.

Two months later, Li Xiao stopped the scriptures. She knew that she must be pregnant. Seeing that 200,000 were about to get, her heart was secretly excited.

After hearing this news, Boss Chen was so popular that he was blushing and rubbed his palms without holding, and immediately took Li Xiao to the hospital for examination. As a result, he confirmed Li Xiao’s judgment. After pregnancy, Boss Chen no longer showed up.

Arrange maids to move with Li Xiao to facilitate her life.

4. October pregnant, the child has no blood relationship with the employer

On July 10, 1998, Li Xiao finally gave birth to a nine pounds of boys.After the child’s full moon, Li Xiao has basically recovered his vitality.

On this day, Boss Chen and Li Xiao took the child to the hospital to test the blood.A few days later, the result of blood test surprised Li Xiao, this is not the son of Boss Chen.

Boss Chen looked at the blood test report, his face changed from green to white, and then from white to purple, his face suddenly shouted: "Who is this competition?"

Li Xiao woke up and squeaked, "My boyfriend Zhang Minghua."

"Bastard!" Boss Chen scolded and turned away angrily.

5. Give birth to a boyfriend, but the boyfriend evaporates.

200,000 was soaked in the soup. The only thing that made Li Xiao feel was his son and his beloved.

Li Xiao hugged the baby quickly and called.

On the phone, Zhang Minghua asked: "My dear, have you got the money?"

Li Xiao said happily: "My dear, get more valuable treasures than money."

Zhang Minghua asked eagerly: "Is it gold and Platinum?"

Li Xiao said with excitement: "My son is yours, we are both of us."

"Joke!" Zhang Minghua said, "It’s true, it’s really my son and my son, the result of blood test came out."

"Heavenly jokes." Zhang Minghua said disappointed, so he hung up the phone.

Li Xiao hugged his son to fly out of the hospital door.Standing pantingly in front of the warm little nest of the past, he couldn’t wait to knock the door.

The door opened was the face of a stranger. After listening to Li Xiao’s question, he knew nothing.It is said that Zhang Minghua had moved away, and Li Xiao was awake at this moment. Zhang Minghua was a love scammer.

Tailing: Only self -esteem and self -love can you get true love.

The helpless Li Xiao was sad, and suddenly thought of death …

Hold the child and walk step by step …

Fortunately, he was rescued by a kind person and placed Li Xiao at home.

It didn’t take long for Li Xiao to wake up from sadness and realized that he was too stupid before.

After so many changes, Li Xiao finally understood a profound truth. As a woman, he must have self -esteem and love, otherwise no one would cherish himself.

Whenever she was quiet at night, Li Xiao faced her lonely figure. She asked herself more than once deep in her heart: Where is the person who really loves me?

Women must first love themselves, so that someone will love. It can allow you to give up the bottom line to love and cherish it.

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