The man in Hunan is derailed, and the lover is pregnant for 200,000.

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In December 2019, Tong Feifei, who had been pregnant for eight months, suddenly learned that his husband had a girlfriend who had been pregnant for six months.In a hurry, she wanted to find her husband to verify, but found that her husband had lost contact.

In many places, she finally found her husband. Who would like to say: You are a psychological perverted professional, don’t act.

Tong Feifei was born in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, and has good family conditions.But she did not like to study since she was a child, so she dropped out of work without graduating from high school.

At the age of 26, she just experienced a failure of her feelings. She was deeply hurt by her former boyfriend.It didn’t take long for her to meet Feng Jian, who was learned.

At that time, Feng Jian was 32 years old and was engaged in the financial industry.For him, it is important to have a woman who can pass on his generation.

It happened that he met the young and beautiful tea young girl Tong Feifei, so Feng Jian moved his mind.

At that time, Tong Feifei felt that Feng Jian’s academic qualifications were high and the character must be good.She didn’t mind Feng Jian’s marriage, and even felt that divorce might cherish marriage, and she would not be hurt again.

Before the two were together, Feng Jian also told Tong Feifei that he had two houses, two cars, and deposits in his house.He divorced his ex -wife because she could not have children, but after the divorce, she gave her ex -wife a lot of compensation.As long as Tong Feifei can give him a child, he will not only treat Tong Feifei, but also give her money.

In this way, Tong Feifei, who got into the dead alley, came together with Feng Jian. It didn’t take long for she to be pregnant, so Feng Jian received a marriage certificate with her, but there was no color gift, wedding, and wedding dress.

Not long after marriage, Tong Feifei found that her husband’s family was not as good as what he said. Instead, because the investment failed, he owed a lot of money. Some people came to debt every day at home.

Those who came to debt also told her that Feng Jian’s house, car, and company, in fact, was not under his name, all of them were invested by him, and he lost a lot of money.

But at this time, Tong Feifei and Feng Jian already had children. For the sake of children, she decided to live with Feng Jian with all her mind.

But gradually, she found that her husband and his family actually looked down on her only junior high school education. The husband’s mother also pointed at her nose and scolded. She was a woman who came to the door.

Tong Feifei felt very wronged, but she was indeed Feng Jian, who was only married before her marriage. She knew that she had no way to refute her mother -in -law and could only swallow it.

After getting pregnant, the husband also went home to help take care of the child and did not go out to work.This made Tong Feifei feel relieved. She felt that her husband might still care about her, otherwise she would not help take care of her children day and night.

Tong Feifei, who was blinded, did not see clearly at all. In fact, her husband cared about only children.

Until 2019, Tong Feifei, who had been in the second child for eight months, was waiting at home, and suddenly received a few text messages.

The first two were sent by a man. One of the text messages was roughly meaning that his sister had already conceived her husband’s child. If Tong Feifei didn’t believe it, he could verify himself.

The other is the man who abuses Tong Feifei to control himself and let her husband stole the fishy.If you want to solve this matter, Tong Feifei has only two options: Give her husband 200,000 or take it home to take care of it.

The latter is a text message sent by a woman named Liu Chang. It is roughly meaning that she is also deceived. I do n’t know that they have not divorced. She is now pregnant for six months and will have a child.

Facing the sudden news, Tong Feifei couldn’t believe it, and she wanted to find her husband to verify, but found that her husband had darched her, and the two were in a state of loss.

In desperation, she could only choose to give birth to the child first, and then look for her husband to ask for the reason.During the child raising and having a child, Feng Jian also sent a message to Tong Feifei, but every time he said he wanted to say, he immediately hacked Tong Feifera, which made Tong Feifei at all.The truth of the matter.

Eight months later, Tong Feifei, who raised his body, moved to many places, trying to find her husband, but there was no news.Feng Jian was just like evaporation of the world. When Tong Feifei was desperate, Feng Jian used strangers’ mobile phones to send her a message and asked her to come to Changsha to find herself.

After this was the first time, Tong Feifei saw her husband for the first time, and couldn’t help but feel a little grievances. He complained that her husband was sorry for herself.Husband invests, 200,000 is the money she borrowed from her classmates to deal with her husband)

However, Feng Jian did not agree. In the anger, Tong Feifei directly put her child in her husband’s arms, but who knew that Feng Jian’s eyes were accidentally injured.

Feng Jian was so angry that Tong Feifei was a poisonous woman and drove her out.

Because Feng Jian never explained to Tong Feifei clearly eight months ago, Tong Feifei felt very angry in his heart. In order to discuss himself, Tong Feifei sought the help of reporters.

After rushing to the hotel where her husband lived, Tong Feifei explained her origin, and she wanted her husband to explain Liu Chang’s matter.If Feng Jian and Liu Chang really have children outside, they and Feng Jian can get together.

Facing Tong Feifei’s questioning, Feng Jian said disdain: just a woman like you.

The reporter immediately felt unbearable and felt that Feng Jian was too ruthless. After all, the two had been married for three years and had two children, but he used this sentence to evaluate his wife.

When the reporter asked him if he was derailed in his marriage, and was pregnant with a child, Feng Jian picked up his mobile phone directly and asked them: Where is the child?

Tong Feifei can only take out Liu Chang’s provocative text message and chat history.In the face of such evidence, Feng Jian still insisted that he had not betrayed his family. He said that he and Liu Chang were just friends.

When Tong Feifei always refused to admit him, he took out the phone recording of Feng Jian and Liu Chang.

As soon as the recording began to play, Feng Jian, who had always been calm, became nervous, and even wanted to come forward to avoid his mobile phone.

Tong Feifei quickly hid behind the reporter. When Feng Jian couldn’t get his mobile phone, he began to blame Tong Feifei to throw his mobile phone before, saying that he would not be as shameless as Tong Feifei.

Feng Jian also scolded Tong Feifei loudly. She also said that Tong Feifei was a drama. The evidence that she took out was the script she arranged, which was not true at all.

In order to prevent the two from quarreling, the reporter asked Tong Feifei to avoid it first, and they talked to Feng Jian alone.

In the process of speaking, Feng Jian told reporters that Tong Feifei was a dog skin plaster, which not only followed him, but also broke his reputation everywhere.Liu Chang was his colleague. The two had been ambiguous, but the child was not his.

"I admit that we have been ambiguous, but there is no child. When she was pregnant, we had a parent -child identification. It was not my child. She also killed it herself, but she said for me.

His evaluation of Liu Chang was pretty good, but when he said Tong Feifei, he changed his face.

"I never wanted her, but because my ex -wife couldn’t have children, I happened to meet her. After she was pregnant, my mother said that she gave birth, and we got married."

"We have been in bad feelings, and I haven’t giving her a wedding dress, and I don’t want to give her any promises."

"She just fancy my room and my money. She just graduated from junior high school. There is no culture. She is just a tea brewing tea. She actively sticks to me."

"Our family has received higher education. My parents, including my family, are the positions of the civil servant series. Our family is the scholarly door, and my parents have taught me very strict. She graduated from junior high school.I can’t get into our family, my family is looking down on her. "

"I am a master’s degree or an excellent graduate of our school. I am the president of many alumni associations in the school, but my face has been lost by her."

Feng Jian’s tone is full of contempt for Tong Feifei and his pride in his master’s degree.

Tong Feifei, who had been standing at the door, finally couldn’t help walking in and dismantled Feng Jian’s lies.

Feng Jian’s so -called houses, cars, and deposits were not under his name, and he even owed millions of outside, but he always boasted that he was driving a company. There were many suites and many cars.

The whole family is the position of the civil servant series, and it is even more nonsense. Only Feng Jian’s uncle had worked in the Fuzhou Court and now retired.

There are only a few children in the Feng Jian family who have studied college, and the rest of the people have never read the book. His father is a "mixed" of drinking and fighting.

After that, Tong Feifei cried and said, "Since I am full of shortcomings, there is no advantage, why don’t you divorce me, and keep me, do you have been born, wouldn’t it be better to lose such a woman?"

Feng Jian said cruelly: "It is not to represent anything, but the birth is just to pass on to the generation."

Until this moment, Tong Feifei was really awake and recognized her position in Feng Jian’s heart. She was a tool for childbirth.In this relationship, she didn’t get anything, and even buried her money and youth.

In the end, in order to completely solve this "farce" marriage, the two rushed to the marriage mediation room of Changsha together.

After mediation, the two signed a divorce agreement, and the agreement was that Feng Jian gave Tong Feifei 200,000, and the two children raised one.

The marriage between the two eventually went to tragedy, and the marriage left Tong Feifei’s endless harm.In the suppression of Feng Jian and her family, she lost her confidence in herself, and felt that she might really be a woman with a low IQ and no achievement.

Her biggest wish is to raise children to grow up. She knows that there are many good men in the world, but she dare not try again.

The best marriage is to respect each other, jointly take responsibility for the family, understand and praise each other’s advantages, rather than blindly fighting each other to show their excellence.

From the marriage story of Feng Jian and Tong Feifei, we should clearly realize that the most important thing for husbands and wives is actually tolerance and understanding. If it is really inappropriate, learn to stop loss in time.


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