The magical fetal dream is unscientific but is it accurate?

When it comes to pregnancy, it is indispensable to talk about fetal dreams.Regarding the story of fetal dreams, pregnant mothers are always talked about, and many mothers are surprised to call the fetus dream after giving birth to their babies!There are countless examples of such examples-

Netizen milk tea sauce: I dreamed several times when I was pregnant with a few times, and a particularly beautiful green snake drilled into my stomach; her son dreamed of Xiaobai Dragon, and also dreamed of carp jumping the dragon door.

Friends Dudu Mom: I did n’t know when I was pregnant in the early pregnancy. Once I dreamed that I was walking in the mountain, tired and thirsty, and when I walked and saw a peach wood, I walked in.I picked a biggest and best -looking peach. As soon as I wanted to eat, the peach became a child …

Neighbor sister -in -law: When I was with my son, I dreamed of snakes several times. I once dreamed of a snake, and I dreamed of a lot of snakes, as if I had entered the snake nest.

Classmate A Junjun: I had a miscarriage in my first child for more than two months. One night I dreamed that a child waved to me and said, "Mom, I’m leaving, can you hug me?I want to hug but my husband keeps pulling me to not let me pass!Later, the child was gone!I just want the child in the dream whether the child I was gone. If I could hold him at the time, would he not leave us?I’m so uncomfortable when I think of it …


What a magical fetal dream. Although it is not scientifically, it is really accurate?Nova also has this magical fetal dream, and share with you.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I more than once dreaming that I was born with a girl, but my mother also dreamed that I had a girl. In her dream, there was a little girl running around my subconsciousness also felt that the girl was pregnant, and then she really gave birth to a girl.

When I was pregnant with my son, it was even more fantasy.I did n’t go to the hospital to build a B time in the early pregnancy, and I always wanted to have twins from time to time. As a result, I dreamed of two or three twins in the dream, but I only saw one child each time. Latera child.I didn’t intend to see the child’s gender, but I was pregnant with a boy in the dream, and this time in the subconscious was a boy.

Later, when I was in the middle and late pregnancy, I had another birth dream.I dreamed that I saw a lot of fish by a small stream, and there was one bigger than others, so I wanted to catch it.Suddenly he caught the black fish into a little boy, and said to me poorly: Mom, don’t catch me.I stretched out his hands and said: Here, come here, my mother hugs you home.Then I hugged him …

Later, in October, she was born in October. It was a boy. What’s even more strange is that there are black green spots of different sizes on his butt, ankle, and wrists. Fortunately, it is not a birthmark.Fade and disappeared.Seeing the traces of these births, I couldn’t help thinking that this child would not really turn the world?

From this twice of pregnancy, I will feel that the dream of the fetal dream is amazing and accurate. It is a coincidence, which is also possible. After all, there is no scientific basis.But it is really not the kind of dream and night, this is the magic of the dream of fetal dreams.

Dear pregnant mothers and treasure moms, have you had a baby dream during pregnancy?Do you feel accurate?Let’s share your story together ~

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