The magical fetal dream during pregnancy, only the expectant mothers know, have you experienced it?

Women always have magical signs when they are pregnant, and almost all expectant mothers have had a dream of fetal.It is the dream of the baby’s birth. Since ancient times, it has paid more attention to fetal dreams. Especially in ancient China, all the big characters had a variety of fetal dreams before they were born.For example, before the birth of Lao Tzu, his mother’s dream, an old man took the white deer into his arms; Sun Ce’s mother dreamed that the moon entered the arms, all of them.

What is a fetal dream

So what is fetal dream?The baby dream is related to pregnancy and the dream of a baby’s birth.Therefore, fetal dream is of great significance for prospective parents who are looking forward to their children.

When will you have a baby dream?The baby dream is usually done during pregnancy, and sometimes it dreams before pregnancy, but it will hardly do such a dream after delivery.Pregnant mothers, prospective dads, grandparents, grandparents, family relatives, and even anyone who only knows the name can dream.


Regarding this question of pregnant women’s fetuses, I am afraid that different people have different answers.Some mothers have experienced fetal dreams and fetal dreams have been verified after the baby is born, so she is convinced of the accuracy of fetal dreams.Some mothers’ fetal dreams are different or opposite, and others think that the baby dream is simply superstition.In fact, the dream of pregnant women’s fetal fetuses is not allowed, and there is no exact statement to this day.Dream itself is a very complicated psychological and physiological activity. Scientists have not completely solved mystery for the exploration of dreams so far, and the dream of fetal dreams is different from ordinary dreams, and it is more incomprehensible.It is worth mentioning that the birth dream of pregnant women is verified by the facts, which is not just coincidence. Just like the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, it cannot be explained scientifically, but it does exist.

Then everyone must want to ask what kind of fetal dreams are there, but the expectant mothers are divergent. Let’s take a look at what these fetal dreams have given some hints!

@:: I made a strange dream when I was pregnant with Dabao. I dreamed that a colorful spider web was settled in the bedside of my family. It was very large. There was a big spider on it.A baby daughter, implying the pearl on the palm of the palm, I believe in the dream of the fetus anyway.

@ @: I should be a nightmare. I dreamed that a big python was chasing me and reluctantly, but I scared me to death, but I couldn’t shout, I want to shout, you, this ugly snakeWhy don’t you chase others? When I turned my head, I found that there was a rabbit on my head. It turned out to be a rabbit. After waking up, I suddenly thought of my child and his father., My baby is the most depending on her father.

@Scopio: Dreaming of two boys twice, one or two years of difference, running around, dreaming of two goldfish once, dreaming of a large group of pine muts at me once, and finally I chose a blue blueJust say this, look good!They are all dreams of early pregnancy, and some do not know during pregnancy. I really have a boy, and I almost give birth. I feel that the next child is still a boy …

@pGH1990: I dream of countless times during pregnancy, and then the sky is full of Guanyin Bodhisattva. The most afraid of that time is to sleep. When you sleep, you dream of the end of the world.The sky is like a screen, and every time I am scared!

@: When I dreamed, I felt that it was a baby dream. I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I dreamed that I put a lot of water in the living room at home and did not let a small black shark run away … I felt interesting when I woke up. LaterI was pregnant, and I had a baby dream in the second trimester. As a result, I gave birth to a female man, and it was particularly dark!

@Rainniuniu1983: I have had a baby dream, but it is quite accurate. I dreamed that I was surrounded by a group of snakes with small flowers and brown snakes. When I finally woke up, my calf was bitten by a fierce python.As a result, I really gave birth to a healthy male baby.

But not all the baby dreams are quasi, mothers should not be too superstitious.If the expectant mothers dream every day, it may be that the pressure is too great and not rest well.If you want to be happy, go out and walk more, and get up on time and get up to develop good sleep habits. The most important thing is to maintain an optimistic attitude.Regardless of men and women, they must be a cute angel baby!

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What are the interesting fetal dreams?

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