The lover is pregnant by accident, and I still threaten me with my child. What should I do?


After receiving a reader’s private message, he revealed the helpless mood between his words (privacy has been processed and allowed publicly).

"Hi teacher.

During this time, because of the extramarital affairs outside, Xiaosan accidentally got pregnant. I am now like an ant in a hot pot every day.

When Xiao San informed me, his head was blank.I never thought I could have an illegitimate child.I am not ready to raise another illegitimate child.But if this incident is spread, I will definitely be said to be three and four, and the reputation sweeps the floor.

I am not afraid of the teacher’s joke.With my current economic strength, it is impossible to feed an illegitimate child at all, so I discussed with her to kill this child at the time.

My wife and I have been married for 8 years and I already have a son.The cost of raising a child is beyond my imagination, let alone raising an illegitimate child.The reason why I have an affair is because I often quarrel with my wife, and I can always talk to someone at any time because of trivial matters.


Now that my life has become a mess, I don’t know what to do for a while.

The third is from the province.When we were sweet together, she often told me intentionally or unintentionally that she wanted to take root in this city. She had to have a home in this city and didn’t want to wander anymore.

But at the time, in order to coax her, I vowed to make this wish with her, saying that just with me, I could give her a home and make her not alone in the city.

Unexpectedly, she was serious, and accidentally conceived her child. She had to give me birth.

Whenever I mentioned that I wanted to kill this child, she cried and died, and secretly recorded her promise to her with her mobile phone at the time, and threatened me. If I couldn’t give her a home, she couldJust broke my fish with my fish, making me fell.

Teacher, I feel that she is terrible now.Why are young girls so heavy?I thought she was simple and cute, but now she is so difficult, I am really scared.


There must be a certain responsibility for being a person. Now that there is such a thing, I have a lot of responsibilities.I sent her a breakup message and gave her a sum of money, and I was at ease.

I told her to let her kill her child, condition her body, and talk about a normal love.The fate between us is over and there will be no more connection in the future.

But Xiaosan did not agree with my solution at all, and the money didn’t pay me back.She sent me a WeChat and sent me the detailed address of my family and my wife’s mobile phone number. She also said: I gave all my body and mind to you. Since you have no heart or lungs, do not keep your promise, then thenDon’t blame me for ruthlessness.

To be honest, I was afraid that one day she could not meet her requirements. She would suddenly come to knock on my door to find me, and she was even more afraid that she would call my wife and expose her extramarital affairs and illegitimate children.

The current situation is that I called her, she would not answer or return to my WeChat.I don’t know what she will do next, will she really break the net with my fish, and she will do everything.

But I can’t tell my wife.If I say, she will definitely break the casserole and ask my derailment to be exposed directly.

I am now upset every day, and one accidentally makes the family break.Teacher, do you help me, what should I do now?"

Marriage consultant shallow analyst:

Hello.First of all, thank you for your trust.

In this case, the first thing to do is to stabilize the third party, do not conflict with her, and do n’t blindly agree with her conditions, negotiate with her, and listen to her true thoughts.

Judging from your narrative, having a child is not the true intention of a third party.Her main intention is to stay in this city, and you are just her springboard.Otherwise, she won’t secretly record your daily dialogue to threaten you.

If you think about it, if she is with you for love, why did she pay you back to you, but after receiving the money, she would never mention it?It can be seen that her purpose is clear.

At this time, you should collect and master the evidence that you favors you and be prepared for rights protection.

Such people have no love for you at all, just to be your primary three for your own interests.If you can’t solve it yourself, you can ask the professionals to help you discourage the third parties and safeguard your legitimate rights and interests.

Secondly, find a suitable opportunity to talk to your wife about your situation.If your wife is too emotional, you must do a good job of soothing.This is your fault.If what happens, you must learn to bear it.

In the end, I advise those who derailed, don’t think that extramarital affairs can be confused by the way, and it is basically difficult to retreat throughout the body.The severity of the consequences of extramarital affairs is inestimable.

Now that you have entered the palace of marriage, you must run a good marriage, put all your minds in the family, and bear the responsibility of being a husband and father.Don’t be lucky to save your heart, don’t be lucky, let’s tail juice!

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