The leucorrhea may have a problem!Come and see if your leucorrhea is normal?

Lands are the secretions of women’s vagina and the "barometer" of women’s health.

The leucorrhea becomes yellow, thickened, and taste, which will make everyone frowning, always worrying that there will be such gynecological problems.

Today, we will tell you what the normal white band is like, and what changes in the leucorrhea shows abnormalities.

Starting from the first menstrual tide, the level of hormones in women will show periodic changes, and the color, traits and quantities of leucorrhea will change.We take the changes in leucorrhea as an example of a menstrual cycle (28 days) as an example.

▌ 1 ~ 5 days

At this time, the leucorrhea will flow out with menstrual blood, which is not easy to distinguish. You can observe whether your menstrual blood is normal.

Normal menstrual blood color

▌ 6 to 14 days

After menstruation, leucorrhea is generally relatively small.After that, as the eggs are mature, the leucorrhea will gradually become turbid, sticky, and white or pale yellow.

▌ 15 ~ 24 days

A few days before ovulation, the leucorrhea will become thinner and slippery, like egg white.

By the time of ovulation, due to the influence of estrogen, the amount of leucorrhea will increase, translucent and sticky, and brushed.Some women’s ovulation leucorrhea will be dark brown with bloodshot, which is a normal manifestation. This is a small amount of vaginal bleeding that causes a small amount of vaginal bleeding due to the decline of estrogen levels in the ovulation period in a short period of time.

After ovulation, the leucorrhea will return to turbidity, white or pale yellow.

天 21 ~ 28 days

Before menstruation, the amount of leucorrhea becomes less.

1. Bubble leucorrhea

If the leucorrhea is yellow -green, with a foam and accompanied by a rotten smell, it may be trichomonal vaginitis.

2. Tofu -like leucorrhea

If the leucorrhea is like tofu residue, and it is also accompanied by itching, vaginal or vaginal or perineal swelling and pain, it may be mold vaginitis.

3. The white belt has a strong odor

If the white strap has odor, especially the smell, rotten smell, and itching and burning sensation of the vulva, it often indicates that there is infection.

4. Bleeding that has nothing to do with menstruation

If vaginal bleeding is found during non -menstrual period, it should be paid attention to. It may be that cervical lesions, endometrium polyps, and pregnancy should be immediately seek medical treatment.

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