The length of menstruation is related to these two points

Women come to menstruation once a month to ensure the normal menstrual cycle, which is conducive to women’s health. Therefore, menstruation is also a good friend of women. Many women also call menstruation affectionately "big aunt".

During the menstrual period, women can actually understand the health status of individuals through the menstrual cycle and menstrual flow. In life, some women will have delayed menstruation or advance.

The length of the menstrual period of women is actually related to the mature speed of follicles, and the speed of follicle maturity can affect the chance of fertility.Therefore, the length of menstruation will be related to the maturity and chance of fertility of women’s follicles.

If women’s follicle maturity is relatively fast, it will allow women to have menstruation once twenty -five days.If the follicle maturity is relatively slow, it will allow women to have a menstruation once in 35 days.Women have a menstruation once for 25 days, and the chance of fertility will be higher.If you have once every 35 days, the chance of pregnancy will be a little lower.Women who always delay menstruation need to pay attention. Usually pay attention to raising, try to make their follicles mature faster, so that the chance of fertility will increase.

Other people will worry that because the cycle is different, it will affect the menopause time. Is this possible?

Strictly speaking, it will have an impact, because if the menstrual cycle is relatively short, the number of eggs will be reduced more, and then menopause will come earlier.If you do n’t want to go through early, you need to pay attention to your usual lifestyle and eating habits. You must raise your body more, so that menopause can come late.

Menstruation is delayed, mainly related to the usual lifestyle.


Maybe many women are overwhelming for a long time and are too fatigue. In this case, it will also cause endocrine disorders in the body, which will affect the normal menstrual cycle. With the experience of delayed menstruation and irregular menstruation. Therefore, in life, learn to be appropriate.Release your own pressure and rest proper rest may help improve.

Premature ovarian failure

Ovarian function helps secrete estrogen and maintain a normal menstrual cycle. Once ovarian function is prematurely aged, it will also cause the amount of estrogen secretion to decrease. With the lack of menstrual flow and delayed menstruation, we must also pay attention to the health of the ovarian health in life.It is good for maintaining a normal menstrual cycle and is good for women’s health.

Renal dysfunction

In fact, when women have decreased renal function, they will also be accompanied by delayed menstruation, mainly due to insufficient kidney qi, which affects normal blood circulation. Toxins cannot be discharged in time, the amount of menstrual blood can also occur, menstrual blood, menstruation delayed menstruation, delayed menstruation delayThe problem, so in normal times, pay attention to protecting the kidneys.

Menstruation is advanced, or it has a lot to do with emotions and stress, and it may be that too much medicine is taken.

It is said that men’s pressure is relatively high, and the current women’s pressure is relatively large.It is just that the source of pressure is different, and women are more emotional, and it is easy to have great joy or sorrow.If the mood is more changing, the endocrine will be imbalanced.Endocrine can affect women’s menstruation, so after endocrine disorders, women’s menstruation will be advanced in advance.Another possibility is that women usually take more drugs, and if you eat too much drugs, it will also affect endocrine.If you do n’t want to advance in advance, women need to stop the medicine appropriately, of course, it depends on the situation.If you really need to take medicine, you can’t stop it, or you should focus on the body.

Whether the menstrual cycle is 25 days or 35 days, as long as the menstrual rules are not pushed in advance and other abnormalities are normal, don’t be too anxious. If you want to delay aging, it is not only menstruation, but also pay more attention in daily life. Do everything well.Only to make your health healthy, so that the endocrine operation is normal, hormones will not be disordered, and it will not be prone to aging.

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