The lactation "breast lump" is actually a cancer "precursor signal".

Ms. Zhang (pseudonym), 33, is a third -born mother.Breast milk is the best nutrition for the baby. Ms. Zhang has always insisted on breastfeeding.However, Ms. Zhang has always been unilateral breastfeeding, and her right milk has never been breastfeeding.When breastfeeding, the right breasts often rose particularly very much, and she could touch a small mass in vagueness, but because she didn’t pain and itch, she thought it was just a small thing like "milk milk blocks".

After the end of the lactation, Ms. Zhang participated in the unit’s medical examination and also found that the right milk had a mass. The medical examination agency told her that it was hyperplasia of the breast and suggested that she perform breast conditioning.Under the recommendation of relatives and friends, she spent a lot of money in the so -called "breast care" institution to massage "maintenance". At the same time, she took the milk recipe. As a result, she tossed for three months.Worried, this came to the breast center of Shunyi Women’s and Children’s Hospital for treatment.

After the doctor asked carefully, she suggested that she had a breast ultrasound examination, and found that not only the breast mass was huge, the lymph node was suspicious, and then the patients were further diagnosed with breast cancer with armpit lymph nodes.

Is the risk of breast cancer during lactation?

Breast mammary breast cancer is a pregnancy -related breast cancer, that is, breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy and postpartum breast cancer diagnosed within 1 year after childbirth. It is one of the most common malignant tumors in pregnancy and lactating women.There are about 25,000 newly developed diseases in the world each year, and there will be an example of almost 3,000 to 10,000 pregnant women, accounting for about 0.2%to 3.8%of all patients with breast cancer, accounting for 2.6%of patients with 45 -year -old female breast cancer patients ~ 7.0 7.0%.

Dr. Fu Hui, a breast center at Shunyi Maternal and Children’s Hospital, introduced that there are many incentives for pregnancy and lactating breast cancer.The first is that breast cancer is a hormone -dependent tumor. When women are pregnant and breastfeeding, the estrogen and progesterone in the body are at a high level, which may cause the tumor to increase rapidly.Narcraper, life and work pressure, and negative emotions that cannot be released for a long time are all risk factors in breast cancer. Therefore, pregnancy -related breast cancer is not uncommon clinically.

Why is it easy to be ignored during lactation?

Due to changes in hormone levels in the body, the increase in the level of prolactin and growth hormone in breastfeeding and the decreased number of T cells in the blood to reduce the body’s immune function, resulting in accelerated tumor growth and increased malignancy.At the same time, during pregnancy and lactation, the tumor is prone to spread due to increased capillaries in the breast and expanding congestion.In addition, due to the increase in breasts in the breast and the hyperplasia of the glandular body, the biological influence of the breasts increases and the swelling is hard, making the tumor not easy to find in the early stage.Therefore, we must be alert to breast cancer during breastfeeding.

What are the symptoms of lactating breast cancer?

The clinical manifestations of breast cancer are similar to general breast cancer, and the main manifestations of increasing painless lumps.It is often accompanied by the swelling of armpit lymph nodes, and it can also be manifested as nipple overflow, which is more common in blood and slurry.It should be emphasized that the difference between breast cancer and mastitis should be paid attention to.

The main clinical manifestations of mastitis in lactation include breast redness, swelling, heat, and pain, and the formation of local masses and abscesses can be formed. It can be accompanied by armpit lymph nodes enlarged, increased body temperature, increased white blood cell count, and obvious anti -inflammatory treatment effect.Sometimes these two diseases will occur at the same time, manifested as long -term anti -inflammatory invalid, the mass gradually increases, and the texture is harder. At this time, physical therapy or external application of traditional Chinese medicine or prescriptions cannot be used to prevent the spread of tumor cells.You need to go to the hospital for a period of time to avoid delaying the best treatment.

How to be vigilant about lactating breast cancer?

Breastfeeding is not a gold medal for breast cancer, and the prognosis of breast cancer during breastfeeding is even worse, and early diagnosis and early treatment are even more important.In fact, Ms. Zhang touched the masses in her breasts as early as her breastfeeding period, but she ignored the "precursor signal". She didn’t realize it until she found breast cancer.

Women cannot ignore the health of their breasts at any time and improve their awareness of health prevention. Even if they are pregnant and breastfeeding, they cannot be neglected. Do not blindly think that breastfeeding will not suffer from breast cancer.Before pregnancy, a comprehensive examination should be performed in the breast specialist as soon as possible, especially for women over 35 years old, a family history of breast cancer, or a mammary -based lesion. Breast cancer screening must be performed before, pregnancy and lactation.

Is the screening of breast cancer during breastfeeding safely for children?

Many women during pregnancy are worried that instrumental examinations will have a bad impact on fetal infants and young children. Let’s briefly explain it here.

Although evidence of breast cancer screening in breastfeeding people is still limited, all our current examinations are safe for mammoth mothers whether they are breast X -ray examination, breast ultrasound examination or breast magnetic resonance imaging.First of all, the breast ultrasound examination is no radiation, which can be repetitive, and it is more sensitive to the lesions of the dense breasts of young mothers.For breastfeeding mothers, the breast ultrasound is given priority, and the breasts and axillary lymph nodes are checked.The amount of radiation in the X -ray examination of the breast is about 0.004 gy. Even for the mothers during pregnancy, the defor radiation exposure threshold of the 0.1 GY fetus can be performed.The diagnostic value of breast cancer on breast cancer is not high, and dynamic enhanced enhanced mammothing comparison agents can pass through the blood-placenta barrier, which has potential teratogenic effects. ThereforeEssenceAnd breastfeeding women are safer to enhance the nuclear magnetic examination.

If breastfeeding is diagnosed, it does not need to panic. Its treatment principles are the same as non -pregnancy lactating breast cancer. As long as standard treatment is received on time, the prognosis is not significantly different from ordinary breast cancer patients.At present, Ms. Zhang has been hospitalized in our breast center. The breast center team has developed a personalized and advanced treatment strategy for patients through multi -disciplinary cooperation discussions.By using the newly -auxiliary treatment plan, the medical team conducts preventive treatment of adverse reactions that patients may occur. Coupled with careful care and close follow -up, the patient’s adverse reactions minimize the minimum, and the treatment is successfully completed.

The breast center has once again reminded the majority of women of childbearing age to fully understand the symptoms of breast cancer and increase their vigilance. Once there is a problem with the breast, you should go to the hospital for examination in time and get early diagnosis and early treatment!

Text | Breast Department of Fu Hui

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