The junior girls have children to get pregnant for love, and the boys meet true love for one year after graduation.

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When I returned to my hometown some time ago, I saw the status quo of my neighbor’s sister. I felt very unwilling. I also woke up all the girls. Do not fall in love.

When I went back, I saw the neighbor’s sister with the child at home. In my impression, the sister was not married, so I asked my mother what was going on.

The mother sighed and said, "After giving birth, the man does not want her, she can’t only take her daughter back to her mother’s house." Seeing that I was shocked, my mother went on to say, "You are in love during college in college,In my junior year, I was pregnant in the next semester. Your uncle and uncle did not want to let her ask her. She said that she was young, and the work was not stable. But the boy brainwashed her and said that he would love her.Come and persuade her to say that she would have to wait for her.

In this way, your sister was fascinated by the man’s family. The parents here did not listen, and they had to have a child. So they went to school to go to the man’s family to give birth.Girls have children at home and children, and boys continue to graduate from college.Who knows that the boy said that when he graduated a year, he said that he met true love, and he started to ask the wife and children of his hometown regardless of asking, and the parents of the man also changed to the girl.I ca n’t wait to stay, I only take my child back to my mother’s house.Your uncle is so angry, but after all, it is his daughter, and you can only recognize it.

There is a good job after graduation. After graduation, there will be a good job.Now, there are no diplomas, no education, no work, and no work. You have to let the maiden family clean up the mess."

After listening to my mother’s words, I sighed infinitely.Young girls are most likely to be stumbled by immature love and walk around.Especially the age of the reading, if you love your mind, it is easy to destroy your future.

The university campus is beautiful. If you are fortunate to meet an object here, it is also a wonderful thing to talk about a campus in love.But when the campus is still studying, it is time to accumulate the future.Love is just icing on the cake.

Especially girls, when they are in love, pay attention to the size, learn to protect themselves, do not get pregnant before they are unmarried, let alone choose to enter a marriage in a hurry because of accidental pregnancy, which has buried countless hidden dangers in the future.You must know that the two are too young, have not yet undergone social experience and beating, and their feelings are immature.If you choose to enter the marriage because of the passion, it will be full of countless variables. The last place is a woman.

The poorest is the child.The child was born when his parents were ignorant. Many people did not even understand themselves, they couldn’t afford it, but when they had children, how much can they accompany and educate the child?If the parents collapsed in the end, the child became the poorest person.Remember that the fruit of the fruits in the flowering season is not long after all.

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