The joy of crying, the nightmare began to have a big stomach, the first feature of pregnancy is not the happiness of the whole family.

For a new life, it is an important stage for a woman’s life. When every mother is coming for the arrival of a new life and feels happy, a woman has a big belly but was abandoned.What a miserable story for women.But the story is not as simple as imagined.

The belly is big, which is the first feature of pregnancy, but so obvious, it is not the reason for the whole family to be happy, but weep.In the story, the protagonist Peng Ximei has gone through the joy of the big belly and the pain of being abandoned.I thought I hadn’t conceived for many years, and now I have a big stomach. I have been waiting for five years.Looking at the stomach up day long, I have a happy happiness.Nothing, it became the beginning of a nightmare.

The birth of the younger sister in a remote countryside has no big dreams. She just finds a good family to marry and be good to herself, but she has not been pregnant for a few years.I am doing a dream myself, but the facts are really big.The whole family is happy. The most incredible thing is that the belly is outrageous. For a few weeks, the belly is like a feeling of life. The family is a rural person.At a moment, Xi Mei said that it was okay. After a few weeks, the belly could not go.

The nightmare began. Fine girls and her family came to the hospital for examination. Strangely, the doctor checked that there was no fetal movement in the stomach, only the sound of intestinal peristalsis, which scared the family.Some people say that it is wild species, and some people say that heaven is punished, but for fine girls, still holding a line of hope. When you are pregnant, you will prove it to everyone.

But as a result, the small health hospital could not see it and let go to the large hospital.At this moment, everyone was panicked. My mother -in -law said, if I do n’t go, I can give birth.The husband lowered his head and squatted in the corner. The fine girl saw her eyes and hurt her heart.I went home, waiting for ten months of conceived, no movement, her belly was still bigger every day, the fine girl would not walk, she could only lie on the bed every day. The mother felt distressed by her, so she would have the fine girl.The fine girl begged her mother to check it at the big hospital. If she was not pregnant, her belly was so big.

Finally came to the large hospital. After the examination, it was like a thunderbolt. It turned out that there was a big tumor in the belly. She still grew up day by day. The mother’s mother panicked.Don’t let her husband go to the big hospital to see her."Our family has fallen into my life for eight life, and marry a daughter -in -law like you." Regardless of her, let her die.What a ruthless mother -in -law, her sister was completely cold.

For so many years, I have taken my mother -in -law how many recipes, and they are suffering from daily. I often spit out after drinking medicine. They are also scolded by my mother -in -law, wasting medicinal materials, waste money, and now they cause long tumors in my stomach, let alone get pregnant. The mother -in -law familyEven if you don’t come, simply the husband proposed a divorce, don’t want this woman anymore.The thin girl was discouraged, leaving her mother -in -law’s house, living in her mother’s house, otherwise she hurt her girl.When a woman is abandoned, she must eat the suffering of life and be cold -eyed by others.

After the divorce of fine girls, she was saved without medicine. She was worried about her parents, but her parents were worried, but they could not solve them. The large hospital looked down on and the small hospital could not cure it.How desolate the white -haired man with a black -haired man.Every day, she saw her parents and was scared, but she couldn’t change.In the end, she decided to go to the hospital to donate her organs to see which organs were donated to the hospital if they were useful.At least you live valuable and dignified.

The fine sister came to the hospital corridor, quiet, dead.She was a little scared, her surroundings were cold, and she looked strangely. She walked poorly in the corridor alone. When the doctor saw her difficult, she wanted to help, but will the dean accept this patient?She went to the office of the dean to say her wish and donated her organs. The dean was shocked. One was her courage, and the other was her experience.Decide to check her for free and treat it for free.Love is like this. If you dare to pay, there will be great love returns.

After the surgery was undergoing the operation, her stomach was small, and she decided to stay in the hospital to return to the hospital to be graceful to herself.It is this experience that makes understanding that the true feelings are still there, and there is no hope of giving birth to birth because of the condition.Human sentiment is warm and warm. After joy and despair, the fine girl is really mature. She is a caregiver in the hospital. Some patients can’t think of it. She uses her own experience to tell him, telling people, hoping to be with despair, and when God puts this fan this fanAt the same time as the door is closed, it will definitely open another window for you.

The rebirth of a fine sister makes people see the great love without Xinjiang. From her, we see that women are not easy to get pregnant. I hope that society can treat women’s fertility problems and understand and tolerate women. Women are not fertility machines.The world is not so sad, and I hope that if you encounter a fine girl, you will not happen again. If you care for women, our society will be more harmonious.

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